SHINE #5 iPPV Results – 11/16/12

SHINE #5 Internet PPV
Ybor City, Florida (The Orpheum)
November 16, 2012
Commentators: Lenny Leonard & Daffney
Report by: Jason Namako of

Hello everyone and welcome to the SHINE #5 Internet PPV recap. If you all are ready, then let’s get on with the show!

The hostess of all SHINE events, Daffney, welcomes us to the show, then we go right to the opening match.

Sassy Stephie vs. Heidi Lovelace

Stephie is a part of WSU’s Midwest Militia and also a part of SHIMMER, while Lovelace is a fixture of OVW’s Women’s Division. Stephie last competed at SHINE 2, losing to Mia Yim, while Lovelace was in the OVW 3-way also on SHINE 2, losing to Taeler Hendrix & Sojo Bolt.

Heidi gets the crowd behind her as the bell sounds, but Stephie with a shoulder tackle. Lovelace comes back with a spinning headscissors, followed by a pair of armdrags. Stephie catches Lovelace in a wheelbarrow, but Lovelace with another armdrag. Lovelace with a slam for a nearfall. Stephie then comes back with a Russian Leg Sweep.

Stephie works on the arm of Heidi, followed by a kick to the head for a nearfall. Stephie stomps away on Heidi, then locks in a chinlock while talking trash to the crowd. Stephie with a hair-mare, followed by another stomp. Stephie with a suplex, then floatovers into another nearfall. Stephie drives Heidi’s head into the mat, then chokes her in the ropes. Stephie with some slaps, but Heidi fights back. Stephie comes back with a back club, followed by a forearm and a hard chop. Stephie with a whip, followed by a sit-out sleeper slam for yet another nearfall. Stephie is getting frustrated as she hits some more forearms, but Heidi fights back. Stephie with another hard chop, then chokes Heidi with her boot. Stephie gains another nearfall, then whips Heidi to the corner, but Heidi moves out of the way on a Stephie charge.

Heidi with a drop toe hold, a clothesline and a dropkick to Stephie. Heidi measures Stephie, then hits a Shining Wizard for a nearfall. Heidi with a whip, but Stephie counters into a hangman’s style choke submission hold. Heidi breaks free, but misses on a enziguri attempt.

Stephie then hits the Kiss My Sass for the victory.

Winner: Sassy Stephie by pinfall (Kiss My Sass)

Stephie has more words with some of the fans while Heidi receives a nice ovation for her efforts after the match.

Niya vs. Marti Belle

Niya & Belle both work mostly for WSU, with Belle as their Spirit champion. Belle has also recently made appearances for DGUSA & EVOLVE.

Belle receives a big reaction from the crowd as the bell sounds. Belle with a wristlock, then goes back to the arm, but Niya pulls at the hair. Belle with a side headlock takedown, but Niya with a headscissors. Belle gets out, but Niya with a side headlock. Niya then with a shoulder tackle, but Belle with a sweep, followed by a pair of armdrags. Belle with a facebuster for a nearfall. Niya reverses a corner whip, but Belle moves out of the way. Belle tries for a roll-up, but Niya rolls through it and kicks Belle in the face.

Niya chokes Belle with her knee, then sends Belle into the corner and stomps away at her. Niya with a back elbow, followed by a hair-mare. Belle tries to fight back, but Niya with another hair-mare. Niya then stands on Belle’s hair while pulling up on the hands. Niya with another nearfall, then continues to pull at Belle’s hair. Belle fights back, but Niya with a powerslam for another nearfall. Niya with a pair of knees to the ribs, then gains a pair of nearfalls. Niya locks Belle in a surfboard, but almost pins herself as the ref counted her shoulders down. Niya with some forearms, followed by a version of a Codebreaker. Niya heads up top, but Belle stops her and slams her down to the mat.

Belle with a pair of clotheslines, then double knees in the corner. Belle charges and connects with the Cannonball for a nearfall. Belle underhooks Niya, but Niya sends her to the corner. Niya charges and connects with a submarine style crossbody. Belle comes back by sending Niya into the corner, but Niya with a hot shot.

Niya lifts up Belle and hits the Tequila Sunrise (TKO) for the victory.

Winner: Niya by pinfall (Tequila Sunrise)

The crowd gives Belle a nice ovation for her efforts after the match.

Sojo Bolt vs. Su Yung

Sojo most fans know from her time in TNA from 2008-2009. Sojo recently works for OVW and won the OVW 3-way at SHINE 2 involving Taeler Hendrix & Heidi Lovelace. Su Yung is a former WWE developmental talent who has recently competed for SHIMMER. Yung currently has a tag team with Tracy Taylor in SHINE entitled the West Coast Connection.

Sojo does not want a handshake as the bell sounds. Sojo backs Yung into the corner and breaks clean. Sojo again backs Yung into the corner, but Yung switches and breaks clean. Sojo has words with the referee, then flexes and wants a test of strength. Yung goes for it, but instead Sojo with a push-up. Su tries for the test of strength again, but Sojo with a right hand. Sojo taunts the crowd, but Su comes back with right hands, a hip toss & a Japanese armdrag. Su with a side headlock, but Sojo counters into one of her own. Sojo with a shoulder tackle, does a little dance to mock Su, then misses a clothesline and Su with a shoulder tackle of her own. Sojo charges, but is caught with a drop toe hold, followed by a dropkick. Sojo goes to the apron, then Su with a right hand, but misses a shoulder and Sojo with a headscissors while Su was caught up in the ropes.

Sojo sends Su into the corner, then chokes away at her. Su fights back, but misses a clothesline and Sojo with a drop-down neckbreaker, followed by a front dropkick for a nearfall. Sojo chokes Su again, then drops down with her body weight for another nearfall. Su fights back again, but Sojo reverses a whip and connects with a clothesline for another nearfall. Sojo locks in a sleeper as the ref checks the arm. It goes down twice, but on the 3rd try, Su is still in the match. Su lifts Sojo on her back and drives her into the corner twice. Su with a hip attack, then locks in her own sleeper. However, Sojo snapmares out of it, but misses a headbutt. Su avoids a corner charge, but Sojo avoids a bulldog. Su with a clothesline and a back elbow, followed by a spinning back kick. Su with another hip attack for a nearfall. Su heads to the middle rope, but Sojo stops her. Sojo catches a boot and goes for a Muscle Buster, but Su breaks free.

Su then with an inverted version of the Eat Defeat for the victory.

Winner: Su Yung by pinfall (Inverted Eat Defeat)

Nikki St. John vs. Santana

St. John mainly wrestles for Billy Corgan’s Resistance Pro promotion in the Mid-West, while Santana is a fixture of the Florida independent scene.

Nikki with a takedown into an armbar. Santana spins out and takes down Nikki. Santana goes to work on the arm, but Nikki pulls at the hair. Nikki with a hammerlock, but Santana takes her down. Santana with a shoulder tackle for a nearfall. Santana goes back to the arm, but Nikki sends her into the corner. Nikki with a shoulder, but Santana comes back with some of her own. Santana then goes up & over Nikki and locks in a keylock. Nikki tries to fight out, but to no avail. Nikki then gets out with a forearm for a nearfall. Santana with a pair of chops in the corner, followed by a whip, but Nikki drives her head into the mat.

Nikki with a stomp to the head for a nearfall. Nikki with a front slam, followed by a pair of forearms. Nikki with a kick to the gut, followed by a knee to the head for another nearfall. Nikki chokes Santana, then has words with the ref. Santana then with a roll-up for a nearfall. Nikki comes back with a clothesline for yet another nearfall. Nikki with some more forearms, but Santana with a 2nd rope Sunset flip for a nearfall. Nikki comes back with a back elbow, then does a crotch chop to the crowd. Nikki with a whip, followed by a clothesline for yet another nearfall. Nikki is getting frustrated, but Santana fights back.

Santana with a clothesline, a dropkick and finally a snap suplex for a nearfall. Nikki comes back with a headbutt, followed by a corner whip. Santana gets her boots up, followed by a 2nd rope crossbody.

Santana then hits the handspring standing moonsault for the victory.

Winner: Santana by pinfall (Handspring Standing Moonsault)

Made In Sin (“The AK47” Allysin Kay & Taylor Made) vs. Leva Bates & Kimberly

AK47 has competed for WSU & AIW as their tag champ and women’s champ, respectively. Made has wrestled for SHIMMER as a babyface before teaming up with Kay & manager April Hunter. Bates is known for her comic book style outfits and likeable persona, while Kimberly is doing a losing streak gimmick, having yet to win a match in SHINE.

Bates is wearing a THING #1 shirt and gives Kimberly a THING #2 shirt to wear, to which Kimberly refuses to wear. Bates & Made will start things off. Bates with a full nelson into a front chancery. Made counters into a wristlock, then wrings out the arm. Bates spins out and drop toe holds Made down into a hammerlock. Bates hammerlocks the other arm of Made, then goes back to the front chancery. Kimberly wants a tag, but Leva refuses until Kimberly puts the Thing hat on, which Kimberly finally does. Kimberly with a tag in and she & Leva with a double hiptoss, a Leva back elbow and a Kimberly back senton for a nearfall. Made fights back, but Kimberly with a trifecta of atomic drops. Kay gets the tag and pulls Kimberly’s shirt over her head hockey style. Kay with some jabs and a back chop. Kay with another back chop, but Kimberly takes her down and locks in a Boston Crab, but Kay reaches the ropes. Tag to Leva as Kimberly & Leva take turns hitting hip attacks & avalanches to Kay. Leva with a boot, followed by a hook kick for a nearfall. Kay comes back with a series of right hands, followed by a chop to the throat. Leva comes back with a series of overhand chops to the chest. Leva with a corner whip, followed by a monkey flip. Leva stops Kay from making a tag and hits another chest chop. Kay comes back with a forearm and tags in Made. Leva sends Made into her corner and Kimberly chokes Made in the corner. Kimberly & Leva have Made in Sin in opposite corners and do stereo punches. Made in Sin go to the outside and begin to head to the back as Leva & Kimberly have some fun in the ring. Kay finally gets back in, but Leva with a headscissors. Made then grabs at Leva’s foot, allowing Kay to hit a clothesline for a nearfall.

Kay with a pair of hard chops, then lifts up Leva, but Leva breaks free and hits an enziguri. However, Kay comes back with a running knee strike to the side of the head. The ref is distracted by Kimberly as Made in Sin double team Leva before Made gains a nearfall. Made chokes Leva, but Leva with a Sunset flip for a nearfall. Made comes back with a kick, then tags in Kay, who nails Leva with an elbow for a nearfall. Kay made a nonchalant cover, allowing Leva to lock her in an Anklelock. Kay is able to tag in Made, who drives Leva’s face into the mat. Made locks Leva in a Japanese Stranglehold, then gains another nearfall. Tag to Kay, who stomps away at Leva, then chokes her with her boot. Kay with another nonchalant cover for a nearfall. Kay goes back to the Japanese Stranglehold and does her infamous “Pinkies Up!” hand motion, because Made in Sin are classy. The crowd wills on Leva as she breaks free, but Kay with another clothesline for a nearfall. Kay with a corner whip, then places Leva on top. Kay heads up with her and tries for a superplex, but Bates knocks her off, then hits a double stomp across the back.

Made & Kimberly get the tags in and Kimberly with a dropkick to Made, followed by a Samoan Drop to Kay. Kimberly with a backbreaker to Made, then locks her in a Cloverleaf, however Kay breaks it up. Leva then nails Kay with a Spear. Kimberly then hits Kay with the Shot of 151 (Gory Bomb), but Made breaks it up. Leva then hits Kay with Sliced Bread #2, sending Kay to the outside. Leva heads up top, but Kay knocks her off. Made then counters a suplex on Kimberly with one of her own.

Made tells the ref to check on Leva, allowing Made in Sin to hit the Seven Deadlys (Wheelbarrow/Ace Crusher Combo) on Kimberly for the victory.

Winners: Made in Sin by pinfall (The Seven Deadlys)

Leva checks on Kimberly after the match, then raises her hand. However, Kimberly then attacks Leva from behind and drives her down to the mat. Kimberly hits an inverted Curb Stomp, then locks Leva in a Cloverleaf and refuses to let go with a psychotic look on her face. The ref can’t get Kimberly to break the hold until a 2nd ref finally gets her off of Leva. Kimberly screams “I’m a winner!” as the refs check on Leva. Leva screams in anger as she needs help from the referees to get to the back.

Ivelisse (formerly Sofia Cortez) vs. “The Wrestling Goddess” Athena

Ivelisse is from the 1st season of Tough Enough and from the 1st 2 months of WWE NXT from Full Sail. Ivelisse is also sporting a new brunette hairstyle. Athena is well-known from her time in SHIMMER, as well as competing for ACW in Texas & WSU.

Ivelisse mocks Athena’s moniker as the bell sounds, but backs off when Athena goes after her. Ivelisse apologizes and wants a handshake, but Athena refuses. Athena with an armdrag, followed by a kick that sends Ivelisse to the outside to regain her bearings. Athena with a shoulder tackle, followed by basement double knees for a nearfall. Athena with a handspring forearm in the corner, followed by knees to the chest. Ivelisse moves out of the way off another handspring attempt, then drives Athena’s arm against the ropes for a nearfall.

Ivelisse stomps away at Athena, followed by a kick to the back. Ivelisse pulls at Athena’s arm, then trash talks her. Athena tries to fight back, but Ivelisse with a kick to the back. Ivelisse then hits a step-up enziguri after rolling through a Sunset flip attempt for a nearfall. Ivelisse continues to stomp away at Athena and drives her shoulder to shoulder. Ivelisse with a backbreaker, then locks Athena in a Go-go-plata. Ivelisse switches to a cross armbreaker, but Athena clasps her hands to stop it. Athena counters into a roll-up for a nearfall. Ivelisse finally gets the hold applied, but Athena quickly gets to the ropes. Ivelisse chokes Athena in the ropes, then hits a back club. Ivelisse locks in a keylock as the crowd wills on Athena. Athena then lifts up Ivelisse and drives her into the corner, followed by snapmaring her to break free.

Both women exchange forearms until they go for forearms at the same time. They both block each other’s kicks, then Athena with a spin kick and a dropkick. Athena with a crossbody for a nearfall. Athena hits a pump kick, then heads up to the middle rope. Ivelisse then blocks the O-Face and hits a full nelson slam for a close nearfall. Ivelisse goes back to work on the arm, then hits a hammerlock DDT for a close nearfall. Ivelisse is getting frustrated as she nails Athena with a hard chop, then places Athena up top. Ivelisse pie-faces Athena, but Athena with a right hand.

Athena then hits the O-Face (Top Rope Diving Stunner) for the victory.

Winner: “The Wrestling Goddess” Athena by pinfall (O-Face)

Jessicka Havok vs. Nikki Roxx

Havok is most known for her work in WSU, as she is their current champion. Roxx most people known from TNA as Roxxi from 2007-2010.

Shoving match ensues as the bell sounds, then Roxx with a waistlock into a takedown. Roxx goes back to the waistlock, but Havok with a switch. Roxx with a drop toe hold and goes back to the waistlock. Roxx with an O’Connor Roll, a roll-up and a backslide for a series of nearfalls. Roxx again goes back to the waistlock, but Havok sends into the ropes to break free. Havok misses a charge and Roxx with a crossbody off the ropes for a nearfall. Roxx with a swinging neckbreaker for another nearfall. Havok then sidesteps a whip and hits a Spear for a nearfall.

Havok screams in frustration as Daffney on commentary goes “That’s my gimmick!” Havok with a series of kicks to the back, then chokes Roxx in the ropes. Havok chokes Roxx with her boot, then yells at the referee. Havok with shoulders to the ribs, then goes back to choking her while maniacally laughing. Roxx fights back, but Havok with a back club. Havok sends Roxx through the ropes and to the outside. Havok with a soccer kick to the ribs, then chokes her some more. Havok drops her weight across Roxx’s back, then pulls her back to the outside. Havok lifts up Roxx and drives her backfirst into a pole that holds up the roof of the Orpheum. Roxx then fights back with a series of chest clubs. Havok comes back with a pair of kicks to the chest, then sends Roxx back in. Havok grabs a steel chair and brings it in, but the ref takes it away. Roxx then with a roll-up by surprise for a nearfall. Havok with a kick to the gut, then locks Roxx in an elevated Full Nelson. Havok with a backbreaker across the knee, followed by a clothesline for another nearfall. Havok with some more kicks to the ribs, but Roxx comes back with a boot to the head.

Roxx moves out of the way on a charge, then hits some more chest clubs. Roxx with a corner whip, a hip attack and a rolling elbow. Roxx with a double sledge to the face, followed by a fallaway slam for a nearfall. Roxx tries for the Barbie Crusher, but Havok blocks it. Roxx then with a spinning side slam for a close nearfall. Roxx can’t believe it, but then Havok comes back with a jawbreaker and a one woman flapjack for a nearfall. Havok unloads with wild swings and gains another nearfall. Havok with another scream as she hits a trifecta of leg drops for another close nearfall. Havok goes to get another steel chair from the outside, but Roxx also has one. They swing at the same time, then begin to wail away on one another. The brawl continues on the outside as the ref continues his count. The fight continues to the back as the ref counts them both out.

The match is a No Contest due to a Double Count-Out

The fans are unhappy with that decision as we go to our main event.

Main Event in a Grudge Tag Team Match: “The Latina Sensation” Mercedes Martinez & “The Radiant” Rain vs. Rhythm & Bruise (“The Female Fighting Phenom” Jazz & The Amazing Kong)

Rain is a fixture of SHIMMER & WSU in the past, she also has competed for AAA and was in TNA as Robert Roode’s manager, Peyton Banks back in 2008. Mercedes is another fixture in WSU & SHIMMER as she was WSU champ for almost 3 years. Jazz & Kong need no introduction, obviously.

Mercedes is now sporting a new shorter haircut. Kong receives a big reaction from the crowd, as they chant “Kong is gonna kill you’ at Mercedes & Rain. Jazz & Rain will start things off. Rain with a waistlock, but Jazz takes her down into an armbar. Rain counters to a hammerlock, but Jazz with a drop toe hold into a front chancery. Rain with a single leg takedown, then locks Jazz in a half crab. Rain goes to a front chancery, but Jazz with a wristlock into a side headlock. Jazz with a side headlock takedown, then Rain tries for a pinning predicament, but Jazz maintains the hold. Rain gets out and headscissors Jazz, but Jazz gets free and locks Rain in a Cloverleaf. Rain crawls and then is able to reach the ropes. Rain then retreats after seeing Kong in her face. Rain wants a handshake, but Jazz will have none of it. Rain then with a keylock and takes down Jazz. Jazz gets out with an armdrag, followed by a monkey flip for a nearfall. Jazz goes back to the front chancery, then tags in Kong. Kong with a kick to the gut, then hair-mares Rain. Rain wants to tag out, but Mercedes does not want to come in. She eventually gets the tag and Kong backs her into the corner. Kong with a chop, but Mercedes with one of her own. Mercedes with a series of chest clubs, but Kong comes back with a back elbow. Kong with a slam, followed by a big splash for a nearfall. Tag to Jazz, who wristlocks Mercedes, however Mercedes avoids a dropkicks and tags in Rain. Jazz with a waistlock takedown into a front chancery. Jazz gains a nearfall, then goes back to the front chancery. Jazz with some knee strikes, followed by a butterfly suplex. Jazz with a leaping leg drop for a 1 count. Jazz with some forearms, but Rain reverses a whip and Mercedes nails Jazz with a knee to the back.

Tag to Mercedes, who unloads with chest clubs on Jazz in the corner. Rain & Mercedes then take turns choking Jazz while the ref is with Kong. Mercedes sends Jazz into the corner, then tags in Rain as they hit a double suplex for a nearfall. Rain with some knees to the head from a cravate hold, followed by a bulldog for a nearfall. Rain trash talks Jazz, then tags in Mercedes, who unloads with clubs to the back. Mercedes hits the Three Amigos on Jazz for a nearfall. Mercedes pulls Jazz to her corner, then chokes her as Kong is with the referee. Mercedes then with a roll through into a seated butterfly lock as the crowd & Kong will on Jazz. The ref checks the arm three times and Jazz is still in the match. Jazz tries to make a tag, but the ref is distracted by Rain and didn’t see the tag made to Kong. This allows Rain & Mercedes to continue to double team Jazz. Rain with a knee to the head, but Jazz fights back. Rain sends Jazz into the corner and hits a series of right hands. Rain with a snapmare, followed by a boot to the top of the head for a nearfall. Rain chokes Jazz, who fights back again and nails Rain with a back heel kick. Rain comes back with an elbow drop to the back, then trash talks her. Rain drives her weight across Jazz’s neck, then tags in Mercedes as they continue to double team Jazz while Kong continues to have words with the referee. Mercedes with a clothesline for a nearfall. Mercedes with a chinlock as the crowd wills on Jazz. However, Mercedes drives her back down by the hair. Tag to Rain, as Mercedes places Jazz up top. They both go up the ropes until Kong comes in and DOUBLE POWERBOMBS BOTH MERCEDES & RAIN OFF THE ROPES! Jazz then with a crossbody off the ropes and tags in Kong.

Kong with clotheslines to Mercedes, followed by an avalanche in the corner. Kong setups for the Implant Buster on Rain, but Mercedes with a boot, but it doesn’t faze Kong. Kong tries again, but Mercedes with another boot, but again it doesn’t faze Kong. Jazz pulls Mercedes to the outside and they begin to brawl.

Kong, on the 3rd attempt, lifts up Rain and hits the Implant Buster for the victory.

Winners: Rhythm & Bruise by pinfall (Implant Buster)

Jazz & Kong celebrate their win as we close the show.