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Showtime All-Star Wrestling
Airing November 7, 2009 in Nashville on CW58
Taped October 10, 2009 at the Tennessee State Fairgrounds Sports Arena in Nashville, Tn

LAST WEEK?Highlights of the Tables Match between Chase Stevens and Andy Douglas that saw Stevens take a plunge off the balcony through the table. A new clip showed Stevens being carried out of the building on a table. Reno Riggins blocking the camera lens with his hand was used to segue to the opening montage.

1 ? ?The OMG? RICK SANTEL (with Paul Adams) vs. MICAH TAYLOR

On commentary, Riggins and Michael Graham said Stevens career might be over. Graham broke the news that due a training injury, Al Snow was replacing Bob Holly in the main event title match vs. Kid Kash. It was also mentioned that Micah was married to PGWA Champion Tracy Taylor. Taylor dominated early working on Santel’s arm. Taylor went flying through the ropes after a forearm shot from Santel. Back inside, Santel took over in decisive fashion with a nice back suplex. Santel cut off a succession of rallies. Taylor’s tenacity saved him from being knocked out of the ring a second time, a variation on the earlier spot to set up Taylor’s full-fledged comeback. Santel took a back bodydrop into the heavens. They traded near falls. It looked like they got their signals crossed on a T bone variation of the Santel Slam and did a redo. While Adams distracted the ref, David Young shoved Taylor off the top rope, and it was the Santel Slam for the 1-2-3.

WINNER: Santel in 10:41. Good match. Both sold well. Finish looked good. There were a few rough spots that happen with two guys that haven?t worked each other before. As thick as he is, Taylor wasn?t the easiest opponent for Santel to throw around.

[]Showtime All-Star Wrestling[/url] returns to the Tennessee State Fairgrounds Sports Arena on November 21. Last Man Standing Match: Chase Stevens vs. Andy Douglas (with Paul Adams); SAW International Title Match: Champion Kid Kash vs. Vordell Walker; Hammerjack vs. ?Maniac? Marc Anthony; Wolfie D vs. Rick Santel (with Paul Adams); Bell time is 8pm. All profits go to benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Tickets are available at [url=][/url].

Wolfie D cut a promo for a match against Santel, calling it the pretty boy vs. the bad boy. This was shot on location at Buffalo Billiards, where SAW was doing a 21 and over event later that night.

I?m gonna beatcha. I?m gonna beatcha over here, I?m gonna beatcha over there, I might even drag you around by your pretty hair?While you stagger to your feet trying to gain your senses, I?m going to take this (his hubcap) right here and I?m swinging for the fences.

2 ? ?Teen Excitement? DREW HASKINS (with Derrick King & JT Stahr & Sista O?Feelyah) vs. HAMMERJACK

Hammerjack got a great pop coming out. Hammer decked King, but Haskins seized on it to gain a short lived advantage. After Haskins did a crash ?n burn flying body press, Hammer had Haskins set up for the Hammer Jammer, when a small child (identified as Hammer’s daughter) wandered down the ramp holding Marc Anthony’s army helmet. Hammer was counted out as he carried his daughter to safety.

WINNERS: Haskins via count out in 2:55. Match was OK. It was one of those deals where it was just there to set up an angle.

?Maniac? Marc Anthony came over to rail to jump and destroy Hammer. For starters, he bashed Hammer with the helmet, then hit a trio of knee drops – leaping, middle rope and a Ray Stevens? Bombs Away off the top. Anthony did his wacko lights-are-on-but-nobody’s-home trip. The closing image was Hammerjack writhing in agony, while Anthony held three refs at bay.

Santel promo. He was only concerned with two things (1) Positioning himself as the number one contender for the SAW International Title and (2) the ladies. Santel invited ladies 21 and over to come out see him wipe the floor with ass.

I?m like a rated R movie. I?m 18 and up. You just come on down and you can spend all night with ?Nature’s Greatest Miracle? and you?ll find out, just like Wolfie D is going to find out, why I?m the heart stoppin?, elbow droppin?, clothesline duckin, a fistacuffin, skull thumpin?, border jumpin?, OMG, OMG, Wolfie D, it’s Rick Santel.

?Bond Girl? Leah with the Grumpy’s Bail Bonds Bail Jumper of the Week ? Greg Stone ? a talented preacher before becoming a slave to his addiction. ?You can hide from me, but you can?t hide from God. C?mon Greg, put the needles down. Put the needles down tonight and turn yourself in. True freedom can start with one decision.? Reward leading to capture. Call 877-GRUMPYS.

Dan Masters interviewed Al Snow about his upcoming SAW International Title match. Snow put over the prestige of the title. He said he and Kash went way back, almost like it was biblical, like Cain and Abel ? ?But the difference tonight is, you better be willing and able. Willing to do whatever it takes and able to pull it off, because Lord knows I am.? Snow let it be known that he was bringing Head.

3 — SAW International Title Match: Champion KID KASH vs. AL SNOW (with Head)

Snow had Kash on the defensive early, using a pair of shoulder blocks for one counts. But Kash took advantage of Snow’s psychotic attachment to Head to gain the upper hand. Kash broke out the mauling tactics ? biting, raking, kicking ? and starting to soften Snow up for his armbar submission. (commercial break) Back and forth counters led to a bigtime Kash lariat. Kash was wearing Snow down and prevent him from building any momentum. Snow’s offense was limited to the occasional hope spot near fall. (commercial break) Snow made Kash miss with the moonsault. Snow wanted to use Head, but Senior Official Mark Herron stopped him, and Kash caught Snow with a Russian legsweep. Kash drilled Snow with elbow drops. Kash tried to kick a field goal with Head, but Snow speared him in the nick of time. Snow pulled the straps down and pounded on Kash’s head. Herron took another of his unconvincing bumps. Snow hit the Snow Plow (Northern Lights Bomb) for a visual fall. Snow called for another ref. Eventually, Joe Williams came out to make the count, and Kash kicked out. Kash hit the moonsault and Snow barely kicked out. Then Williams got bumped. Kash grabbed a chair. Snow picked up Head. Kash slapped the mat with the chair, tossed it to Snow, and went down like he was shot dead. Snow smacked the mat with the chair and likewise, went flat on his back. Herron came around to find both men down and the chair lying in the ring. He asked the crowd for help While this was going on, Snow gave Kash a shot in the nuts and went back to playing possum. Herron called for the restart. Snow charged, Head in hand, and Kash rolled him up using the tights. Snow’s ass was showing so much they had to censor it with the SAW emblem.

WINNER: Kash in 26:13. Match was trimmed down to 16 minutes for television. The edited version was improvement, because they kept all the good action sequences and cut out a lot of the slow stuff. At age 47, Snow remains very smooth and mobile. It looked stupid for the senior official to ask the crowd for help in deciding a title match. The finish was unique. It was a wacky for a title match, but the wackiness of Snow’s character made it halfway plausible.

CLOSING THOUGHTS: Good show. They had a brutally tough act to follow coming off the tables match last week. The packed crowd certainly makes the product look more big league. It also gives the show more of an arena feel. I found myself missing the TV studio style ringside interviews. I also prefer the live to tape commentary. The crowd noise didn?t seem loud enough in the mix. The ?tonight, tonight, tonight? promos by Wolfie and Santel were enjoyable throwbacks to a more glorious era of pro wrestling. On the surface, I didn?t like Taylor losing in his television debut, but it worked out OK. It was a major screw job, and Taylor gets revenge next week to set gets revenge to set up a potential program with A-Team. The angle with Anthony and Hammerjack was powerful stuff. Surprisingly, it was the only segment that directly related to the return date at the Fairgrounds. It got that silent heat, where the crowd is more stunned than anything. It sucked when the house lights came on in the middle of it. What a buzz killer. The dingy old Fairgrounds were back in full effect. I liked Snow’s promo, particularly the adlib with the phone call. It was fun seeing Snow vs. Kash at this stage of their careers, and it was more entertaining than a match with Holly would have been. They did several things right here. Both Snow and the announcers made a point of portraying the SAW Championship as a prestigious title. If they don?t take the title seriously, why should the fans care? The champion was booked strong. Kash was kicking Snow’s ass for most of the match. I liked this show a lot, just not as much as last week.

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