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ETW Coronation News & Notes – March 16th, 2013, 6:30pm – Waterbury Boys and Girls Club, Waterbury, CT

– Word on the streets is that “Royalty” William King has been enlisting the assistance of top boxing experts for his Tournament Semifinal match with CHIKARA Pro vet Dasher Hatfield. How will this affect King’s already-formidable fists? Will this turn the King/Hatfield contest into more of a striking affair? Hatfield is known to be quite the pugilist himself.

– Andy Sweet and TJ Marconi have sent word to ETW Officials that they are to be known as The Devils In Disguise, and that for the first time ever, the savages will be the ones receiving the savage beatdown. Will Jaka or Tapu respond? Or will these flaring tempers only lead to more fists flying when “Coronation” day comes to Waterbury?

– Chris Dickinson has gone on record saying that each and every referee in the building on March 16th had better be at their best, or else they too will be victimized by “The Official’s Official.” Is anyone safe from the whirlwind of violence and collateral damage that Chris Dickinson brings to the table? Will Tyrese O’Neil be able to win one for his hometown and silence the stone cold juggernaut?

– Don’t sleep on the pre-show battle royal. Some of the wrestlers who have entered themselves into the battle royal are not wrestling on the main card, yet could be main eventing the next ETW show against the eventual champion.

Extremely Talented Wrestling presents “Coronation” – Event Card
ETW Championship Finals!
[Winner of The Mac vs. LJ Rebel]
[Winner of J-Busta vs Dan Barry]
[Winner of Chris Dickinson vs Tyrese O’Neil]
[Winner of Dasher Hatfield vs William King]

ETW Championship Semifinal!
“The One Man Party Starter” The Mac
LJ Rebel

ETW Championship Semifinal!
“The Platinum Playboy” J-Busta
Dan Barry

ETW Championship Semifinal!
Chris Dickinson
Tyrese O’Neil

ETW Championship Semifinal!
“The Old Timey King Of Swing” Dasher Hatfield
“Royalty” William King

Gotham City Street Fight!
“The Modern Day Superhero” Shane Marvel
“The White Delight” Scotty Wild

Tag Team Warfare!
Jaka & Tapu
The Devils In Disguise (Andy Sweet & TJ Marconi)

Non-Tournament Singles Action!
“The Concept” Johnny Miyagi
“Dirt Dawg” Jeremy Leary

Brotherly Brutality! – Relaxed Rules
“The Red Lion” Chris Battle
“The Battletank” Anthony Battle

Four Way Tag Team Fray!
Ian Griffin and Isaiah Rex
The Ninja Rap Warriors (Viper The American Ninja and Steve “The Turtle” Weiner)
Rican Havoc (Don Vega and Jose Perez)
The Maine State Posse (Jivin’ Jimmy Capone and “The Lightning Kid” Frankie Flash)

Special 6:30 Start Time!
Pre-Show Battle Royal
Winner will get first shot at the first crowned ETW champion in the main event of the next show.

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WinterBash 2012
This Thursday Dec. 13th
Tremont Music Hall
Charlotte, NC
Doors open 7:00pm
Bell Time 7:30pm
Tickets :
Presales $8 and $10 at door.
Kids 12 and under free.
Get Tickets at:


-Chris Hamrick VS Wicked for #1 contended for XWW championship.

-D’arcy Dixon VS Alexis Parrsish Falls Count Anywhere for XWW womens Championship.

-The Just Us League VS Garret& K.O. for XWW tag titles.

Ladder Match for 100% ownership of XWW.
-Manny Mac VS Former WCW/NWA star Stro “The Maestro of Wrestling”

-The Barbarian VS Big Country VS Sweet Dreamz for XWW heavyweight championship.

-Belton Creedmore VS Necro Butcher for XWW Hardcore title

-Reid Flair VS Kwest VS Eric Adamz VS TNA’s Gunner Civil War for XWW U.S. Championship.

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