According to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, there was an issue with Davey Richards and Future Shock Wrestling in England a couple weeks ago.

Richards had wrestled for the promotion a few months back, facing Jack Gallagher and had accidentally knocked him out. Richards was not supposed to win the match, but because Gallagher was knocked out, he pinned him to save the match, thus becoming their champion.

The Future Shock Wrestling promoters understood Richards’ decision on the assumption he would come back to drop the title and Richards agreed to do so.

Dave Pownall, the owner of Future Shock, has claimed Richards pulled out two days before the planned rematch, that would have taken place on October 5th, saying he wasn’t going to get on the plane for “anything less than twice the agreed fee.”

Pownall couldn’t afford it, so they asked Richards if he could send in a video promo to say he was sorry for not attending the event. Richards did, but it was sent 20 minutes after their show started, leaving Future Shock no time to look at its quality until they played it after the main event.

The sound & video quality turned out to be pretty bad, and it also wasn’t what Future Shock wanted Richards to say. Richards had instead ripped on the company in the promo.

Richards then sent an e-mail to Damien Smith of the promotion that same night with the following:

“I’ve told you and Dave now, that I am not coming over because we could not agree on the price. Like I said before, since I am champion, my price has to go up so my old fee needs to be at least doubled before I come over.