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Plymouth NH
Plymouth Seniors Center
Ticket info will be coming soon (I promise)

Smallcost Promotions has come to terms with 8 of the finest athletes in the U.S. to bring you The Iron Girls Tournament. This 8 athlete tournament will be a single elimination tournament pitting 8 of the best athletes from all over the United States.

1: Nikki Roxx: Nikki Roxx has made headlines for the past few years as a member of TNA. She is also a veteran of Mexico and Shimmer, as well as countless other promotions around the country. While she may be the odds on favorite to win the Iron Girls Tournament, she will have a long road ahead of her on Nov 21st.

#2 Milaia Hosaka: One of the last “Journey women” in professional wrestling, Milaia is the veteran of the Iron Girls Tournament. With her partner Lexie Fyfe, Milaia has become a force on the Shimmer Roster. She also boasts a very impressive singles record, and she will try to use her vast experience to win The Iron Girls Tournament.

#3: Mistress Belmont: If it came down to mind games, we wouldn’t need to have a tournament because Belmont would win. With her freakish strength and power, Mistress Belmont has become one of the top athletes in New England. Now under the tuteladge of Bruiser Costa, Mistress Bellmont has all of the tools to become the Iron Girl

#4: Tealer: A crowd favorite, Tealer has a huge following among the college students in Plymouth NH. She will need their support in this tournament. Tealer, while not the most experienced, is the most explosive in the tournament. With youth and the fans on her side, Tealer wants to win this tournament and get another notch in her already growing belt.

#5: Adriana: The “Dark Horse” of the tournament. Adriana mixes technical wrestling with speed to wow her opponents. Having competed all over New England, Adriana could quite possibly be the person to bet on. When asked what she thought of the Iron Girls Tournament, Adriana quickly responded “Iron, pssshhhh, I’m made of Steel”

#6: Barbie: Don’t let the name fool you, Barbie is one tough athlete. Having grown up in the streets of New York, Barbie used to have to fight for her meals in order to survive. Boasting one of the best records in womens wrestling, she doesn’t do it but straight up wrestling. She likens her style to more of a fight, and uses her tough up-bringing to win her matches.

#7: Sara Blackmore: Sara is a student of Maverick Wild, and that alone should tell you something about her. This young lady will do anything within the rules to win a match. The strongest point for Sara is her heart and “Never say die” attitude. Sara, while not being the most experienced, may in fact be pound for pound the toughest.

#8: The Mystery Girl: New details are coming in about “The Mystery Girl”. We actually know who “The Mystery Girl” is, but due to contractual litigations (ie: this company wants way too much money to advertise the name) we can not and will not reveal who the “Mystery Girl” is until Nov 21st. We will say this. This athlete’s resume speaks for itself. This person is a Mainstay on the Shimmer Roster, and has also worked for Ring of Honor and TNA numerous times.

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