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BSE PRO “Mayhem in Markham” Results
Saturday November 07 2009

BSE PRO Wrestling
“Mayhem in Markham”
Promoted by Hogan Chev
Markham, Ontario
@ The Fairgrounds; Livestock Building
Ring Announcer: Arda Ocal
Referees: Dave Linton, Sean Cassidy, Chris the Ref
Results credit: Gordo for

Benefit show in support of Plan Canada

“Vanilla Killa” James Champagne interrupted the official show opening to announce that his scheduled opponent Xtremo was faking an injury because he was scared to wrestle him. Champagne demanded Xtremo come to the ring and forfeit the match. Xtremo came out in street clothes and his arm in a sling. His injury is legit, suffered in training just days ago and BSE PRO officials won’t let him compete without medical clearance. Xtremo said that he couldn’t wrestle but his replacement could and called out former WWE superstar “Highlander” Robbie MacAllister. Robbie invited Champagne to fight right then and there but agreed to save it for the main event when the “Vanilla Killa” suddenly developed a cramp in his hamstring and took off to the back.

1) “Psycho” Mike Rollins def Asylum [9 min]

2) BSE PRO Tag Team Championship:
“The Hit” Ashley Sixx & “Canadian Crazyhorse” Michael Elgin def Assault & Battery (Mike Alias & Kenneth Crises) to win the titles [14 min]

3) The Ladies of BSE PRO:
“Au Naturelle” Kelly Couture def Miss Danyah [6 min]

4) Gauntlet Match:
“Rock Steady” Alex Vega def “Tenacious” Scotty Turner [2 min]
Mico Moutandi def Vega [3 min]
“The Entertainer” Buck Gunderson def Moutandi [2 min]
Boris Brezhnev def Gunderson [3 min]
Brezhnev def Reno Nevada [1 min]
Brezhnev def Ali Atish [1 min]
Anthony Fiasco def Brezhnev [4 min]
Mr Right def Fiasco to win the Gauntlet [3 min]
– Brezhnev never left ringside after being eliminated and hit Fiasco with a chain which gave Mr Right the easy pinfall victory.

5) Marcus “The Great” Marquez def Josh Taylor [9 min]

6) Teacher vs Student:
“Hotshot” Johnny Devine def Josh Alexander [13 min]

7) Fatal 4-Way:
Sebastian Suave def Julius Dolce, Bang Bang Pete and Brent B when he pinned Dolce [14 min]

8) Main Event:
“Highlander” Robbie MacAllister def “Vanilla Killa” James Champagne [15 min]
The ref was knocked down and Champagne went for his nunchucks but Xtremo ran out and grabbed them. Robbie ended up with the chucks and blasted Champagne with them to score the pin.

A great show.
A full review to follow

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