Carnage Crew: Breaking Boundaries!

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Returning after a week hiatus, Carnage Crew returns live tonight (November 24, 2009) at 8pm EST US with such a stacked show, we aren?t sure we can contain in it its 2 hour timeslot! On the docket for this audio live event at ( (and the chat will be open if you wish to partake in contributing questions to the show guests) is as follows:

1. ?Bushwhacker? Luke Williams ( has racked up many miles in his career wrestling all over the world. From being a ?Hardcore?-style wrestler in the Seventies as a member of the Sheepherders to a caricature of the ?fun-loving? style of the Eighties style WWF as a member of the Sheepherders, Luke’s diversity has made him many fans, outside the ring, and inside the locker room.

2. As the voice of the ?Mouthpiece Wrestling Show?(heard at and ?New England Championship Wrestling?( seen at and Comcast cable Fridays at 4PM after the New Year), Sheldon Goldberg makes his return to the show to discuss his many endeavors, as well as bestowing his knowledge as an industry-described ?Historian?.

3. Music and Professional Wrestling have gone hand-in-hand for decades. Many fans waited on Tuesdays for their copies of Pro Wrestling Illustrated and Metal Edge magazines. As a very special treat for those fans of both genres, Carnage Crew welcomes Paul Gargano (, former Editor of Metal Edge and current music journalist to the show. Mr. Gargano will help us discuss the differences and similarities of both forms of entertainment, as well as possibly some honest perspectives fans may not typically get the opportunity to hear from a music ?Insider?.

Again, Carnage Crew will begin at 8:00 PM EST every Tuesday and available LIVE at .

Be sure to also check the archives, Carnage Chronicles, and exclusive pictures available on the site, and we hope to see you there soon!

Carnage Crew would like to thank you in advance for posting this press release.

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