Justin Watry sent this recap in.

Kevin Matthews was recently interviewed by Justin Watry of NODQ.com covering multiple topics. From his time training with Bill DeMott to the infamous ‘stink face’ picture he posted on Twitter to ROH closing shop in the next two years, it is all discussed. For more information, follow @2CockyKM, @JustinWatry, and @nodqdotcom on Twitter!

Here are a few highlights:

JW: What is the endgame for you? Is it getting Bill fired from WWE? Is it for publicity? Is it to expose his actions? How will this situation satisfy you?

KM: The end game is justice being served. What I mean by that is I want jutice to all the careers he went above and beyond to ruin for his sick pleasure, not just mine but the 2 dozen or so guys and girls from 05-07 and especially the 25 talents who are currently injured under his training in NXT. Everyone in NXT is “job scared,” so they won’t speak up, I know the feeling. I was in that exact same spot 6 years ago with 30 others…it SUCKS! You know what’s going on IS wrong and criminal, BUT if you speak up, you basically WILL lose your dream job. So if I (who knows everything going on right now) CAN speak up for those who can’t and I CAN make a difference and potentially save dozens of young kids careers, then abso-freakin-lutely I’m going to do that! What’s going on down there under DeMott is nothing short of criminal. Like I first said, I WILL stop when justice is served for everyone!

JW: In your wrestling career, is signing back with WWE an option? Are you hoping to head to TNA or ROH? What does your future hold?

KM: ROH is a sinking ship that tried to snake our building from underneathe us and bombed BADLY. I have zero respect for them and look forward to them closing shop in the next 2 years. If ROH gave me a contract, I would put it in my ferret’s cage, so she can shit on it. TNA also no longer interest me nowadays. Japan can be something I would be interested in. Other then tha,t who knows? I have nothing but respect for WWE, just less then none for DeMott.