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WSU returned this past Saturday to present two matches for our upcoming “On The Road: Fall 2009” DVD at NWS’s 11/14 event in Basking Ridge, NJ. WSU brought two championship matches to the table, and at the end of the night, both champions were able to retain their titles.

In the first WSU bout of the evening, WSU Spirit Champion Brittney Savage made her first title defense as champion. The match was no walk in the park, as Savage was forced to defend against her former WSU Tag Team Champion partner, the former 2-time WSU World Champion, Alicia.

After turning on Alicia on 10/3 in what was a despicable display, in an event that saw Savage attempt to “American History X” curbstomp Alicia with a steel chair, Savage has turned into a new person. Shedding her former “Brooke Carter” persona, Savage has gone under her real name and has taken up a violent mean streak. WSU management and WSU fans have realized that ever since Savage took several falls in her tag matches with Alicia, Savage has shown a bit of jealousy to her former tag partner. That jealously led to a blind rage, when Savage ditched Alicia and tried to end her comeback.
Not wanting to wait, Alicia asked for a match with Savage right away, before Savage won the WSU Spirit Championship on 10/10. WSU officials hurried to put this match together in the interest of our fans. After waiting for nearly a month, Alicia got her first crack at Savage on 11/14.

In a match that started off fast in the ring, the wrestling was quickly thrown out of the window, as Alicia charged Savage with all her might and smashed Savage to the floor with a running body blow. Savage went flying to the floor like a rag doll. Savage was quick to hold her knee and it appeared Savage was injured. NWS officials and referees went to check on Savage. Alicia, not sure to trust Savage, initially looked skeptical, but the skepticism turned into legit concern when Savage came up limping.

Alicia, not wanting to win the championship because of an in jury, helped Savage with the NWS officials and started to bring Savage to the back for medical attention. However, before they could get to the curtain, Savage quickly snapped and used Alicia’s concern against her, tossing Alicia into the concrete floor. Savage then jumped up and started dancing like a rockette, spitting into the faces of the concerned fans.

Savage continued her assault on the former 2-time WSU champion. Alicia, competing in her first singles match since her comeback in June, did not have the conditioning that the champion had. Savage quickly stomped away at Alicia and made sure Alicia had no time to breathe.

However, Savage’s dominance would be short-lived, as Alicia fought valiantly back, like the true champion she is. As Alicia was setting up Savage for her finisher, Savage quickly bailed out and grabbed her WSU Spirit Championship. Alicia was confused as Savage started heading to the back. The referee started to count Savage out and would not Alicia pursue chase.

Savage started counting along with the referee and it looked like Savage’s “Plan B” to retain the WSU Spirit Championship for the night would work. As the ref counted to 10, Savage had a grin in her face. She outsmarted Alicia and WSU fans and kept her championship for another night, as WSU Championships can not change hands on count-outs or disqualifications.

Alicia was beyond furious with the decision and Savage’s unwillingness to give Alicia a real match. Alicia won the match by count-out, but Savage won the mind-game battle.

With the fans booing Savage for her cowardly actions, NWS commissioner Gino Moore, making it known that he has jurisdiction of WSU matches on NWS events said this match was a farce. Gino ruled that Savage may have kept her championship tonight, but it might not be for long, as Gino booked an immediate rematch between Savage & Alicia for next week in Ridgefield Park, NJ. As a result of Gino’s ruling, a new match was made for 11/21 at the Ridgefield Park Knights of Col umbus, located at 106 Bergen Ave. in Ridgefield Park, NJ. That match is:

For the WSU Spirit Championship
In a No-Count Out Match
* If Savage Loses by Count Out, the Championship will Change Hands!
(c) WSU Spirit Champion Brittney Savage vs Alicia

Savage was enraged when hearing Gino’s announcement and Alicia had a smile from ear to ear. This war between former partners is just starting to begin and if 11/14 is any indication, expect a wild and crazy fight between these former tag team champions.

In the other match of the evening, perhaps the best womens wrestler in all of the world today, WSU World Champion Mercedes Martinez turned back another difficult challenge, as she defeated former TNA Knockout Champion Angelina Love.

Angelina Love, who many regarded as one of the best women wrestlers on the national stage before her TNA release, came to this match more beautiful and more determined than ever before. Love quickly showed no respect for the champ or the fans in the crowd and Martinez wanted to prove to the world that she will take on all challengers.

In an excellent near 15 minute bout, Martinez was able to put away Love after her patented fisherman suplex driver/brainbuster. Martinez, who is battling several nagging injuries, told WSUWrestling.com after the match that “Love was a tough opponent tonight. She deserves to be on anyone’s TV, but when you’re in the WSU ring with me, you’re in the ring with the very best. I don’t care that I need surgery right now. All that matters to me is the WSU World Championship. I have more on my plate than ever before with the WSU Tag Team Championships with Angel Orsini, but you have my word I will never lose my focus as WSU World Champion. I will be my very best on 12/12 when I finally get my hands on Rain. Rain better bring hers, because if Rain didn’t put me away on 10/3, she sure as hell won’t put me down now. I will never forget what you did to me Rain and when I see you on 12/12, all I will be thinking about is ho w you tried ending my career on 10/3. If you’re lucky, you’ll still have your career after 12/12.”


WSU will return with another full blown event on 12/12. Here is the details on that event:

http://www.declarationofindependents.ne … rdec09.jpg

Women Superstars Uncensored Press Release
WSU Announces Holiday Special Show on 12/12 Featuring Mercedes Martinez vs Rain For the WSU World Title, Former WWE Womens Champion Jazz vs Angel Orsini, Former ECW/TNA Knockout Shelley Martinez, TNA Star So Cal Val & Much More

WHAT: Women Superstars Uncensored Returns on December 12th
WHEN: Saturday, December 12th, 2009
WHERE: Flemington’s American Legion Hall
Address: 41 Rt. 31 South, Flemington, NJ
Ticket Information: $18 at the door (If any tickets remain) or $15 in advance
WSU fans looking to order tickets in advance, please contact BULLSMC@aol.com for complete information on a special discount
***This venue is a guaranteed sell-out. Make sure to order your tickets in advance!***
Website Info: WSUWrestling.com
Contact Info: BULLSMC@aol.com or Call 732 888 1704

WSU, the company that provides more women wrestling shows than any other company today, will return with one more event in 2009. On December 12th, WSU will be teaming up with our big brother promotion, the NWS to present a combined show, which will feature at least 6 huge women matches plus only the entertainment that WSU can provide. NWS will also be presenting several men matches at the event, featuring the likes of former WWE IC & Tag Team Champion, “El Matador” Tito Santana. All WSU talent & NWS talent will be made available for autographs/photos prior to the show & during intermission.

WSU has announced five big matches already. They are:

For the WSU World Championship
(c) Mercedes Martinez vs Rain
* Note: If Martinez loses the championship during her busy schedule before 12/12, this will be a triple threat match with the current champion

Special Challenge Match
Former WWE Womens Champion Jazz vs Former WSU World Champion Angel Orsini

Former TNA Knockout Nikki Roxx vs The Definition of Technician Cindy Rogers

Tag Team Grudge Match
Jana & WSU Spirit Champion Brittney Savage w/Rick Cataldo vs Latasha & Alicia

The Undefeated Amber O’Neal vs Japan’s Own Sumie Sakai

More matches will be taking place. Also appearing on the event are SHELLEY MARTINEZ, SO CAL VAL, JENNIFER CRUZ, DESTINY & much, much more!


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