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PRIME Wrestling TV #171: Handicapped Handguns vs. Sons of Michigan

Airdate: December 23, 2012

Watch online here:

#1 Tag Team Title Contender’s Match
The physical & psychological dominance The Sons of had on Zach & Greg have been absolutely sickening. First, N8 successfully manipulated Zach into thinking Greg was out to steal Zach’s glory & spotlight, culmination in a most unique Gowen vs. Iron match at Wrestlelution 5. After re-earning Zach’s respect in the bout, Greg helped Zach shed the brainwashing and go back to inspiring and spreading a message of hope… that is, until N8 assaulted Gowen with Zach’s own cane after a live event in Michigan, capturing the footage on video to brag to the world about. With Zach fully healed, and Greg in desperate need of an ally to fight this war with, the newly-christened “Handicapped Handguns” return with revenge on their mind and a future Tag Title shot among their goals. Can the HHG shed the stigma of the Sons or can N8 & Boone continue to keep Zach & Greg down and pursue their own shot at championship gold?

On the most recent episode of PRIME TV, we saw Bane defeat chief Megalomaniac Marion Fontaine, serving a much-needed dish of humble pie to the power-drunk faction. However, reports stated a scary incident was witnessed after that event, involving a parking lot assault that many blame the Megalomaniacs on. We understand one of our cameras captured part of the incident and we’ll show it to you this week! Plus, we’ll get comments from the Megalomaniacs on what their involvement may have been. We have no medical update on Bane at this time, but we will attempt to get to the bottom of this investigation this Sunday!

Comments from PRIME Champion JOHNNY GARGANO
After a number of weeks touring Japan and facing the best competition that country has to offer, Gargano returns home with stern words for Krimson & The Dead Wrestling Society. The DWS has made Gargano & his PRIME Championship a target ever since the start of the season. Word has it Gargano has personally requested the return of Krimson, who was sent home following the three-on-one assault against Rhino a couple of months back. What will Gargano say about the Pressure Rising between he and “The Embodiment of Evil”.

Two of PRIME’s most athletic individuals will do battle in a match-up pivotal to the future championship rankings. Gory has begun targeting the biggest & best PRIME wrestlers & has only grown more bloodthirsty in the process. Lyndon has been on a roll all his own, taking then-PRIME Champion Jimmy Jacobs to his limit and also pinning Krimson earlier this year. Which of these hungry young lions will emerge victorious?

PLUS: We’ll be joined by Nicki Valentino, Bobby Shields, and newcomer “The Ballistic Missile” Jay Flash will be in action!

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NWA Smoky Mountain
Christmas Chaos Results
December 25, 2012
National Guard Armory
Rogersville, TN
1. “Mr. E-Lit-Tricity” Billy Lit defeated “Wonder Boy” Elliot Russell

2. The Fallen (Big Daddy Freddie & Shane Daniels) w/ Travis Dykes defeated Josh Crawford & Daniel Mulligan

3. NWA Smoky Mountain Champion, Jason Kincaid defeated Alyx Winters

4. Daniel Mulligan defeated Michael Creed

5. Air America (Skylar Kruze & Gavin Darring) defeated the NWA Tennessee Tag Team Champions, The Illuminati (Chris Richards & Tony Givens) by disqualification when Richards pulled the referee out of the ring as Givens was being pinned.

6. NWA World Junior Heavyweight Champion, Chase Owens defeated Johnny Knieval in a grueling 40+ minute classic
— During the Match, Owens accidently hit Knieval’s tag partner, Josh Crawford at ringside… Shortly there after, Crawford tried to come into the ring after Owens, but was stopped by the referee. At the same time Knieval hit Owens with his Kill Shot finisher. The referee, trying to get Crawford out of the ring, missed Knieval’s pinfall attempt… Knieval and Crawford had a interesting conversation in the locker room about the situation. We will have footage of that conversation this Saturday on NWA Smoky Mountain TV.

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Home of the Millennium Wrestling Federation – It’s On!!
Wednesday, December 26th, 2012

Proud to be named 2011 & 2012 Special Olympics Partners – thank you!

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Live Wrestling – Autograph / Photo Fanfest – Charity Auctions & Raffles & more!
This Saturday, December 29th, 2012
Everett Rec Center – 47 Elm St. – Everett, MA
— VIP Packages & Tickets are on-sale online through tonight! Take advantage of the savings!
— Remaining floor and general admission tickets will be on-sale in Everett Saturday afternoon!

featured superstars

THE BOOGEYMAN – fresh off his WWE appearance at the Slammy’s!

ROAD TO THE GOLD Competition
— 12 athletes will compete in six singles matches
— The six winners advance to a sudden death 6-Pack Challenge
— The winner earns the main event spot at SOUL SURVIVOR IX
Frankie Arion
Slyck Wagner Brown
“Die Hard” Eddie Edwards
MWF TV Champion “Straight Edge” Brian Fury
Todd Hanson
“Exeuctioner” Brian Milonas
“Demon” Luis Ortiz
“Superstar of Sin” Scott Reed
Julian Starr
the debut of Rich Swann
Matt Taven


* WrestleMania 27 Classic Combo *
Autographed Triple H entrance photo & Undertaker autographed plaque with piece of the ring rope!
— Check out the event page for a complete list of of awesome charity auction & raffle items!

Interviews with “Demon” Luis Ortiz, Slyck Wagner Brown & Julian Starr on Saturday night; a Rich Swann montage on his debut; “Stalker” Dylan Kage’s Christmas chaos; the ROAD TO THE GOLD Countdown program; both December MWF TV’s & more all on the front page!

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