Indy News #1: WOW event, IWC, PRIME iPPV, PWF

Indy News Update #1 for August 21, 2012
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Vinnie sent this in.

I went to the Warriors of Wrestling event last night right here in Staten Island , it was a pretty good show for only $20 . The show was exciting however – I was annoyed because they announced autograph sigings around 630 and when I went to get mine from Crimson there was a match going on that was not announced was going to take place . Now I wasnt entirely dissapointed as the wrestlers were local guys however when I go to an independent wrestling event I want to see independent workers , so that kind of ticked me off . Matt Hardys autograph line was huge and alot of people were pissed off that it was $35 for a picture with him so some people just took pictures with there phone cameras which almost started fist fights! My favortie on the show was a group called the Syndicate who used old school wrestling tactics to get heat such as smashing a trophy for the football league . The most over guy was a black guy who everybody callled Urkel , no doubt a hilarious character . The tables match was why this show was so exciting , I give it 4 stars . Crimson put on a good show but lost and Shelly Martinez and Sarita was a so so match I think used to fill time for the Matt Hardy appearance . When Matt finally came out people went nuts he had a good match with Jay Lethal . Anyway good show from Warriors of Wrestling { WOW } the talent was so friendly and I enjoyed talking with various wrestlers , great talent here.

IWC sent this in.

The International Wrestling Cartel presents
Saturday August 25th, 2012
Court Time Sports Center
95 Enterprise St. Suite 100 – Elizabeth, PA
Belltime: 7:00 PM

Ringside Reserved Tickets: $25
General Admission Tickets: $20
Kids Under 10: $15

–Steel Cage Weapons Match:

–IWC World Heavyweight Title Steel Cage Match:
IWC World Heavyweight Champion “Heavy Metal Jesus” LOGAN SHULO vs. “Big League” JOHN McCHESNEY

–IWC Super Indy Title Match:

TNA X-Division Champion ZEMA ION vs. ANTHONY NESE

–IWC Tag Team Title Match:
IWC Tag Team Champions THE ONE NIGHTERS (Bobby Beverly & Nicki Valentino) vs. THE FOUNDING FATHERS (Super Hentai & Dennis Gregory



–Proving Ground Four-Way Scramble Match:

–Special Challenge Tag Team Match:
BLUE COLLAR SLAUGHTERHOUSE (Bronco McBride & “Big Country” Matt Segaris) vs. JAMES NUTTER & a partner of his choosing

PLUS all the fun & excitement you’ve come to expect from IWC!
Tickets are available now on!


IWC’s 2012 Schedule:

September 30th, 2012 – Mountain State Madness 3 – Wells School Building – Newell, WV
October 22nd, 2012 – No Excuses 2012 – Court Time Sports Center – Elizabeth, PA
November 10th, 2012 – Combat in Clearfield 4 – Clearfield County Fairgrounds – Clearfield, PA
December 15th, 2012 – Winner Takes All 2012 – Court Time Sports Center – Elizabeth, PA

Tickets on sale now at!

The International Wrestling Cartel has been western-Pennsylvania’s largest and most exciting wrestling promotion for over 10 years and 100+ live events. Using a healthy dose of homegrown talent such as Zema Ion, Gory, Facade, Logan Shulo, and John McChesney, and a mix of guest superstars such as Ric Flair, Mick Foley, Bret Hart, Jerry Lawler, Sgt. Slaughter, Shane Douglas, Raven, The Sandman, and more, IWC has grown to become one of the most successful indy promotions today. For more information go to LIKE us on Facebook at You can also subscribe to our Twitter at

Joe Dombrowski sent this in.

PRIME Wrestlelution 5 iPPV Short Results – Order The Replay Now!

PRIME Wrestlelution 5, Sunday, August 19 from the Jacobs Pavilion in Cleveland, Ohio – TV Champion Michael Facade beat Gory in a Casket Match; Louis Lyndon beat Benjamin Boone (w/N8 Mattson); Kirst beat Matthew Justice; Gregory Iron beat Zach Gowen w/N8 Mattson (After the match, Zach turned on N8 and re-aligned with Iron); Marion Fontaine beat Aaron Draven (Commissioner Justin LaBar & Aaron Maguire at ringside); Rhino beat Jason Bane (During the match, the ring imploded and collapsed under the force of the action. The match continued with both men using parts of the ring as weapons); Bryan Castle (w/Dan Arkham) beat Brian Bender; Bobby Beverly beat Bobby Shields in a Hair vs. Hair Match; M-Dogg 20 Matt Cross beat Petey Williams (show-stealing 15:00 match – Petey kicked out of Matt’s Shooting Star Press, Matt kicked out of Petey’s Canadian Destroyer); Krimson beat Matt Mason in a No DQ Match (match involved thumbtacks, chairs, a guardrail, and shard of glass. Jayme Mason, Matt’s wife who had aligned with Krimson briefly, reunited with Matt); Johnny Gargano beat PRIME Champion Jimmy Jacobs to win the title (Amazing 20:00 match which spilled all over the building including on a balcony and breaking through merchandise tables. Both referees, as well as celebrity guest ring announcer Chris Van Vliet & timekeeper New 102 DJ Kory, were all knocked unconscious throughout the match).

Order the iPPV replay now to watch whenever you want on demand! This OVER THREE HOUR event is filled with an unbelievable amount of chaos, action, violence, intrigue, drama and emotion! Don’t believe it? Buy it now for the one-time price of $14.99 and its yours to watch whenever you want!

To watch the replay, log on to and click on “iPPV” or go to this direct link –

Official Website:
Official Facebook:
Official Twitter:
Official YouTube:

PRIME Wrestling is the next evolution of professional wrestling programming on SportsTime Ohio – official cable television home of the Cleveland Indians, reaching nearly 5 million cable homes and available nationwide via satellite. PRIME Wrestling is all about young on-the-rise wrestling stars hungry to reach the top. Our athletes are in the prime of their careers and we present them in a prime example of what a professional wrestling television show should be – an emphasis on action, athleticism, and drama – not constant skits and video packages. Our stars include such talents as “The Whole Shebang” Johnny Gargano, Jimmy Jacobs, “M-Dogg 20” Matt Cross, “Handicapped Hero” Gregory Iron, Jason Bane, Krimson, Marion Fontaine and Michael Facade. We are also a community-conscious organization, and frequently do fundraisers to support worthy causes. You can watch PRIME Wrestling TV every Sunday night at 10:00 PM EST on SportsTime Ohio or every Tuesday on For more information, please visit Pro wrestling on SportsTime Ohio has finally hit its PRIME!

Jimmy Fletcher sent this in.

Hello, I am the booker of Pro Wresting Freedom based out of Corbin, Kentucky I was wondering if we could get some time to promote our debut show Oct. 6 Featuring Mad Man Pondo vs Big Van Vader I have included the link for the facebook page ( our website should be up this week) our flyer is also included thank you very much

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