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Power Trip Wrestling present “First Time, Last Time, Only Time”, Saturday 28th November 2009, Challney School For Girls, Luton.

It’s strange, when you look at it. To think that there’s one situation that has been brewing and bubbling over in Power Trip Wrestling, since PTW began in March 2007.

It’s the age old battle…it’s the arrogant boss, and it’s the underdog who’s been treated badly by that boss. It’s good versus evil. Morals and integrity versus egotism and a lack of respect for others. It’s quite simply, the only disabled wrestler in the UK, ‘100 Percent’ Dan Edge versus PTW Promoter, ‘The Internet Icon’ Petey Staniforth.

But to understand this fully, you have to know the people involved….

PTW Promoter Petey Staniforth

From : Luton
Height : 6ft 2
Weight : 180 lbs
Says : “I’m better than you, because I’m from Luton”

The man who famously said he’d never, ever in this lifetime; get into the ring as a professional wrestler. Outspoken is the word that always preceeds the mention of his name, and the term ‘ego with it’s own postcode’ usually follows as a very apt description of Petey Staniforth. He is the man in charge of Power Trip Wrestling, and this is bad news for the ‘good guys’ at PTW. No morals, no scruples, no fear of his actions, he simply does what he wants to do and whatever it takes to get the job done; his way, his terms. What you’re essentially dealing with, is the biggest ego you’ve ever come across in your life, and it’s arrogantly wearing a Luton Town FC shirt.

Petey, as such, looks like he could handle himself in a fight if needed. And you’d imagine, with his attitude, he’s needed to a few times over the years. But he’s never stepped into the ring as a professional wrestler, and he’s done everything to avoid this match happening. Deep down, no matter what he says, you have to believe Petey’s in some way ready for the match, but we firmly believe he doesn’t want it to happen. This arrogant and drunk on power indvidual will do whatever it takes to come out as a winner in what he says will be the ‘First Time, Last Time, Only Time’ that he does this. Will Petey’s infamously hotheaded and overemotional temper be a positive aspect for him, or will it cost him the bragging rights he feels he deserves once and for all?

‘100 Percent’ Dan Edge

From : Northampton
Height : 5ft 9
Weight : 150 lbs
Says : “Impossible is nothing”

Dan Edge is the UK’s only disabled professional wrestler. He battles cerebral palsy, as well as opponents in Power Trip Wrestling. He is truly an inspiration to all, and to any who have been told that they cannot do or achieve their dreams in life. Dan will take on anyone, any size or background, and will always give his best shot. Dan has been featured in all forms of media, a Sky Digital documentary upon him in 2008 is one example; and is also an actor. If you’re looking for a reason to still believe, in this cynical world, that dreams can come true; then you’re looking at a wonderful example that with hard work and dedication, they can.

And he’s fought through hell and back, through countless opponents and obstacles deliberately put in front of him; to get this match. He’s somehow survived everything in his path put there to stop him, to get his hands on the man that has made his life miserable, in the ring, man on man, one on one. This is Dan Edge’s chance to do what so many people in the wrestling business have wanted to do over the years, and that is to hit Petey Staniforth around and finally shut him up!


What :

Power Trip Wrestling present “First Time, Last Time, Only Time”

When :

Saturday 28th November 2009

Where :

Challney School For Girls,
Stoneygate Road,
Beds LU4 9TJ.

Times :

Doors Open : 7.00pm
Show Starts : 7.30pm

Tickets :

Adults ?7, Children ?5, Family of Four ?20

Reserve Tickets :

Call 07856 164285 or email

The Matches :

Six Man Tag Team Match :
‘Santa’s Number One Elf’ Portu-Clause & ‘Cowboy’ Adam Hayes & James Sound VS Tommy Stevens & Tiffany Wantsmore & El Pura Puente w/Olivier Davenport The Third

PTW British Title Match :
PTW British Champion G ‘The LapDancing Superstar’ VS Marcus Phayer

Singles Match :
Sean Midnight w/Tracey Kilby VS American All-Star

PTW Cruiserweight Title Triple Threat Match :
PTW Cruiserweight Champion D-Mon VS ‘Firestorm’ Gino Perri VS Scott Annette w/Drew Hawthorne

Nemesis (‘Scumboy’ Dani Graves & Prodigy) VS Mason Storm & Dragonian

‘First Time, Last Time, Only Time’ : No Disqualification
Petey Staniforth VS ‘100 Percent’ Dan Edge

MAIN EVENT – World Of Sport Rules : 2 falls, 2 submissions, or a knockout to decide the winner
UK Wrestling Legend, Johnny Kidd VS Former WWE & TNA star, James Mason

And all the fun and entertainment that only Power Trip Wrestling can bring you!


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