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NWA Main Event
? available starting November 7, 2009 at
Taped on October 22, at the NWA Studio in Nashville

LAST WEEK?Chad Hyatt got on his knees to beg Will Owens to give him one more chance.

Aaron Camaro in ring inform us that his broadcast partner, ?The Captain? Tyler Clemmons went into the locker room of Will Owens and hadn?t been seen since.

(1) Corey Hollis beat Jay Popular in 6:07. Popular gave (misspelled on the graphic as Hollus) a beating. Hollis tried for Dusk Til Dawn, but Popular countered with a short arm clothesline. Popular covered and pulled Hollus up at two. Popular tried to dump him out, but Hollis surprised Popular with a slingshot huracanrana. Hollis with a barrage of strikes. Hollis hit an STO for a near fall. Popular cut him off with a hotshot. Hollis sold it huge. Popular moved in for the kill. Hollis escaped and hit the Pele, then came off the top with a kick to the face for the pin.

Camaro made the big announcement concerning the vacated NWA Mid-America Heavyweight Championship. The new champion would be decided in a match between the people’s choice and the winner of a battle royal to be held next week. If the winner of the popular vote happened to win the battle royal, he would immediately become the champion.

(2) Steven Green beat Chad Hyatt in 7:15. Hyatt got the ?Barney? chant. Little Steven was no match for Hyatt’s size and blubber. Hyatt was kicking the hell out of him, too, and Green was on rubber legs. Hyatt made carefully set Green up at just the right distance for his leg drop off the ropes. So unlike last week, Green had to move to make him miss. Green went up for swanton bomb, and the only thing that made contact with Hyatt was his hair. Camaro had to sell that Green got a piece of him. Ridiculous finish.

Owens took Green’s head off with a lariat. He got on Hyatt’s case for losing (again!) and showed him how it was done by demolishing Green, pausing to smack Hyatt across the face a few times. Hyatt was pleading for another chance. Academy award level it was not but it did have great heat. Fans were irate about the abuse being taken by their boy, Steven. Owens supervised as Hyatt gave Green a sidewalk slam.

(3) Will Owens beat White Tiger in 10:40 after distraction by Hyatt. Tiger pulled the ref by his ear to demonstrate how Owens was using the mask to gain an unfair advantage. Funny spot. Tiger worked over the arm. Owens took over after a Tiger miss sent him into the post. Owens focused on Tiger’s gut with a couple of lazy covers along the way. A lengthy grounded chinlock ensued. Tiger fed of the crowd. Midring collision and both men down. Big flurry from ?Mr. Paws & Claws? and Tiger Pounce! Owens got a shoulder up. Hyatt appeared on the apron. Tiger nailed him. We?ll have to Camaro’s word for it because the cameraman missed it. Owens pulled a foreign object from his tights and clocked Tiger for the three.

Owens wouldn?t let up on Tiger. Tommy Mercer (in street clothes) made the save.

Backstage promo by Jeremiah Flynt. Said that pipsqueak Hollis robbed him last week, and he was back for retribution.

(4) Matt Boyce & Kaleb Kastle beat Mike Posey & Blake Roswell in 12:09. Camaro said there might be a match between Mercer and Owens after this but he wasn?t sure. ?I don?t know what’s going on around here.? The faces dominated the first 6 minutes. Posey was avoiding Boyce like H1N1. Roswell got Kastle’s attention, allowing Posey to dropkick him from behind. Kastle took heat. Camaro said Kastle was trained by Rodney Mack and Jazz. Not an endorsement of their training techniques. Kastle stunned Posey with a jawbreaker, and Boyce finally got his hands on him. It broke down four ways. Roswell dumped Boyce off the top rope. Posey went up top for a double team, but Boyce caught Roswell with an O?Connor roll, crotching Posey in the process. Nice finish.

Returning from Bailey’s Wrecker Service to find Boyce alone in the ring. He said Posey had run for their last time. Boyce told ?the NWA, whoever makes the matches around here? that he wanted Posey in a ?non-sanctioned brawl? next week. Posey jumped Boyce from behind and laid him out with a belt shot.

THOUGHTS: Not good, but it was the best of three for the new season. Better matches. There was more selectivity as to the talent allowed to appear on television. Might have been dumb luck for all I know, but it was definitely an improvement. The random bad matches were eliminated. They tried to tell stories. Too bad the logic didn?t hold up. Case in point, the main angle. Last week, Posey had the champion pinned, albeit illegally, and clocked the ref out of frustration. Not a choice premise for a non-sanctioned brawl. Posey didn?t in any way come across like a guy shying away from physicality. It was strange hearing Boyce to ask the NWA for a non-sanctioned match. I didn?t mind Tiger losing the way he did. No shame in following the footsteps of Boogie and Rapada. I liked Mercer being positioned as the great babyface hope, but Camaro needed to follow up more on commentary. Being in with Boyce totally exposed that Roswell was no 6-2 and 250. Kastle as a babyface in Nashville? I just don?t see that working. If they did a legit fan vote, Tiger is a lock to be in the Mid-America Heavyweight Title match vs. the winner of the battle royal. The finishes were good, minus the ludicrous finish of Hyatt/Owens – the epitome of wrestlers lacking the experience and training to improvise. Why would Hyatt stay down for a move that made zero contact? The ultra short promos like they did with Flynt feel perfunctory. Why should the viewers care? Hollis is being booked strong, and he’s coming through with good matches. The good news is the babyfaces ? Hollis, Tiger and Boyce ? are all really over with the fans, which gives the show a lively atmosphere. Camaro did an admirable job on solo commentary. I guess he’s trying to get across the anything-can-happen nature of the show, a controlled chaos, but I suspect the reality is just the garden variety chaos of indie wrestling. The matches were shot with hard cam only, and I have to agree with TVD, the show was easier to watch without the ?artsy? angles. Thumbs not as far down as the first two weeks.

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