NASHVILLE – For more than 30 years, “Dirty” Dutch Mantell has entertained fans around the world both in the ring as a competitor and out of the ring as a creative force in professional wrestling.

Now, the wrestling world will get a chance to tap into the mind of the legend with Mantell’s new book “The World According to Dutch.”

The book, which will be available soon through publishing company, will take fans on a journey through Mantell’s illustrious career that has at times crossed paths with some of the sport’s biggest and greatest names. Names like Vince McMahon, the Undertaker, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Jerry Lawler, Randy Savage and Kane. His book also includes chapters on his time spent in wrestling biggest organizations including WWE, WCW and most recently, TNA. included stints with the business’ biggest organizations In the book, Mantell doesn’t shy away from controversial subjects including Vince Russo, who some have blamed for the failed direction of WCW in 1991. Mantell also speaks about the night Bruiser Brody died and the events that surrounded his death. Mantell also takes you behind the scenes into TNA creative sessions and lets the reader see, firsthand, how the total creative process works.

Some of the other subjects Dutch takes up in his book include:

Dutch and Jerry Lawler’s Infamous Feud in insider look at one of Memphis’ most famous angles

Meeting Randy Savage for the First Time…Dutch details his first dealings with the Macho Man

The Undertaker…Before He Became The Undertaker

The Bruiser Brody Story…Mantell, for the first time, officially speaks of the death of Bruiser Brody 21 years ago inSan Juan, Puerto Rico where he was almost an eye witness and why the attacker wasn’t convicted

Wrestling Preachers and the Wrestling Business…a completely different view on how evangelism and pro wrestling share the same philosophy

The Real Story Behind the Heat between Jim Cornette and Vince Russo…you’ve heard of the massive dislike that both men have for each other…Dutch details where it all started

Real Riots and Near Riots…riots are unheard of today but Dutch tells of some that are chilling

The Andy Kaufman Story…Dutch’s behind the scenes look at a man who nobody understood and the Kaufman/Lawler feud in Memphis that made it to national TV

How TNA First Started and The Reasoning Behind the Dream…how TNA first became a reality

Curtain Call in Madison Square Garden…Dutch witnessed first hand the Curtain Call in MSG between Nash, Hall, Triple H and Michaels and was standing next to Vince McMahon as it unfolded. Dutch details his reaction and it wasn’t good.

Wrestling in a Maximum Security Prison ..wrestling in front of a thousand convicted inmates in a Maximum Security Prison isn’t a walk in the park

Vince Russo Behind the Scenes…the story of the man behind the scenes and Dutch’s relationship with him

Odds and Ends…My Time in WWF and WCW…Managing Justin Hawk Bradshaw…Managing Sting and Ultimate Warrior

How Stone Cold Got His Name…Stone Cold covered it in his book. Now Dutch covers it in his

Kane Saving My A** in a Riot

All of this and more as written by a man who has seen and done it all, Dirty Dutch Mantell. Or you can see what else Dutch has in store for you at Mantell’s official blog – Pre-orders are already being taken for the book and you can place your order today. If you want to contact Dutch personally, you can email

“My editors Brian Tramel and Brian Thompson are working hard on completing this project,” said Mantell. “While we don’t have an official release date right now, I fully expect to make an announcement in the next few weeks to let everyone know when the book will be available for purchase.”

Mantell’s book will be the latest in a series of wrestling-related projects compiled by Tramel and Thompson. The duo teamed up on the re-release of Bruno Sammartino’s autobiography last winter, the autobiography of wrestling journeyman Dusty Wolfe and several yearbooks focusing on the Memphis wrestling area. Both men have experience as promoters, managers, bookers and announcers at the independent level of wrestling and have been lifelong fans for many years. Thompson is also an accomplished journalist and public relations professional.

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