C4 Wrestling sent this in:

C*4 presents ONLY THE BEST 2
Referee’s Alex Hetfield & Bakais
Commentary by Llakor and Mr. Melo
Attendance: Approx. 180

Dark Match: Mysery the Barbarian defeated “The Pitbull” Damian Vachon

1 – “Last Persian Warrior” Rahim Ali defeated “The Motion Picture” Ethan Page by submission.

2 – Beef Wellington pinned “The Hacker” Scotty O’Shea following an E-Coli Driver.

3 – Rush defeated Addy Starr and Sexxxy Eddy in an inter-gender three-way match. Addy included herself into the match after she revealed that her opponent did not show up. Following the match, Rush attempted to attack Addy with a chair (having knocked out Eddy with one already). Out of the back came Rahim Ali – running off Rush. A moment later however, he picked up Addy and dropped her over his shoulder with a devastating back-breaker variation. Ali grabbed the mic and told Rush to tell his “boss Shayne Hawke” that he was “fired”…. Many fans were left puzzled as we wait to hear more from Ali on this. Ali told Rush to get back in the ring and help him clean up the mess if he wanted a job with him. The two proceeded to viscously assault Addy and Eddy.

4 – The Warriors (Josh Alexander and Mike Rollins) narrowly overcame Up in Smoke (Cheech & Cloudy), in what many people walked away calling one of the most exciting C*4 matches of all time. Both teams used a wide-variety of high impact double team offense. In the end, The Warriors walked away victorious, as both teams received a standing ovation.

5 ? Jae Rukin pinned the debuting Brad ?Freaking? Martin, in a hard hitting encounter.

6 ? Team Canada (Petey Williams & Johnny Devine) defeated The Untouchables (Dan Paysan & Jimmy Stone). The finish saw Petey Williams hit a massive Canadian Destroyer on Paysan, at the same time that Devine held Stone in a sharpshooter.

7 ? Twiggy pinned ?MVP? Michael Von Payton in a no-holds-barred Street fight. In an intense brawl that went all over the KOC hall, both men fought with all they had in what was perhaps the craziest match in C*4 history. Twiggy driven by revenge, and to save his career, managed to overcome everything that MVP could throw at him. In a moment that could have ended it all, MVP delivered a devastating Michinoku-like driver off a stage through a table to Twiggy, leaving both men lying for quite a few moments.
MVP dragged Twiggy back to the ring, and at this point, surprising everybody, Twiggy managed to fight back. Hitting MVP with a pair of superkicks, followed by massive swinging DDT, then a huge senton bomb, and than the 1, 2, 3.

C*4 wishes all of its fans a very happy holidays ? and we will return on Saturday January 16th, 2010.
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