SHIMMER Volume 47
Taped: March 18, 2012
Berwyn, Illinois (Berwyn Eagles Club)
Report by: Jason Namako of

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Hello everyone, gonna be doing something new going forward for the people who read Wrestleview daily, but are not VIPs as I will be doing detailed recaps of all future shows from the independent scene that become DVD review podcasts on the Wrestleview Radio Network. Our first one is SHIMMER Volume 47, so I hope you all enjoy the recap and become a VIP! Let’s get to the show, shall we?

We kick off SHIMMER Volume 47 with a video promo by Serena Deeb, who wishes the SHIMMER roster good luck, wants the fans to cheer louder than they have ever cheered before because the girls deserve it, gives a shout-out to her protégé Davina Rose and while she isn’t there, she is there in spirit, but will be back someday.

Rhia O’Reilly vs. Taylor Made

O’Reilly is from Ireland and was trained by former WWE performer Lance Storm. Made is from the Mid-West area and has recently formed a tag team with Allysin Kay in SHINE entitled Made in Sin.

Made gets the crowd behind her as the bell sounds while Rhia has words with the fans, mocking them. Made with a side headlock, but Rhia counters into a full nelson. Made gets out, goes back to the side headlock and takes down Rhia. Rhia tries to spin Made over for a pin attempt, but Made keeps the headlock applied. Rhia pulls at the hair, then drives Made into the corner to force a break. Rhia with a chest club, but takes too much time jaw jacking with the crowd as when she charges, Made moves out of the way. Made with a pair of armdrags, followed by a slam for a nearfall. Made with a back club, followed by a series of forearms in the corner. Rhia tries to reason with Made, wanting a time-out and that distraction allows her to kick Made in the gut.

Rhia with a knee to the back and gains a 1 count. Rhia sends Made face-first into the corner, then when Made tries to fight back, Rhia knocks her down with a forearm. Rhia with another forearm, then hits a spinning sidewalk slam off a whip for a nearfall. Rhia then screams at the crowd when they do the “Oh Really?, O’Reilly” bit with her. Rhia with a Finlay roll for another nearfall. Rhia starts to get frustrated as the crowd wills on Made. Rhia with a whip, but Made sidesteps the back drop attempt with a kick to the face. Made with a dropkick to the knee of Rhia, dropping her down to a knee, then Made with a Shining Wizard style kick to Rhia and both women are down.

Made with a kick to the gut when they get to their feet, a corner whip and then catches O’Reilly charging in with a sit-out clothesline. Made with a clothesline, then another sit-out clothesline for a nearfall.

Rhia then comes back with a kick to the gut, followed by the Rhiadjustment (Double Arm DDT) for the victory.

Winner: Rhia O’Reilly by pinfall (Rhiadjustment)

Rhia kicks Made out of the ring, then motions with her hands that it was easy. Rhia gives a bow to the crowd as she celebrates her win.

“The Rate Tank” Kellie Skater vs. Veda Scott

Skater is from Australia and has a comedy like fitness gimmick, where she comes out with a gym bag and a protein shake that the crowd makes fun of her as “Roo-Roids”. Skater also has one of the longest ring introductions in wrestling, as she is from the “Most Awesomest place ever, Baccus Marsh, Australia, weighing 63 kilos of pure amentum, the Colossus of Baccus Marsh, she has muscles so big, they make the Incredible Hulk green with envy, the Indestructible one, the Rate Tank, Kellie Skater!” Veda is a rookie in wrestling with a nerdy gimmick, trained by former ROH performer Daizee Haze and is the backstage interviewer for ROH.

Before the match starts, Skater says she knows why the crowd likes Veda, because “she is a nerd just like all of you!” Skater with a full nelson, but Veda counters and goes into a wristlock, followed by an armdrag. Veda with a clothesline, then charges and connects with a forearm in the corner. Skater reverses a corner whip, but Veda knocks her down with a forearm. Veda charges and tries for a wheelbarrow maneuver, but Skater blocks it and drives Veda face-first into the mat for a nearfall.

Skater with a knee to the gut, then chokes Veda in the ropes. Bryce Remsburg admonishes Skater, who says she was testing if Bryce knew how to count. Veda tries to fight back, but Skater with a back club. Skater chokes Veda in the ropes once more, then snapmares her into a chinlock while making a motion of glasses around Veda’s eyes and calling her “Four Eyes”. Veda tries to fight back again, but Skater with a forearm. Skater with a whip and although Veda puts on the brakes, Skater nails her with another forearm. However, Veda charges at Skater when Skater goes off the ropes and nails her with a knee to the gut, followed by a facebuster for a nearfall. Skater comes back by raking the eyes of Veda, followed by a series of knees to the gut in the corner. Corner whip by Skater, followed by a running knee to the gut. Skater with a kick to the chest while Veda is slumped in the corner, then Skater again chokes Veda in the ropes, this time using her foot. Skater catches Veda with a back elbow off a whip, pulls Veda to the center as Veda was trying to get to the ropes and then locks her in a single leg Boston crab. Crowd wills on Veda as she is able to crawl and reach the bottom rope, forcing Skater to break the hold. Skater with a slam, followed by a leaping leg drop for another nearfall. Skater then goes right into hooking Veda in a cross armbreaker in the center of the ring. Veda is able to turn herself over and break loose of the hold, but not before she nails Skater with a back club. Skater with a kick to the arm, followed by a forearm in the corner. Skater with a corner whip, but Veda moves out of the way. Veda then with a school-girl for a nearfall.

Veda with a back club, but then Skater comes back with a kick to the gut. Skater with a whip, but Veda catches Skater with a float over into a DDT, shades of the Rock, for a nearfall. Veda with a pair of clotheslines, then charges, but Skater catches her with a drop toe hold that sends Veda face-first into the middle turnbuckle. Skater then with a clothesline of her own. Skater goes to a take a swig of her protein shake and fires herself up. Skater with a back elbow, followed by a slam for a nearfall. Skater with a suplex for another nearfall. Skater screams out in frustration, then hits what looks to have been an overhead suplex turned into a flapjack in mid-move for yet another nearfall. Skater stomps away at Veda, then sends her into the corner before placing her on the top turnbuckle. Skater with a pair of forearms, but Veda fights back and hits a Tornado DDT, then holds on and tries for the 2nd part of the Q.E.D. (Tornado DDT followed by a regular DDT), but Skater breaks free. Skater with a kick to take out Veda’s knee, followed by a basement style clothesline for another nearfall. Skater shakes her head in frustration, but then motions that its over. Skater lifts up Veda, but Veda breaks free, ducks under a clothesline, then hits Skater with the Mind Trip (Snapmare Driver), but Skater is able to kick out. Veda with a waistlock, but Skater breaks free with back elbows.

Skater then hits the Skate & Destroy (Kick to the back of the leg, Kick to the back of the head, basement reverse Blockbuster) for the victory.

Winner: “The Rate Tank” Kellie Skater by pinfall (Skate & Destroy)

K.C. Spinelli vs. “The Oncoming Storm” Kalamity

Both women compete for the NCW Femme Fatales promotion in Canada, run by LuFisto, who also trained Kalamity. Spinelli was part of the 1st season of the World of Hurt show that Lance Storm was the head trainer of.

Both women shake hands as the bell sounds. Kalamity with a wristlock, but Spinelli counters into one of her own. Spinelli goes to a side headlock, followed by a shoulder tackle off a whip. Kalamity then catches Spinelli with a series of armdrags into an armbar. Kalamity with a whip, then nails Spinelli with a forearm. Kalamity with some more forearms, Spinelli reverses a whip, then Kalamity knocks her down with her own shoulder tackle. Spinelli then comes back by catching Kalamity coming in with a dropkick. Spinelli with another dropkick, followed by an armdrag. Spinelli with a forearm, a snapmare and finally a hard kick between Kalamity’s shoulder blades. Crowd chants for Spinelli as Kalamity reverses a corner whip, then charges and connects with an avalanche.

Kalamity motions for an elbow forthcoming as Spinelli slumps down in the corner, then Kalamity charges again and connects with a diving elbow. Kalamity gets the crowd behind her as she heads up to the middle turnbuckle and comes off, hitting Spinelli, who was still slumped down in the corner, with double knees across the chest for a nearfall. Kalamity pulls Spinelli to the center, then locks in a half crab. Kalamity then wraps up Spinelli’s legs and hooks her in a version of the Japanese Stranglehold. Spinelli gets her legs free, but then Kalamity sits down on her, still maintaining the Japanese Stranglehold. Spinelli does not want to submit, so Kalamity breaks, but not before hitting a version of a Curb Stomp to Spinelli. Kalamity with a double sledge across the back, a forearm, a knee to the gut and finally a boot to the face. Kalamity motions that she is going for a clothesline, but Spinelli catches her arm, spins her around and hits a clothesline of her own.

Spinelli with a discus clothesline, followed by a double sledge to the chest. Spinelli with a kick to the gut, followed by a suplex with a bridge for a nearfall. Spinelli goes for a head kick, but Kalamity blocks it, goozles Spinelli and hits a STO variation for a nearfall. Kalamity lifts up Spinelli, but Spinelli breaks free and underhooks Kalamity, looking for the Spin-Out (Tiger Driver). However, Kalamity counters out and connects with a spinebuster for another nearfall. Spinelli then blocks a clothesline and hits a version of the Eye of the Hurricane for a nearfall.

Kalamity then reverses a whip, lifts up Spinelli and hits the Kalamityville Horror Driver for the victory.

Winner: “The Oncoming Storm” Kalamity by pinfall (Kalamityville Horror Driver)

Kalamity celebrates her win, slapping hands with the crowd while the crowd gives Spinelli a nice ovation.

MSEERIE (“Your Soul’s Tormentor” MsChif & “The Punk Princess” Christina Von Eerie) vs. LuKana (“Super Hardcore Anime” LuFisto w/Pegaboo & “The World Famous” Kana)

MsChif is a former SHIMMER champion and has competed for ROH many times throughout the years, most notably as part of the Age of the Fall. Von Eerie was Toxxin in TNA alongside Ink Inc. for a cup of coffee and has recently wrestled for a bunch of other major Indy promotions. LuFisto is a veteran from Canada who started up the NCW Femme Fatales promotion, while also wrestling for CZW in the past. Finally, Kana is a well-known Joshi who competed for Tajiri’s SMASH promotion as well as a couple shots for CHIKARA last year. Also, Von Eerie is known for her “Oy” chant, while MsChif is known for her infamous scream.

MSEERIE plays to the crowd, but then LuKana attacks them as the bell sounds. They whip MSEERIE to each other, but MsChif sends Von Eerie into LuFisto. MsChif then whips Kana into LuFisto in the corner. Von Eerie then sends MsChif into the corner, where LuFisto & Kana are slumped down to allow MsChif to connect with the Panic Attack (Running Knee). MsChif with a knee to the gut, a neckbreaker and then instead of going for a pin, mounts Kana and does her scream at her. MsChif with a chest chop, followed by a standing moonsault for a nearfall. Tag to Von Eerie, who hits a backbreaker, followed by a MsChif gutbuster on Kana for a 1 count. Both women exchange forearms, then Kana reverses a whip, Von Eerie ducks under a clothesline and hits Kana with a springboard crossbody for a nearfall. Kana breaks free of an attempted headlock by Von Eerie, but then Von Eerie with an enziguri to the shoulder of Kana for a 1 count. Von Eerie with a headbutt and a whip, but LuFisto gets the blind tag in.

Kana with a kick to the gut, hooks Von Eerie’s head to allow LuFisto to boot her in the face, followed by a Kana stunner and finally a LuFisto front dropkick. LuFIsto with a corner whip, then sends Kana into the corner, who hits a flying hip attack on Von Eerie, then when Von Eerie is slumped down in the corner, LuFisto charges and connects with the Cannonball. LuFisto then heads up to the middle rope and she & Kana connect with a reverse DDT/splash combo for a nearfall. LuFisto with a snapmare, a double chop to the back, then the chest and finally a basement style clothesline on Von Eerie for a nearfall. LuFisto with a series of headbutts and clubs to the back of Von Eerie, then says she is dizzy. LuFisto hammerlocks Von Eerie’s arm and locks her in a seated Dragon Sleeper while the crowd chants “Oy!” to will on Von Eerie. Von Eerie is able to break free and begins to fight back, but LuFisto knocks her back down with a forearm. LuFisto with a pair of chest chops, followed by a forearm. Von Eerie then reverses a whip, LuFisto counters that, but then Von Eerie nails her with a back elbow. Von Eerie with a forearm, followed by another back elbow for a nearfall. Von Eerie with a headbutt, takes down LuFisto and hooks her in a Jackknife pin for another nearfall. Von Eerie tries for her back roll into a headscissors takeover, but LuFisto counters by kicking Von Eerie in the ribs. LuFisto with a stomp, followed by one to the back of Von Eerie’s head. Von Eerie with a knee to the face, then both women exchange headbutts until they headbutt each other at the same time and both go down.

MsChif & Kana get the tags in as Kana does an evasive roll and slaps MsChif across the face. Kana with a flurry of open hand slaps, but then MsChif blocks a head kick. Kana then blocks a clothesline and takes down MsChif into a Fujiwara armbar. Von Eerie tries to break it up with a kick, but Kana still has the hold maintained. MsChif breaks free and then both women exchange forearms until Kana hits a kick to the gut. Kana tries to go back to the arm, but MsChif breaks free. MsChif with a headbutt, followed by the Gateway to Annihilation for a nearfall. MsChif with a corner whip, then tags in Von Eerie. MSEERIE with a double whip, then put on the brakes and drive Kana back first into their corner. MSEERIE with a double back elbow, but then Kana reverses a whip, allowing LuFisto to nail Von Eerie with a kick to the chest from the apron. Kana hits a snap German Suplex, then LuKana with a double head kick that sandwiches Von Eerie for a nearfall as MsChif breaks it up. MsChif with clotheslines to both LuFisto & Kana, then MSEERIE with a double whip on Kana, followed by a double team facebuster out of a wheelbarrow position. Von Eerie hits a strait-jacket backstabber on Kana for a close nearfall. Crowd wills on Kana as LuFisto comes in and boots Von Eerie in the face, followed by a Kana spinning backfist. MsChif comes in, but LuFisto sidesteps her. Kana with a pair of right hands and a spin kick to Von Eerie while LuFisto locks MsChif in a Muta lock. Then, Kana hooks Von Eerie in a flying armbar. Von Eerie tries to get free, but Kana switches back into the Fujiwara armbar.

Then, while MsChif is still trapped in LuFisto’s Muta lock, Kana switches into the Kana Lock (Crossface Chickenwing) on Von Eerie, who has no choice but to tapout.

Winners: LuKana by submission (Kana Lock)

After the match, LuKana celebrates their win while LuFisto tells Kana to shake the hands of MSEERIE in a show of respect, since Kana is not a big fan of that. All 4 women shake each other’s hands while Kana gives a kiss to Pegaboo, LuFisto’s toy doll. The crowd gives all 4 women a standing ovation as we go backstage.

Out in the parking lot, Jessie McKay talks about her title match tonight, challenging Cheerleader Melissa for the SHIMMER Title. McKay says she and Melissa have wrestled before, but that was early on in her career and now she is more seasoned and thinks she can become the next SHIMMER champion. All of a sudden, Saraya Knight comes in from behind and grabs McKay by the hair. Saraya says McKay is gonna do something for her and if she doesn’t do exactly as Saraya says, she will rip her head off. McKay cowers and says she’ll do it, then Saraya tells her to finish the job and not to disappoint her before leaving.

Sassy Stephie w/Mademoiselle Rachelle vs. “The Wrestling Goddess” Athena

Stephie is part of the Mid-West Militia in WSU while Athena also wrestles for the ACW promotion in Texas.

Stephie tells the crowd to “Shut up” when they chant at her “Sassy Birthday”. Ring announcer Joey Eastman then botches Athena’s ring introduction of being from Chicago, backslash Atlanta, backslash St. Louis, before the bell sounds. Crowd chants for Athena as the bell sounds. Athena wants a handshake, but Stephie says that today is her birthday and she is going to kill Athena. Athena calls Stephie a “Hussy”, then a shoving match ensues, followed by an exchange of forearms until Athena takes advantage. Stephie reverses a whip, but misses a clothesline and Athena with a spinning headscissors takeover. Athena with a dropkick, followed by a rana. Athena goes for the handspring into a slap in the corner, but Stephie blocks it and gives Athena a slap of her own. Stephie with a back club and a forearm, followed by a corner whip, however she runs into a boot by Athena. Athena then gets out of the way on a Stephie charge and catches her with a kick to the face. However, Rachelle grabs onto Athena’s foot and that allows Stephie to drive Athena backfirst down to the mat.

Stephie chokes Athena in the ropes, then Rachelle does the same as Stephie is distracting the referee. Stephie drives the back of Athena’s head into the mat multiple times, followed by a hair mare. Stephie has words with the official, then does another hair mare. Stephie tries for a 3rd, but Athena rolls through it and kicks Stephie in the chest. Athena with a kick to the back of the head, then hits basement style double knees to Stephie for a nearfall. Athena mocks singing “Happy Birthday” to Stephie, then hits a pair of right hands. Stephie reverses a whip, hits a sit-out sleeper slam, then locks Athena in a version of the Last Chancery. Athena is able to break free and then she locks Stephie in the same submission hold. However, Stephie bites at Athena’s fingers to be able to break free. Stephie bites the fingers again, then hits a Russian Leg Sweep and says to the crowd “How ’bout that?” Stephie with a corner whip, followed by a running knee to the gut as Portia leaves the commentary station to get ready for her match, which is next. Stephie with a pair of kicks, then drives Athena’s face into the mat for a nearfall. Athena tries to fight back, but Stephie with a pair of clubs as the crowd chants for Athena. Stephie with a pair of forearms, but Athena holds onto the ropes to prevent a whip. Athena blocks it a 2nd time, then slides under Stephie’s legs and hits a pumphandle into a clothesline.

Both women exchange right hands from their knees, then some more once they get to their feet until Athena connects with a series of kicks. Stephie ducks a head kick, but then Athena nails her with a leg lariat for a nearfall. Rachelle gets onto the apron to distract Athena and it works as while the two exchange words, Stephie comes in from behind and kicks Athena in the gut. Stephie tries for the Kiss My Sass (Zack Attack), Athena counters and sends Stephie almost into Rachelle on the apron, but Stephie is able to put on the brakes. Athena then nails Stephie with a step-up enziguri. Athena starts to head up top as the crowd chants “O”, because they want to see the O-Face. Rachelle gets on the apron again, but Athena kicks her off.

Athena then hits Stephie with the O-Face (Top Rope Diving Stunner) for the victory.

Winner: “The Wrestling Goddess” Athena by pinfall (O-Face)

We see replay of the O-Face to end the match, then head backstage.

Backstage in the lockerroom, Sara Del Rey is getting ready for her match, when her “tag partner” for tonight, Courtney Rush comes in.

Rush says she has been up the half the night, thinking how awesome its gonna be to team with Del Rey and how Sara accepted Rush being her tag team partner. Sara says she didn’t but Rush says she totally did. Rush says she got her hair straightened like Sara so they look like a team, she has been getting in Sara’s brain, thinking “WWSDRD?, What Would Sara Del Rey Do?” Rush says they will be on the same page, she got Sara coffee, because she knows Sara loves it, just like when she gave Sara gum last time. Rush takes a sip of the coffee, saying its not poisoned and gives the coffee cup to Del Rey, who is aghast at all of this. Rush says “Queens need taste-testers”. Sara says “You just drank my coffee?” Rush says “no, its OK, I got your back”. Rush says this will be the greatest tag team in SHIMMER history. Sara scoffs at that, as Rush is thinking up tag names for them, like “Death Rush” or the “Queens of Winning”. Sara says “No, absolutely not”. Rush says its a work in progress and that Sara probably already has a better team name anyway. Rush wants a high five, then does it anyway even when Sara doesn’t want to do it. Rush finally leaves as Sara cannot believe what just happened. Then, Rush comes back and takes the coffee cup, saying that Sara’s right, it is gross and she’ll get Sara another coffee. Rush leaves as Sara has a look of “Why me?” before we go to the next match.

The Canadian NINJAS (Portia Perez & “The Lariat” Nicole Matthews) vs. “The Blasian Barbie” Mia Yim & Davina Rose

The Ninjas are one of the top heel acts throughout SHIMMER’s history, winning the tag titles and holding them for well over a year. Yim has worked for ROH & CZW in the last 2 years, while Davina is from the California Indy scene.

Before the match, the Ninjas make fun of Davina, saying “Where’s your buddy?”, referring to Davina’s mentor, Serena Deeb. Matthews then yells at Mia for getting in her way while she was trying to pose when being introduced. The Ninjas do “Rock, Paper, Scissors” to determine who has to start the match and Matthews loses, so she will start, sporting pink tape on her shoulder from a previous injury on the 45 & 46 volumes the day prior. Davina will start for her team.

Davina goes right for the injured arm of Matthews as she goes to a wristlock, then into a hammerlock. Matthews counters into a wristlock, then Davina spins out and drop toe holds Matthews down to the mat. Davina goes back to the arm, then Matthews counters into a waistlock. Davina counters into a side headlock, then Matthews rolls out and we have a stalemate. Portia tries to get a shot in from the apron, but Davina chases her off the apron. Davina with a waistlock, but Matthews counters by arm whipping her down to the mat. Matthews with a roll while holding onto the apron, then hooks Davina in a La Magistral for a nearfall. The crowd applauds at Matthews’ effort, but then she yells at them for doing so. Davina with an arm wrench into an armlock while Prazak on commentary mentions that is not the best idea to wear pink tape on your shoulder, referring to Matthews, saying its an easy target for an opponent to go after. Davina with another arm wrench, then Mia tags in. Mia with a sledge to the arm, followed by her own arm wrench. Mia takes Matthews down to her knees, then uses her foot to press against the shoulder of Matthews while still maintaining hold of the wristlock. Mia then sits down on the shoulder, but Matthews is able to break free, then wrap up Mia’s legs and paintbrush her in the back of the head before going to a side headlock. Mia breaks free, takes Matthews back down to a knee, then goes to a hammerlock. Matthews counters into a wristlock, then backs her into the ropes with the hand against Mia’s face. Mia then reverses a whip and hits a pair of armdrags. However, when she tries for a 3rd, Matthews sees it coming and backs off, causing Mia to crash into the mat. Tag to Portia, but Portia gets armdragged by Mia, followed by a dropkick. Mia with a suplex, then goes to a front chancery before Davina tags in. Mia & Davina with a double whip, followed by a double kick to the chest for a nearfall. Portia comes back with a knee to the gut, then tags in Matthews. Matthews sends Davina into the corner, then hits a pair of forearms. Davina then counters a whip attempt and hits a neckbreaker for a nearfall. Davina again goes back to the arm, then motions that she is heading up top. Davina goes to the middle turnbuckle, but Matthews sweeps out her leg, causing Davina to crash & burn on the mat.

Matthews sends Davina into her corner, followed by stomping away on her. Matthews chokes Davina with her boot, then tags in Portia, who does the same. Mia tries to help, but the referee keeps her back. While the ref is distracted by Mia, the Ninjas proceed to double team Davina in their corner. Matthews, who didn’t make a tag, drives Davina’s face into the mat. The ref asks if the Ninjas tagged in and Portia says they did. Matthews with a chop, a whip and finally a back elbow. Matthews gives Mia a look, then when Davina tries to fight back, Portia comes in and nails Davina with a double sledge to the back while again the ref was distracted by Mia. Portia with a neckbreaker for a nearfall. The ref asks again if the Ninjas did a tag and they say they did as Portia locks Davina in a chinlock. Mia tries to come in, but the ref keeps her away. Portia then rubs Davina’s face into the mat. Matthews yells that Davina is cheating as she gets the tag in from Portia. Matthews with a kick to the gut, followed by a drop-down neckbreaker with Davina’s neck landing on Matthews’s shoulder for a nearfall as Portia says “That was sweet”. Matthews has words about the official’s cadence, but this allows Davina to fight back. Both women exchange forearms from their knees until Matthews rakes the eyes. Matthews with a forearm, followed by a corner whip and a charging forearm. Matthews with some more forearms, then backs up to get a head of steam. She charges, but Davina catches her with a back elbow. Davina then with a double spring up onto the middle rope and hits a crossbody on Matthews for a nearfall.

Mia gets the tag in as she unloads with an array of kicks to both of the Ninjas. Portia nails her with a forearm, but Mia reverses a whip and catches Portia with another kick to the chest. Mia fires up, but Matthews nails her from behind. Matthews with a corner whip, but Mia springs up to the middle rope and nails Matthews with a missile dropkick for a nearfall. Portia comes in and hits a series of back clubs, but Mia locks her in a front guillotine choke. Matthews then grabs Mia’s hair and drives her to the mat to break the hold. Matthews waistlocks Mia, but Mia catches Portia’s foot off a superkick attempt and then spins her right into a Davina sit-out clothesline. Mia then with a gutwrench suplex on Matthews and everyone is down. Davina tags in and hits Matthews with a version of the Paydirt, but Portia breaks up the pin attempt. Portia then knocks Mia off the apron with a superkick. Davina tries to check on her partner, but Matthews nails her from behind.

The Ninjas then hit the Funky Cold Medina (Superkick/German Suplex combo) on Davina for the victory.

Winners: The Canadian NINJAS by pinfall (Funky Cold Medina)

The Ninjas celebrate their win as we go backstage once again.

We see video highlighting what happened during the main event of SHIMMER Volume 46 when Cheerleader Melissa successfully defend the SHIMMER Title against Portia Perez, but then Nicole Matthews ran in after the match and the Ninjas laid the beatdown on Melissa until Jessie McKay made the save. However, Melissa, wary of who to trust because of a bounty placed on her by her old arch-rival, Saraya Knight, says to McKay that she trusts no one and leaves as SHIMMER 46 comes to a close.

We go backstage where Amber Gertner interviews the SHIMMER Champion Cheerleader Melissa and asks her about her match tonight against Jessie McKay. Melissa says that McKay has developed into a good wrestler since they first met back on Volume 25, but she has been having these “friendly matches” and supposedly came to her rescue on Volume 46 and Melissa says she didn’t see what happened, but who goes around having “friendly matches?” There is a motive for everything and McKay’s motive is to get the SHIMMER Title. Gertner mentions Saraya Knight’s intimation of McKay to do her bidding and Melissa says that she knows Saraya from the past and while Saraya plays dirty, she hopes McKay is strong enough to be her own person.

Shazza McKenzie vs. “Sweet” Saraya Knight

Shazza is from the Australian independent scene, wrestling for such promotions as Madison Eagles’s PWWA and also recently competed for SHINE in Florida. Saraya is a 20 year veteran of wrestling, hailing from England and is part of a well-known British wrestling family, the Knight Dynasty, as everyone of her family, her husband, son & daughter all have wrestled at some point. Her daughter is Paige, who now competes on WWE NXT from Full Sail. Saraya is well known also for her out-of-control antics with anyone who gets in her way.

Before the match begins, Saraya gets into it with a couple of fans at ringside as multiple referees have to get in-between her and said fans. A ringside attendant tries to get her away from the fans and she yells at him “Do it again and I will rip her head off and p**s down your leg”. She gets in ring announcer Joey Eastman’s face and he hides behind the referee. She goes to another fan, then heads back into the ring for the ring intros. Shazza is introduced and a “Please Don’t Die” chant starts. Saraya then wants Eastman to come back to the ring and she tells him to tell the crowd that she can’t deal with this noise, she has a headache and wants them to shut the hell up, or she will punch every single one of them. Eastman adheres and the crowd boos louder at Saraya. She tells Eastman to say it again, he does and the boos get even louder. The crowd chants for Shazza as the bell finally sounds.

Saraya turns her back to Shazza, who quickly rolls her up for a nearfall, which p**ses off Saraya. Shazza with a crucifix for another nearfall. Saraya then backs Shazza into the corner and berates her before whipping her to the far corner. Saraya charges, but Shazza avoids it and Sunset flips Saraya for another nearfall. Saraya then with a gut punch, followed by, what VIP member Goober has labeled, a c**t punt. The crowd chants “DQ” as Saraya goes for a suplex, but Shazza counters into an inside cradle for another nearfall. The crowd chants for Shazza some more as Saraya stares a hole through her. Saraya then ABSOLUTELY SLAPS THE TASTE OF SHAZZA with a big slap. Saraya with a hair-mare, followed by a slam and a leaping legdrop for a nearfall as Portia comes back to the commentary table. The crowd chants “Paul Stanley” at Saraya, which ticks her off more and she nails Shazza with a kick to the head. Saraya cups her ear to wait for more chants, then tells the crowd to zip their lip. Saraya then spikes Shazza with a DDT for a close nearfall. Saraya is angry at the ref’s count as the crowd again chants for a DQ. Saraya with a soccer kick to the back of Shazza, then has more words with the referee. Crowd chants some more for Shazza as she tries to fight back, but Saraya with a back club, followed by a running side slam for another close nearfall. Saraya again gets in the ref’s face and shoves him multiple times. Saraya with a kick to the gut, then kicks at the back of the leg before wringing it out. Saraya laughs as she taunts the crowd, then chokes Shazza before nailing a series of gut punches. Saraya gets set for a corner charge, but Shazza is able to move out of the way although Saraya put on the brakes. Saraya with a soccer kick to the ribs, then gets the ref’s attention away from her and stomps on Shazza’s “lady parts”. Another chant by the crowd for a DQ as Saraya with a Jackknife pin for another nearfall. Saraya wrings out Shazza’s leg again, then trash talks her, saying “Does it hurt?” Saraya with a back chop to the face, then locks Shazza in the Knightmare (Half Crab) while Shazza’s leg is in the ropes.

The ref does his 5 count and Saraya refuses to break, forcing the ref to ring the bell.

Winner: Shazza McKenzie by disqualification

After the match, Saraya realizes she’s been disqualified and goes after the referee. She then goes after more fans at ringside and it takes a number of referees, ring attendants and male wrestlers to get Saraya and carry her to the back as she is completely out of control.

We see a video highlighting what happened on Volume 46 when Sara Del Rey attacked Leva Bates after defeating her, leading to Allison Danger, Bates’ tag team partner and Sara’s former partner in the Dangerous Angels, to come in and stop Sara. Danger then got in Sara’s face and wondered where is the Sara Del Rey she used to know? Danger then challenged Sara to a tag match, but wondered if Sara could find a partner because she has no friends. Sara then said she has 7,000 Twitter followers, all of them would love to be her partner and she accepted the challenge.

The Queens of Winning (“The Queen of Wrestling” Sara Del Rey & Courtney Rush) vs. Re-Generation X (Allison Danger & Leva Bates) (dressed as Mario & Luigi)

Del Rey needs no introduction, one of the top female wrestlers around. Rush is from Canada and is known for her suplexes and energetic personality, as she is billed from “Winning-Peg”, Ontario, Canada. Re-Generation X is known for their unique outfits, dressing up as different comic book or video game characters. Bates was trained at the Team 3D school, while Danger is known from her time managing Christopher Daniels in the early days of ROH and is also one of the pillars of SHIMMER’s history.

Rush is really into teaming with Del Rey, while Del Rey is on the other side of the fence and would rather be doing anything else. Del Rey tells the crowd to “Shut Up” then they chant “Queens of Winning”, saying not to encourage Rush. Joey Eastman gives Del Rey & Rush’s total combined weight of 290 lbs. and Rush goes up to him and says that she is pretty skinny, so let’s not bring up the combined weight, to which Del Rey gets a wide-eyed look on her face about. Eastman begins to call them the Queens of Winning and Del Rey stops him. Rush whispers something to Eastman and he then introduces them as Death Rush. Crowd then starts a “Let’s Go Death Rush” chant, to which Del Rey tells them to stop. Re-Generation X is introduced as being from Mushroom Island and Bates does the Luigi pop up thing multiple times, followed by a knee drop to a toy goomba she brought out to the ring.

Rush & Danger will start things off, shaking each other’s hands and giving each other a high five in a show of respect. Danger with a headlock, but Rush counters into a hammerlock. Rush takes Danger down to a seated position, but Danger spins out and counters into a wristlock. Rush then kips up and counters into her own wristlock. Danger with a spin out into a single leg takedown, then wraps up Rush’s legs deathlock style, followed by grabbing the arm and falling backwards into a longbow backbreaker submission hold. Rush is able to get herself free, then hooks Danger in an ankle hold. Danger is able to roll through and get Rush into a pinning predicament for a nearfall. Danger goes back to the arm, but Rush breaks free with a gut punch. Rush with another gut punch, then goes to a side headlock. Danger counters into one of her own, followed by a shoulder tackle off a whip. Danger with a stomp, followed by a left arm clothesline as Portia on commentary wonders why Danger is dressed as Capt. Lou Albano and also wonders if we are going to see Danger’s “stupid little kid” Kendall as well, dressed as Cyndi Lauper. Leva comes in and stomps Rush, followed by a double clothesline from Re-Generation X and finally a double stomp for a nearfall. Del Rey then hops off the apron and starts walking to the back as she doesn’t want any more of this. Rush goes after her and is able to bring Sara back to the ring. Del Rey then tags herself in when Rush gets back into the ring as she & Danger meet in the center of the ring. They get in each other’s face as Del Rey says she was the “best thing that ever happened to Danger”. Del Rey backs Danger into Danger’s corner, but then Leva tags herself in. Leva with a series of chest clubs, but they do not faze Del Rey. Leva then rolls up Del Rey for a nearfall. Leva hits a rana, followed by a double sledge to the ribs. Leva hits a flipping neckbreaker, but Rush comes in to break up the pin attempt. Rush says she has Sara’s back and wants her to do a double suplex, but Del Rey shoves her off and drills Leva in the back of the head with an axe kick for a nearfall.

Del Rey then rips the mustache off of Leva’s face and hooks her in a leg version of a full nelson. Crowd chants for Leva as she bridges back and gains a nearfall. Del Rey with a pair of headbutts to the shoulder of Leva, followed by an arm whip and a knee drop to the shoulder for another nearfall. Crowd chants some more for Leva as she tries to fight back, but Del Rey with a knee to the face. Del Rey then with a boot to Danger, who tries to come in, but referee Bryce Remsburg stops her. Del Rey with a suplex for another nearfall. Rush wants a tag in and Del Rey goes to tag her in, but they whiff on the tag. They try again and again another whiff. 3rd time is then the charm as Rush gets the tag in, nailing Leva with a forearm. The crowd chants “Tag Team Chemistry” for Rush & Del Rey’s successful tag in. Rush with another forearm in the corner, followed by a whip. Rush charges, but Leva moves out of the way and Rush lands on the ropes. Leva then with the Mario style underhand punches, followed by a kick to the chest to send Rush down to the mat. Then, both women charge and they collide in mid-air as they both were attempting crossbodies.

Del Rey & Danger get the tags in and for the 1st time, they square off in a SHIMMER ring. Danger with a trifecta of clotheslines, followed by an STO for a nearfall. Del Rey then reverses a corner whip and drills Danger with the Koppou Kick, but Leva breaks up the pin attempt. Del Rey throws Leva through the ropes and to the outside as she does a Queenly wave, but Danger fights back with forearms. Del Rey comes back with a hook kick, then starts to go off the ropes, but Rush tags herself in, much to the chagrin of Del Rey.

Rush then hits the Skyward Suplex (Olympic Slam) on Danger for the victory.

Winners: The Queens of Winning by pinfall (Skyward Suplex)

Rush wants to celebrate after the match, but Del Rey will have none of it. Bryce raises their hands in victory, but then Sara immediately walks off and heads to the back.

“The Latina Sensation” Mercedes Martinez vs. Hailey Hatred

Mercedes is known for her time in WSU, being their champion for 3 years (2009-2012). Hatred is from the Ohio area and has gained a big following for her work overseas in Japan.

Hailey backs Mercedes into the ropes and breaks clean to start things off. They go to a test of strength, then Mercedes with a knee to the gut, followed by a wristlock. Hailey counters into one of her own, then Mercedes spins out and single legs Hailey down into a leg lock. Hailey counters out into a cross armbreaker, but Mercedes gets her feet on the ropes to force a break. Hailey with a single leg, then Mercedes spins out and locks in a chinlock. Hailey breaks free and locks Mercedes in a leg lock. Mercedes then counters into a leg lock of her own. Hailey then gets out and goes to a headlock. Mercedes with a pinning predicament for a 1 count, but then Hailey keeps the hold applied. Mercedes with another single leg takedown and goes into her own headlock. Hailey counters into a headscissors, but Mercedes bridges out and nails Hailey with a right hand. Mercedes with a series of right hands and chest clubs, but Hailey reverses a whip and nails Mercedes with a chest club of her own. Hailey with a series of kicks to the legs of Mercedes to drop her down to her knees, then Hailey with a running dropkick to Mercedes for a nearfall. Hailey with a knee strike, but Mercedes breaks free of a suplex attempt. Mercedes tries for the Fisherman’s Buster, but Hailey drops to her knees to block it. Mercedes with a knee to the head, then hits a running boot to the side of the head for a nearfall.

Mercedes with a hard chop in the corner, followed by a series of forearms and finally a uppercut. Mercedes chokes Hailey in the corner, hits another chop, followed by some more forearms. However, Hailey spins Mercedes around and proceeds to deliver a series of chops of her own. Hailey with a corner whip, then follows Mercedes in and hits a leaping forearm, followed by a snapmare and finally a hard kick between the shoulderblades for a nearfall. Hailey with a suplex for a nearfall. Mercedes then with a poke to the eye, followed by a clothesline. Mercedes goes to the mount and delivers a series of right hands. Hailey bridges out of a pin attempt, but Mercedes with an overhand chest chop, then goes back to delivering more right hands. Hailey then spins Mercedes around and hits some right hands of her own. Mercedes bridges out of a pin attempt, then drops down to a knee to block a suplex from Hailey. Hailey with an inside cradle for a nearfall, but then Mercedes with a right hand, a front dropkick and finally a running double knee drop to Hailey. Mercedes sends Hailey into the corner and hits a series of shoulders to the ribs. Mercedes with a series of facewashes, but then Hailey catches Mercedes with a boot to the face for a nearfall. Hailey with a Northern Lights Suplex for a nearfall. Hailey locks Mercedes in a sleeper hold along with a body scissors, then lets go of the sleeper, but maintains the body scissors. Hailey then switches back to the cross armbreaker, but Mercedes is able to get to the ropes. Mercedes seems to be favoring her shoulder, which has been a well-documented injury of hers throughout her career.

Mercedes goes to the apron, but then Hailey just stomps right on the shoulder. Hailey does it again, then hits a knee strike to it. Mercedes rolls out to the outside to buy some time, then decides she’s had enough and heads to the back. Hailey shouts something to Mercedes, then Mercedes comes back, but breaks the referee’s count and then goes right to the back. Now, Hailey goes to the back after Mercedes and then brings Mercedes back to the ring. Mercedes tries to escape, but Hailey pulls her back in and gains a nearfall. Hailey with a series of open hand slaps and a kick to the leg, followed by a running lariat for a nearfall. Hailey places Mercedes on the turnbuckles, then goes up with her. Mercedes blocks Hailey’s super exploder suplex attempt, then tries for a Sunset flip powerbomb, but was not able to get all the way over and they both fall to the mat, with all of Hailey’s weight landing right on top of Mercedes.

Mercedes rolls out to the outside and clutches her shoulder in pain. Hailey goes out after her and brings her back in before gaining another nearfall. Hailey with a series of stomps and forearms in the corner, then places Mercedes back on the turnbuckles. Mercedes fights her off, followed by a boot and finally nails Hailey with a 2nd rope double foot stomp. Mercedes screams in pain, then tries to set up Hailey for the Fisherman’s Buster once again, but Hailey again blocks it. Hailey with a big roundhouse kick to the side of Mercedes’ head, followed by a deadlift German suplex for a close nearfall. Hailey setups Mercedes for a powerbomb, but Mercedes gets free and hits a Saito Suplex. Mercedes again tries for the Fisherman’s Buster, but Hailey gets free and hits a Saito Suplex of her own. Hailey goes for the Running Liger Bomb, but Mercedes counters into a Sunset flip, however Hailey rolls through it.

Finally, this time Mercedes is able to hit the Fisherman’s Buster on Hailey for the victory.

Winner: “The Latina Sensation” Mercedes Martinez by pinfall (Fisherman’s Buster)

Mercedes celebrates her win, while continuing to clutch her shoulder in pain as we go to the next match.

SHIMMER Tag Team Titles: Ray & Leon vs. Ayako Hamada & Ayumi Kurihara (c’s)

Ray & Leon are two well-known Japanese performers who made their name throughout many different Japanese promotions. Kurihara has appeared in SHIMMER for the last 2 years and also appeared on both of the ROH WrestleMania 27 shows in Atlanta last year. Hamada is known for her time in TNA, winning the Knockouts Tag Titles twice with Awesome Kong & Taylor Wilde.

Crowd chants for all 4 women at different points before the bell sounds, then all 4 shake hands until Ray & Leon attack the champs as the bell sounds. Stereo corner whips & a pair of stereo back elbows by the challengers. The challengers send the champs into one another, but the champs do a dosey-doe and hit stereo back elbows to the challengers. The champs send the challengers into one another, then the champs sandwich them with stereo dropkicks. Hamada with stomps to Ray, followed by a slam. The champs with a series of elbow drops to Ray, followed by a double elbow drop. The champs with a double whip, but Ray does a cartwheel to evade the champs and then the challengers hit the champs with stereo dropkicks, sending the champs to the outside. Leon with a baseball slide to the champs, then Ray with a slingshot plancha onto the champs on the outside. Back in the ring, Ray with a series of back clubs to Kurihara, then unloads with a series of chops while Leon keeps a hold of Kurihara. Ray moves Kurihara to another side of the ring and begins to unload with some more chest chops. Ray stomps away, then chokes Kurihara with her boot. Ray with a kick to the chest in the corner, followed by another chop. Ray with a corner whip, but Kurihara gets herself onto the 2nd rope, grabs onto Ray’s arm and pulls her back with a corner version of a cross armbreaker while in the ropes. Leon breaks it up with a sliding dropkick, then the challengers try for a double corner whip, but Ray counters and sends Leon to the corner, followed by Ray and then Hamada in and nails them with a spinning heel kick. Kurihara then charges while the challengers are slumped down in the corner and connects with double knees to them. Ray & Kurihara exchange chops until Ray gains advantage and backs Kurihara into the corner. Kurihara then counters a corner whip and slaps Ray hard in the face. Ray reverses a corner whip from Kurihara and connects with a handspring back elbow. Ray then with a running Sling Blade for a nearfall. Kurihara then counters a whip and goes to hook in a submission, but Leon with a stomp. Hamada now in and she hooks Leon in an Octopus.

Tag in to Hamada, who heads up top and hits a double sledge to the arm of Ray. Hamada with a trifecta of running Mafia kicks, then Ray blocks a 4th and hits a spinning back kick. Hamada then blocks a kick and slaps Ray in the face. Ray gets free of a suplex attempt by Hamada, ducks under a clothesline, cartwheels again to evade Hamada and hits a running rana. Ray heads up top and goes for her patented cartwheel dropkick, but Hamada moves out of the way. Hamada knocks Leon off the apron, then both her & Ray have the same idea as they drive each other’s heads into the mat and both are down. Ray with a series of kicks to the leg, but Hamada ducks under a spin kick and hits a spinning heel kick for a nearfall. Hamada then ducks under a right hand from Ray and drills her with a superkick. Hamada sets Ray in position for the moonsault, but Ray is able to move out of the way. Leon now in and goes after Kurihara, then Ray with a spin kick to Hamada for a nearfall. Ray measures Hamada, hops up onto her shoulders and hits a spinning rana with both legs hooked for a close nearfall. Tag to Leon, who underhooks Hamada, but Hamada blocks it, then counters with a backdrop. Leon gets right up and hits a forearm, then uses the ropes as a springboard and hits a version of the Acid Drop, followed by a front dropkick to the side of the head. Hamada then comes back with a DDT and goes off the ropes, but Leon follows her in and hits a running shoulder to the gut. Then, Ray heads up top and this time is able to connect with the cartwheel dropkick. Leon then heads up top, walks the ropes and hits a front missile dropkick. Hamada goes to the corner as Leon gets a head of steam and hits another running shoulder to the gut for a nearfall. Leon heads back up top and hits a missile dropkick, but Hamada kips right up. Hamada misses a clothesline and Leon leaps to the middle rope, but Kurihara stops her. Ray then goes after Hamada, but Hamada knocks her off the apron. Hamada then slams Leon off the ropes, followed by a running knee to the head, but Ray is able to break up the pin attempt. Hamada then with a sit-out powerbomb for a close nearfall. Tag to Kurihara, heads up top and hits Leon with a missile dropkick for a nearfall. Kurihara goes for the Urnangi, but Leon blocks it. Kurihara with a forearm, but then Leon catches her with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Leon hooks Kurihara in an over the shoulder style backbreaker submission, Hamada tries to break it up, but Ray in and she hooks Hamada in an Octopus style submission hold. Hamada is able to break free, then break up Leon’s submission hold on Kurihara.

Ray with a 619 to Kurihara, then Leon heads up top and hits a missile dropkick for a nearfall. Leon is getting frustrated as she & Kurihara begin to exchange forearms until Kurihara unloads with a flurry of forearms to Leon. Leon then with a tilt-a-whirl powerslam on Kurihara for another nearfall. Ray blocks Hamada form saving her partner as Leon heads up top, hits the Frog Splash, but Hamada is just able to break up the pin at the last second. Ray with a release German suplex to Hamada, then the challengers head up top on opposite ends of the ring. They go both for dives, but the champs are able to move out of the way. The champs then both head up top, but the challengers stop them from diving. Ray with a superplex to Hamada, but then Hamada dropkicks Leon in mid-air as Leon was looking for another missile dropkick. Kurihara then hits the Urnangi, but Ray is able to break it up. Hamada tries to hold back Ray as Kurihara waistlocks Leon, but Ray breaks free and hits Kurihara with her patented cartwheel powerbomb, followed by Leon charging and connecting with the Spear, but Kurihara is somehow able to kick out. Leon then drills Kurihara with a spin kick, but again Kurihara is somehow able to kick out. Ray blocks Hamada once more, then Leon goes for a Fisherman’s Suplex, but Kurihara is able to break free.

Hamada then breaks of Ray and drills Leon with a spinning heel kick, then Kurihara with an inside cradle to Leon for the victory.

Winners and STILL SHIMMER Tag Team Champions: Ayako Hamada & Ayumi Kurihara by pinfall (Inside Cradle)

The champs celebrate their win, then all 4 shake hands and the crowd gives Ray & Leon a nice ovation for their efforts.

Before the main event, we see video of the previously mentioned 1st meeting between Cheerleader Melissa & Jessie McKay on Volume 25 which saw Jessie put up a good effort before falling to the Kudo Driver of Melissa, who raised Jessie’s arm after the match in a sign of respect.

Main Event for the SHIMMER Title: Cheerleader Melissa (c) vs. “Everybody’s Favorite Girlfriend” Jessie McKay

McKay is from Australia and was trained by former SHIMMER champion, Madison Eagles. Melissa people most know from her work as both Raisha Saeed & Alissa Flash in TNA & in Ring Ka King. Melissa is the only person in SHIMMER’s history to have wrestled on every single SHIMMER volume.

McKay backs Melissa into the corner and breaks clean. Melissa then does the same and breaks clean also. Melissa with a waistlock takedown and goes into a front chancery. McKay counters into a wristlock, Melissa then spins out into her own wristlock, but then McKay counters herself and regains control. Melissa grabs a hold of the arm and takes McKay down, followed by dropping down to the mat to put torque on the arm. Melissa drops down again, then drives McKay’s arm into the mat. Melissa with an armbar, but McKay counters into a headscissors. Melissa kicks her off, then gains a 1 count. Melissa with a chinlock, then into a crucifix style roll-up for a nearfall before going back to the chinlock. McKay goes back to the wristlock, but Melissa with a single leg takedown, followed by a dragon screw leg whip. Melissa with another dragon screw, then stomps away on the back of McKay’s leg. Melissa with an elbow to the leg of McKay, then wraps up her leg in a leglock. Melissa with a shot to the leg, but McKay locks Melissa in a chinlock. Melissa fights out, then drives another elbow to the leg and goes back to the leglock. Melissa switches to a ground version of a surfboard, then lifts her up in the stretch to the corner, almost in a rocking horse position and then proceeds to send McKay’s head multiple times into the bottom turnbuckle. Melissa chokes McKay with her boot, then drives another elbow to the leg and gains a 1 count. Melissa pulls back on McKay’s arms as the crowd tries to will on McKay, who gets to her feet, but Melissa with a kick to the gut. Melissa with a forearm, but then McKay comes back with a spinning headscissors takeover off of a whip. McKay with a snapmare, followed by a charging basement double knee attack to Melissa for a nearfall. McKay with a front chancery, but Melissa counters into one of her own. McKay counters with a back heel trip into a pin attempt for a 1 count. McKay goes back to the front chancery while nailing Melissa with a series of back clubs. McKay gains a 1 count, then goes right back to the front chancery. McKay with a forearm, but then Melissa ducks under a clothesline attempt off of a whip and hits McKay with a spinning neckbreaker, followed by a running snap elbow drop for a nearfall. Melissa locks McKay in a reverse Figure 4, but McKay is able to crawl and reach the ropes to force a break. Melissa stomps away at McKay, then hits a forearm. McKay holds onto the ropes off of a whip attempt by Melissa, then pulls down the top rope when Melissa charge, causing Melissa to sail over the ropes and to the outside.

McKay heads out onto the apron, then leaps off and catches Melissa with a Thesz Press on the outside. McKay fires up, but Melissa fights back. However, McKay then reverses a whip and sends Melissa into the steel steps. McKay with a stomp, then sends Melissa headfirst off the apron. They trade blows on the outside, then Melissa whips McKay hard into the barricade. Melissa breaks the referee’s count, then goes for a suplex, but McKay counters and SUPLEXES MELISSA ON THE HARDWOOD FLOOR! McKay then breaks the referee’s count, then goes underneath the ring and pulls out a steel chair. The crowd boos at that as McKay goes to strike Melissa with the chair, but stops herself as she is having 2nd thoughts about going through with it. McKay then throws the chair, sends Melissa back in the ring and gains a nearfall. McKay is angry about the count, but then Melissa fights back with gut punches and lifts up McKay, but McKay breaks free and hits a kick to the ribs. Melissa then blocks another kick, takes McKay down and locks her in the Kondo Clutch. McKay is able to reach the ropes to force a break, then Melissa lifts up McKay for the Air Raid Crash, but McKay fights out and hits a series of right hands, but then Melissa catches her with a Samoan Drop for a close nearfall. Melissa with a hard corner whip, a leaping forearm and a series of gut shots. Melissa charges, but McKay nails her with the Schoolgirl Crush (Yakuza Kick). McKay charges and then hits a 2nd Schoolgirl Crush. McKay then lifts up Melissa and hits a Northern Lights Bomb, but Melissa’s foot nails referee Bryce Remsburg, who gets knocked down.

All of a sudden, Saraya Knight comes through the crowd and throws in a steel chain to McKay, motioning to her that she had better use it. Saraya then leaves right back through the crowd to avoid being seen by the referee as McKay picks up the chain and acts like she is going to strike Melissa with it. However once again, McKay is conflicted with herself about doing it because she is about doing what’s right. She eventually throws away the chain and goes to lift up Melissa for the Boyfriend Stealer (Sit-Out Spinebuster), but Melissa counters with a unique roll-up for a nearfall. Melissa then with a charging roll-up for another nearfall. McKay comes back with a clothesline, fires herself up, then goes again for the Boyfriend Stealer, but Melissa again counters out.

Melissa then lifts up McKay and hits the Air Raid Crash to retain the title.

Winner and STILL SHIMMER Champion: Cheerleader Melissa by pinfall (Air Raid Crash)

Right after the match ends, Saraya Knight comes back through the crowd and attacks Melissa. The fight is on as both women lay into one another, trading blows as a numerous amount of referees, ring attendants and male wrestlers hit the ring to break these two up. They get them separated, but not for long, as they break free and go after each other once again. Melissa & Saraya are then finally separated once again as it appears that their battle, 4 years in the making, is imminent as we close out SHIMMER Volume 47.

Hope you all enjoyed the recap of SHIMMER Volume 47. I will be back later on this week with a recap of SHIMMER Volume 48, featuring the main event as Saraya Knight challenges Cheerleader Melissa for the SHIMMER Title as their 4-year rivalry finally comes to a head.

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SHIMMER Volume 47 DVD Review