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Traditional Championship Wrestling TV episode 12-48
Taped October 20, 2012 at the Center at Bishop Park in Bryant, Arkansas
Uploaded to YouTube on December 3, 2012
Hosts:Brandon Baxter, Brian Thompson
Ring announcer:Tom Simon
Interviewer:Ken Resnick
Referees:Mark Wilson, Rashard Devon, 1 unnamed referee

For those who have not heard of TCW, it is an independent promotion based in Little Rock, Arkansas. They run shows in Arkansas, Missouri and Tennessee. The company was founded in 2009/2010 and is owned by Brian Thompson who is the on-air heel color commentator. In a segment aired on TV in September 2012, Thompson was stripped of his on-air power by TCW board of Directors representative Dexter Hardaway. Brandon Baxter is a former wrestler who started as a teenage timekeeper in World Class and USWA Dallas. He moved on to being a heel manager in USWA Memphis and Power Pro Wrestling in the 1990s.. He was also a face announcer in the short-lived “Jerry Lawler’s Memphis Wrestling”. Besides taking over the TCW hosting duties from the departing former WCW announcer Chris Cruise, Baxter is a radio DJ on KIYS-FM 101.7 and KFIN-FM 107.9, both in Jonesboro, Arkansas. Ring announcer Tom Simon was TCW’s head referee before being falsely accused by Thompson of taking bribes from face wrestlers.

-This week’s show starts with a recap of episode 12-46 with Alucard defeating Sigmon, Greg King defeating Prince Al Farat and Chris Adonis(formerly Chris Masters) debuting and nearly winning the TCW heavyweight title from “King” Shane Williams after he and Tim Storm interrupted the coronation.
-Brandon and Brian tell us that we’ll hear from Scott Steiner and the TCW Junior Heavyweight champion Kincaid is in action this week.
-Ken Resnick interviews John Saxon, who comes in with notes in his hand. Saxon refers to himself as a “knucklehead”.
-MATCH 1:Bolt Brady(Hoover Dam, “30,000 kilowatts”) vs John Saxon(New Orleans, LA, 218 lbs.) Saxon and Steve Anthony form the babyface New Orleans Fight Club tag team. The unnamed referee is officiating this match. After telling the fans to keep quiet so he can concentrate, Bolt is “nearly decapitated” by a clothesline from Saxon, a 20-year veteran wrestler. Saxon hits a legdrop for a count of 2. Brandon said he saw an entire case of energy drinks backstage and thought they were Bolt’s. A backbreaker from Bolt leads to several near-falls. Bolt chokes Saxon with his foot, but Saxon comes back with a hammerlock DDT for a 3-count. WINNER:John Saxon by pinfall(9:02 shown[there was a commercial break during the match]).
-A company called Big River Materials paid for closed captioning for the show. The company’s slogan is “Go Big or Go Home”.
-Ken Resnick interviews “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner, who debuts in the TCW ring next week. Scott says he’ll be everyone’s reality check.
-MATCH 2:”Action Jackson” Jon Omari(Hollywood, CA, 201 lbs.) vs Lars(St. Paul, MN, 242 lbs.) Lars has a law degree and can deadlift 700 lbs.(so says Brandon Baxter). The referee is Rashard Devon, a former Memphis Wrestling referee and heel manager. According to Baxter, Omari had an entourage backstage. Omari tried pinning Lars too close to the ropes. Omari locks an armbar on Lars as we head to commercial. When we return, Lars starts a comeback. Lars connects with a huge clothesline. Lars sends Omari back-first into the corner. Lars hits a chokeslam for a near-fall. Lars gets a victory after the “Fillibuster” WINNER:Lars by pinfall(6:10 shown)
-Ken Resnick interview Boyd Bradford, who says that after being pinned in the Bradford Family’s tag team match loss to Moe Stegall and Greg King a few weeks back, Jon Michael was kicked out of the “family”. Ken asks to interview Junior Heavyweight Champion Kincaid. Bradford says “No”. Kincaid has a 2 out of 3 falls title defense next.
-MATCH 3(TV MAIN EVENT, 2 out of 3 falls for the TCW Junior Heavyweight Championship):Sigmon(Knoxville, TN, 201 lbs.) vs Kincaid(C, 211 lbs,[with Boyd Bradford]) Mark Wilson is our referee for this title match. Bradford uses a 1920’s mobster gimmick. The first fall starts with a bit of great technical wrestling.. The competitive first fall ends with Kincaid pinning Sigmon after a double stomp to the back while Sigmon was in a 619 position in the ropes. The move caused both wrestlers to land on the floor before going back in the ring for the pinfall.(first fall time-4:01) In the second fall, Kincaid uses his feet to choke Sigmon in the ropes. After, bradford gets involved, Kincaid chokes Sigmon in the corner. Sigmon kicks out of a bridge pin attempt and mounts a comeback until Kincaid hits a jawbreaker. Sigmon wins the second fall to tie up the match after a belly-to-back suplex on the ring apron.(total time so far-7:27) We are a few seconds into fall number 3 as we go to the last commercial break of the show. Kincaid slings Sigmon’s throat up to the bottom rope. Sigmon with a sit-out powerbomb. Sigmon goes up for a top-rope headbutt as Bradford slides the title belt to Kincaid, who puts it on his chest and Sigmon head-butts the belt. Kincaid scores the match-winning pinfall and sujccessfully retains the title.(Total time shown-11:39)
-Brandon and Brian close the show by telling us that next week, we’ll see Scott Steiner’s TCW in-ring debut and Ricky Morton and Dustin Heritage defend the TCW Tag Team Championship vs two-thirds of The Empire. We then see highlights of this week’s show,

TCW will have its next big event this Saturday night with Holiday Homecoming 2 at the Marvin Vinson Center in Clarksville, Arkansas with a local bell time of 6:30PM CT.

In the main event, WWE legend “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan continues his long feud with Prince Al Farat(with manager Ken Kelly) in a battle for American pride. We’ll also see a Title vs Hair match as “King” Shane Williams defends the TCW Heavyweight Title vs the hair of Dustin Heritage. Kincaid(with Boyd Bradford) defends the Junior Heavyweight title against 18-year-old rookie phenom Barrett Brown, Lance Hoyt makes his TCW debut vs Boyd Bradford’s 7’2″ monster Titan the winners of the TCW Tag Team Title match airing next week will defend the title, plus “Beautiful” Bobby Eaton, Lars, Tim Storm, The Bradford Family and more. This is set to be a 12-match TV taping, so Brandon Baxter, Brian Thompson and Ken Resnick will be there.