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Invasion II (Philadelphia) Results

A nice size crowd of close to 200 turned out.

The show opened up with Amadeus coming out to the ring with his new Business advisor Vinny the Guido. Vinny had some derogatory remarks for the Philly crowd. Especially about the Phillies losing to the Yankees.

The real reason they were out, Amadeus announced to the crowd that he is the new DWF Commissioner. According to him he will handpick his opponent to defend the Loco Championship against. This brought out the Loco commissioner Jose Rivera.

Jose informed the crowd that Amadeus was just named the Captain Krunch spokesman. Also that Jose will be picking Amadeus’s opponent for later in the evening.

Amadeus and Vinny then attacked Jose. We will all find out later who he will be facing when he defends the Loco championship.

The first match Corky vs. Jim Beam. A good match with action in and out of the ring. Corky caught Jim Beam with a quick pin but Jim then ripped the head off of Corky’s Teddy Bear. Something tells me that this is not over between the two of them.

The next match The good ole boys really put it to a couple of newcomers. Chris Ansert and John Nonimus. The chops could be heard all over the building.

The next match The Latin Connection got their shot against Bad Karma for the tag titles. This match was a war between two good tag teams. They battled all over the place. In the end The Latin Connection got the pin. It was then announced that since this was a Loco show.. The Loco belts were the only ones up for grabs. So The Latin Connection are the Loco tag champs and Bad Karma are the DWF tag champs. Both teams have the Good ole boys breathing down their necks.

After Intermission…

The second half of the show opened up with the over 7 foot tall Southern Justice, the Loco Hardcore champion. He came out to the ring with Doc Diamond and grabbed the mic. He talked about seeing in the paper that a Loco Hardcore Icon was appearing somewhere.. It wasn’t him though it was Damien Pain. A challenge was issued and accepted.

Damien Pain came out to the ring to face Southern Justice and was quickly tossed around the ring. A few cane shots and a chair shot later, Southern Justice proved he was more hardcore.

The next match was for the Loco Cruiserweight belt. Victor Cohones v Jesse Logan in a 2 out of 3 falls match. Victor and Jesse opened up the match at a fast pace both getting shots in. From the back The Southern Enforcer came out to ringside along with him Southern Justice. These two can surround the ring all by themselves. This clearly distracted Victor but he was still able to get the first fall. Shortly after that however, a distracted Victor was caught off guard and Jesse got the second fall. The rest of the Latin Connection came out at that point and battled with The Good ole boys. Then Victor took control of the match and got the third fall.

This brings us to the main event of the evening. Earlier Jose Rivera had said that he would announce Amadeus’s opponent later..Now its later. Father Primus is announced. Amadeus is seen laughing in the ring. By the way the match went, Amadeus did not take him too seriously. Father Primus had some moments in the match where Amadeus looked like he was in trouble. However in the end Amadeus pinned Father Primus.

The Jose Rivera came out and said you are not done yet. They then announced his next opponent. Former Loco Champion Downtown Raphael. This was a brutal match. Downtown’s chops are legendary and Amadeus felt every one of them. By the time this match was over the crowd was on their feet. They made the announcement Winner and NEW Loco Heavyweight Champion Downtown Raphael! The roof blew off of the building.

While the fans were starting to leave, Jose Rivera again grabbed the mic and called Downtown back to the ring. He congratulated Downtown for his win but said he had to strip him of the belt. At that point I wasn’t sure if Jose was going to make it out of that building. He explained himself well though. A new Loco Heavyweight belt was brought out and handed to Downtown Raphael.

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