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PRIME #170: Jason Bane vs. Marion Fontaine

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Airdate: 11/11/2012

Last week the unsanctioned fight between Justin LaBar & Vic Travagliante ended in absolute confusion and chaos when a fan pulled LaBar over the guardrail and violently choked him into near-unconsciousness. That fan turned out to be Rickey Shane Page, a veteran wrestling competitor whose reputation as a rather unstable & dangerous individual precedes him. LaBar responded to the obvious plot by booking this main event…
Vic & Aaron Maguire’s centerpiece Marion Fontaine will have to do battle with Jason Bane. This is the first time we will see Bane in action since his loss to Rhino at Wrestlelution 5 and sources have said that Bane is more determined than ever to redeem himself from one of the most unforgettable moments in PRIME history! What will Maguire, Vic, and new co-horts Page & Jeremy Madrox do to counter-act this strategic move from LaBar?

After the incident we covered above, Aaron Maguire announced Rickey Shane Page had been added to the PRIME roster and was seemingly the newest member of Maguire’s group of Megalomaniacs (we’re pretty sure Aaron still doesn’t know what that word means). Maguire has used his increased influence and power to ensure that Page received a match this week, as he takes on the energetic newcomer “Ballistic Missile” Jay Flash. If Mr. Flash was unaware of Page’s reputation before this encounter, he may get a crash course from the man himself, who many say is not safe to be employed ANYWHERE.

“Hot Commodity” MATT MASON vs. “Big Bear” BENJAMIN BOONE
Matt Mason has had a rough several months, but has had renewed clarity and focus since re-uniting his family this past summer. After a rough run-in with Bobby Shields, Mason returns to face a rolling Ben Boone, as the Sons of Michigan have recaptured a lot of past magic and chemistry upon N8 Mattson’s return to action. Two of the biggest and most powerful athletes in PRIME battle in a match you will not want to turn away from for a second!

It’s been many weeks since we’ve seen Zach Gowen in a PRIME Wrestling ring and this episode we have finally acquired the footage to show you why! A recent attack in the state of Michigan, perpetrated by N8 Mattson, has left Zach Gowen temporarily on the sidelines. We’ll show you what happened and get reaction from The Sons themselves!

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In the aftermath of a chaotic Point Break event, the main event of AIW’s eighth annual Hell on Earth has been signed: an epic eight man war pitting the forces of AIW against the scourge of #NIXON. That’s right: BJ Whitmer, Eddie Kingston, and Tim Donst do battle against Rickey Shane Page, Eric Ryan, and Bobby Beverly. Here’s the twist: each side will have an unnamed mystery partner!

AIW fans have already seen how #NIXON operates, having used their fourth slot, the so-called “spot” vacated by Duke Schork, as a front to bring in Chris Dickinson at Absolution VII. How will the group use that spot at Hell on Earth 8? Will Duke Schork return from a brief retirement and put his money where his mouth is, or will he follow through on the threat he voiced in his #NIXON Tape, bringing in a name from AIW’s famous, long whispered-about “List.”

Furthermore, what do unlikely allies Chest Flexor and Matt Wadsworth have planned for AIW’s mystery spot? Flexor’s a man with money and connections. Wadsworth is a man looking for redemption after falling prey to the Duke’s devilish bargain. We’ve seen other AIW “united fronts” in this situation before—will the fourth member of Team AIW be the glue that binds Donst, Whitmer, and Kingston, or will history repeat itself in Turners Hall?

This one is expected to be a violent, bloody affair. To protect our fans and the property of the venue, all chairs will be removed from ringside prior to this once-in-a-lifetime main event, as if anyone was planning to sit through this war. Watch AIW stand triumphant or #NIXON live up to their threats and potential—either way, be there live at Hell on Earth 8, emanating from legendary Turners Hall in Cleveland, Ohio on Black Friday, November 23! Belltime for this stacked card is 7:30, and, as usual, online pre-orders are admitted first. Don’t be left out in the cold! Visit and buy your ticket NOW!

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wrestling for noah is a charity event raising money for a young 8 year old boy with stage 4 cancer the event will feature wrestling and bands and will be held at the cannon 205 studios in Hamilton ontario
tickets are 10$ on sale now call 905 517 6999 for more info

A charismatic and energetic 8 year old boy was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer. He has since endured the removal of a large tumor and one of his kidneys. Although he is recovering well from the surgery, he has a long road of chemotherapy ahead.
In an e…ffort to relieve some of the financial strain that his family will face throughout this difficult time we have initiated this Benefit.

Main Event
The Steady Ballers vs Monster Mafia

Moondog Buddy vs Mr Saki

6 way scramble
Rip impact vs robbie reckless vs EZE vs Timothy Krane
vs Sabre vs gunderson

Hacker vs preston myles vs louie averio

John Greed vs JK47

tag Team gauntlet
The convoy
kwan chang tommy powers
rhys greenaway Dallas carter
Mark shaw Kingdoms Orion
Rex Atkins & Dain “the pain Jacobs

womens tag match
Sabrina Kyle & Oliviay Skyler
Gabriella Vanderpool & Jewells Malone