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Filsinger Games has teamed up with wrestling promotion Ring of Honor to release an exciting new card game which is set for release on November 29!

Ring of Honor is the third largest professional wrestling promotion in the United States and has some of its greatest stars like Kevin Steen, El Generico, Rhino, and the Briscoe Brothers!

Filsinger Games has been releasing wrestling card games for 25 years including Champions of the Galaxy which was first released in 1987.

Filsinger Games has licensed other games with wrestlers and wrestling organizations. They released Legends of Wrestling Card Game in 2003 featuring classic wrestlers throughout history like Jimmy Snuka and the Road Warriors. In 2010 they followed with Chikara Wrestling Game based on the exciting real-life promotion.

The Ring of Honor game is due to be released on November 29. The game features 26 full color playing cards of Ring of Honor stars including Kevin Steen and El Generico. The introductory game offer includes game charts, dice, instructions, and ROH handbook with bios and special matches.

Company owner and game creator Tom Filsinger is enthusiastic about the partnership. “Our goal is to give wrestling fans the best possible games with exciting, fast-paced matches. We research the wrestlers like crazy to make sure the playing cards are realistic because we’re fans of Ring of Honor too.”

The tabletop games are played with cards, dice and charts and the action takes place in real time.

Staff artist Werner Mueck drew the playing cards. “It’s amazing,” says Filsinger. “Werner is a fantastic artist and the card art really pops out. The sneak previews we’ve released on the internet have gotten rave reviews from game fans.”

Expansion packs are set to be released in 2013 and beyond. “We constantly keep the games updated,” says Filsinger. “All the action is right up to date, wrestling fans and game fans would expect no less.”

A new Filsinger Games web site was recently launched at “”. Fans that want more information should visit the site for updates. “We’re taking over,” says Filsinger, “And along with Ring of Honor we’re taking no prisoners.”


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