CZW Cage of Death XIV Internet PPV
December 8, 2012
Voorhees, New Jersey

1. Ultraviolent Insanity for the CZW Tag Team Titles: The Nation of Intoxication (Danny Havoc, Devon Moore & Lucky thurTEEN) defeated Four Loco (c’s)(Alex Colon, Azireal & Bandido Jr.) w/Chrissy Rivera to win the titles after thurTEEN retrieved the belts that were hanging over the ring.

– During the match, ladders, tables, chairs, a rope swing and a scaffold structure were used.

– Also, Chrissy Rivera was taken out after Devon Moore hit a Michinoku Driver on her off the scaffolding thru a table.

2. Rich Swann defeated Shane Strickland with a Package Piledriver thru a chair, followed by the Standing 450 Splash.

– After the match, the two shook hands as Strickland finally earned Swann’s respect.

3. Greg & Momma Excellent defeated Drew Gulak & Kimber Lee w/The Gulak Campaign for a better Combat Zone by submission when they locked both Gulak & Lee in Gulak’s own Gu-Lock (Dragon Sleeper)

– Afterwards, Colt Cabana came out and challenged Excellent to a match at the CZW Wrestlecon event on April 5th.

4. CZW Rules Match: Adam Cole defeated Sami Callihan with an inside cradle.

– During the match, chairs, trash cans, ladders and yes folks, a bag full of s**t were used, including when Cole was powerbombed by Callihan onto the pile of s**t.

– New Jack came out and cut a promo putting over CZW and the Gangstas match with BLK OUT at Extreme Rising on December 29th.

5. The match between Ohio is Four Killers and BLK OUT went to a no-contest after all hell broke loose when BLK Jeez spit on Nevaeh, the manager of OI4K and the wife of Jake Crist.

– A near riot then ensued with BLK OUT, 0I4K that involved numerous security and commissioner Maven Bentley.

6. CZW Wired TV Title: AR Fox (c) defeated Robert Anthony, returning to CZW, with the Lo-Mein Pain.

– Afterwards, the crowd gave both guys a standing ovation.

7. CZW World Title: MASADA (c) defeated Drake Younger with a steel chair shot to the head, followed by an inside cradle to retain the title.

– After the match, Joe Gacy & Christina Von Eerie came out and attacked MASADA, with Gacy locking MASADA in a hold and Von Eerie kissing him. Then, when MASADA spit in her face, Von Eerie got out MASADA’s own barbecue skewers and stuck them in his head. Von Eerie then hit a DDT on MASADA, followed by a Gacy piledriver with the skewers still stuck in MASADA’s head.

– MASADA was then helped to the back.

8. Main Event inside the Cage of Death: Matt Tremont defeated D.J. Hyde after hitting a Death Valley Driver off the top of the cage thru 3 panes of glass and the wooden structure that was set up on the outside.

– The cage had 4 sides that were wrapped in barbed wire, with 2 panes of glass also on each side. On the outside was the said 3 levels of glass and wooden structure, chairs set up with a barbed wire board and a pane of glass on top of it and a platform adjacent to the ring and barricade.

– Hyde was stretchered out after the match.

– Tremont then thanked the fans for making CZW what it is to close the show.