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DVDs AS LOW AS $3!!!

It is that time of the year again, as Black Friday is this week. Due to the economy and sales all over, we are giving our fans a heads up by starting our Black Friday sale now! This sale EXPIRES Midnight, Sunday, 11/29. Every DVD from the DOIVideo.com store is included in this sale.

This sale is simple, every non-2009 DVD is $3.00 each!!!! That includes every shoot interview and over 35+ WSU DVDS. Select 2009 DVDs are also included in this sale. Check out the sale list below. Every other 2009 DVD is $5.00 each. There is no limit on any order. Shipping rates per DVD will be combined and priced at checkout, based on quantity of DVDs ordered.

There are two ways to order:

1. Check the titles listed below for pricing. For match descriptions/DVD contents, check out DOIVideo.com for complete product details. Click the $3 button or $5 button, based on what DVD it is that you want. When checking out at Paypal, please fill out what DVDs you want in the “NOTE” section. You can do this process as many times as you’d like.

2. Check the titles listed below for pricing. Email the DVD order you’d like to place to BULLSMC@aol.com. We will then send you a paypal money request to fulfill your order.

Due to the nature of this sale, please give us a week to ship. All orders accepted after Midnight Sunday, 11/29, will be refunded.

$3 DVD Order Button:

$5 DVD Order Button:

$3 DVDs


“Destiny” 3/3/07
“Bad Luna Risin'” 5/5/07
“WSU Title Tournament” 7/14/07
“Satans Sisters Slaughterhouse” 7/14/07
“Always Sunny in Lake Hiawatha” 9/22/07
“Surviving The Game” 9/22/07
“Last Woman Standing” 12/22/07
“Alicia Retirement Show” 12/22/07
“Welcome to WSU” 12/22/07
“First Anniversary Show” 3/8/08
“Dawn of a New Day” 3/8/08
“History of WSU Title Volume I”
“King & Queen of the Ring Tournament” 3/21/08
“Womens J-Cup Tournament” 3/22/08
“Testament of Strength” 4/20/08
“Uncensored Rumble” 4/20/08
“Show Must Go On” 6/21/08
“Army of One” 6/21/08
“Best of WSU: “The Missing Matches”
“Best of WSU in 2007”
“Us vs Them” 8/22/08
“Another Brick in the Wall” 8/23/08
“Push It To The Limit” 10/10/08
“Payback’s A Bitch” 10/11/08
“Tag Team Title Tournament” 10/11/08
“Martinez vs Perez” 11/29/08
“History of The WSU Title Volume II: Angel’s Reign of Pain”
“The White Album” 1/10/09
“Poetic Injustice Caged” 1/10/09
“Best of WSU in 2008”
“WSU 2nd Anniversary Show” 3/8/09
“Hall of Fame 2009 Ceremony” 3/8/09
“Women’s J-Cup” 4/10/09
“King & Queen of the Ring” 4/11/09
“Uncensored Rumble 2” 6/6/09
“2nd Coming” 6/6/09


Missy Hyatt
Angel Orsini
Ref Hanson
Low Life Louie
Dead Presidents
Homicide & J-train
Billy Reil
Eddie Kingston
Maniac & Friends
Ricky O
Foxxy Foxxy
Kevin Kelly
Danny Demanto
Luna Vachon
Balls Mahoney (WU)
Bam Bam Bigelow (WU)
Jerry Lynn (WU)
Missy Hyatt (WU)
Velvet Sky & Monsta Mack (WU)
Nicole Bass (WU)
CM Punk (RF Video Copy)

Every USA Pro/UXW, NYWC, JCW, NWS, J-Cup Tournament, BIG PW, PWH, World-1, DPW, DDW and ICW/UCW DVD is included in the $3 sale.


“Spirit Championship Tournament” 8/14/09
“No Limits” 8/22/09
“As The World Turns” 8/22/09
“Excellence” 10/3/09
“Raining Misery” 10/3/09

Also included in the WSU $5 sale are live event posters autographed by everyone on the roster. Please email before ordering as limited quantities remain. Also included in the WSU $5 sale are WSU T-Shirts. Sizes range from Medium-XXL.

Again for full product descriptions, visit DOIVideo.com or WSUWrestling.com.

Any questions ordering, please email us at BULLSMC@aol.com. This is our biggest & best sale all year, so find out what all the hype is about with WSU and check it out. For prices like this, you can’t go wrong.

Again, sale expires Sunday at Midnight.

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