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$10 Adult Tickets….$7 for kids 5 to 10
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It’s been quite awhile since I’ve updated and my apologies to the faithful readers that have frequented this page just to see what I’ve written. Sadly to say, this year has been the WORST YEAR of my life personally. As most of you know who follow me on FACEBOOK (, or on Twitter at dirtydutchman1 or read the wrestling websites, we lost a cherished member of our family this year.

On August 14th, 2012, my 16 year old granddaughter was killed in an horrific 2 car crash in Maryville, TN. She was hit headon by a man who was speeding trying to outrun a Tennessee Highway Patrolman when he suddenly veered left over three lanes of oncoming traffic right directly into the path of my Amelia. He collided with her at 73mph…she was doing 55. There were no brakes applied…no skid marks were found. He just hit her. He turned out to be an ex convict on parole who had been convicted of 17 felonies in his life but was still allowed to go free thanks to our great TN. Dept. of Parole. Amelia died instantly and for that, I thank our Creator. That was the only saving grace of the accident. She didn’t have time to feel pain, get scared, cry or feel helpless. Our Creator yanked her out of that car immediately upon impact and took her home. A home to where that man could not hurt her. The man that hit her however…lived about 10 hours longer…in severe pain. At least, Karma played its role that day.

The loss of Amelia devastated our family. Our STAR was gone. Its been three months but even now, I have trouble talking about her for an extended period of time without emotion. Even writing this right now brings tears to my eyes. My wife and my daughter break down at unexpected times in crying spells. It has been an horrendous experience and I would not wish it upon my worst enemy.

Amelia was more my daughter than my granddaughter. I helped raise her from day one. I was there the day she was born and the day she left. I thank God for giving us 16 years with her. She was a gift that our Creator gave us. There’s not a 15 minute period that goes by without me thinking of her. We loved Amelia…as did everybody that met her.

BUT….unexpected emergencies bring unexpected costs. Therefore, I am inviting all the wrestling fans of Middle Tennessee to gather on Sunday, November 18th for a benefit show to help Amelia’s family. She was a FAN of wrestling but not a huge one but still appreciated the athletic ability that it took to be good at it. But I do know that she knew the political value of knowing famous people. She was proud to tell her teachers and friends that she knew a a few of of the wrestlers. She knew the Undertaker, Kane, Stone Cold, Jeff Jarrett, Abyss, Sting having met them at different times in her life when I was in WWF or TNA. She always knew that if she brought those names into a conversation, she would always have an attentive audience. She was a smart girl.

100% of the benefit’s proceeds will go toward Amelia’s family. The BATTLE OF THE BORO will be one of the better independent cards presented this year in the area due to the talent that are donating their time and expense. I thank each and every one of them. Already agreeing to appear are Jocephus Brody, Abriella, Crimson, Brian Lee (the 2nd Undertaker), The Crippler Jeff Daniels, Dianne von Hoffman, Wolfie D. of PG13 fame, Jeremiah Plunkett, Kerry Awful, Mike Jabonski, plus making a special appearance…TNA Senior Referee Rudy Charles plus a lot of others. We’ve had offers as far away as New York, Canada and Texas from talent wanting to work the show. Ricky Morton called me as did Bill Dundee and have told me they’re going to try to make it.

Amelia was a beautful young lady turning into a beautiful woman. She had her whole life ahead of her but her life was snuffed out in one second by the thoughtless, selfish whims of a man who never added much to society. At her funeral, there were over 1200 people in the church during the funeral service. Over 2.000 people signed the visitor logs. On her online website petition, over 8.000 people signed the petition from as far away as Japan, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Australia and the UK. For that, my family thanks you. If you want to know more about Amelia’s Law, please click on Amelia’s Law is a way to make something good come out of something horrible. It will give teeth to a 3 strikes and you’re out law in TN. which if it had been in effect and used on this man, he would still have been in prison.

For tickets you can purchase tickets via PayPal at

For those who can’t attend the benefit, online donations are being accepted via PayPal at

For all questions, contact us at the email address above.

Please help out this worthy cause. This will be one of the top cards presented in the Mid-Tenn area this year.

More information as it becomes available.

Dirty Dutch