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PWX Tillsonburg Results
Sunday November 08 2009

PWX – Pro Wrestling Xtreme
Tillsonburg, Ontario
Ring Announcer / Live Commentator: JC
Referees: AJ Parr, Casey Hale, Big H
Attendance: 120
Results credit: Gordo for

*It was announced at the show in St Thomas the night before that PWX was ceasing operations under that name and 2010 would see all events run under the CCW banner Classic Championship Wrestling.

Afternoon show opened with a music video showing clips from the Cage Match final of the Jake O’Reilly / Cody Deaner feud that saw Deaner defeat O’Reilly and regain the PWX Heavyweight Championship at the big Tillsonburg Fair Show.

PWX Commisioner “Dangerboy” Derek Wilde came out to the ring and began talking about Deaner being champ and O’Reilly out of the picture when Jake’s music started playing and the Irish Brawler made his way to the ring. O’Reilly ranted about how much he hated Tillsonburg and exclaimed he should still be champ since Deaner “ran away faster than (he) did to win the title” Jake then called ring announcer JC to the ring but JC never left his spot on the stage. Wilde then verbally berated O’Reilly, saying he’d had enough of Jake’s antics. Dangerboy told Jake he had “one last chance to do the right thing” or he’d be gone from PWX forever. Wilde said Jake had to wrestle right then and there and if he cheated in any way he would be fired. Jake’s opponent was then announced.

*) Jake O’Reilly vs Atlantis ended in a No Contest before it officially started. [1 min]
O’Reilly attacked Atlantis as he made his way to the ring, piledriving the rookie strongman onto a chair. Wilde told Jake he was fired and to get out of the building. Fans sang the Goodbye Song to O’Reilly as Atlantis was helped to the back by officials.

1) “Midnight Special” RJ City def Cezar [6 min]
RJ had the total support of the Tillsonburg fans. Cezar had no one to cheer for him as his usual manager Ianna Titus was nowhere to be seen. Advantage shifted throughout the bout that RJ won after dodging a charge to the corner and pinning Cezar following a faceplant slam.

2) PWX Women’s Championship:
Cherry Bomb def Holly Hilton to win the title [6 min]
Cherry was the villain in this match but won fairly with a clean pin after a facebuster. Hilton shook Cherry’s hand after the match. Suddenly Evilyn ran to the ring and attacked both women. They joined forces to quickly turn the tables and send the “Evil Dead Girl” flying over the top rope to the floor. Hilton handed Cherry the belt and raised her arm while fans applauded both women

3) Matt Burns def Freak Show [14 min]
Classic battle between Burn’s power and Freak Show’s speed and Freak Fu offense. The end came after Freak Show bashed his taint on the top turnbuckle and Burns took him off the ropes with a cradled piggyback stunner to score the pin. Solid bout that had fans enthralled for the duration.

4) “Maple Leaf Muscle” Petey Williams def “Canadian Crazyhorse” Michael Elgin [12 min]
Fantastic match! Williams won by pinfall after hitting a DDT and his Canadian Destroyer.

5) Daemon Reznor w/ Evilyn def Crazzy Steve [9 min]
Reznor came out ranting on the mic about Crazzy Steve costing him a victory in a recent Battle Royal. Daemon and Evilyn couldn’t figure out why everyone was laughing but unknown to them, Steve had followed them out and was mocking them by making faces and doing zombie-like moves. It wasn’t until Steve had managed to put on Renor’s robe that they figured out he was there. The comedy didn’t stop once the bell rang but all the laughs didn’t cover up the violence as these two bitter enemies tore into each other. Evilyn’s interference enabled Reznor to sneak in a roll-up with a handful of tights to score the victory.

The scheduled 2 out of 3 falls match for the X Division Championship between “Tricked Out” Tyler Tirva and defending champ Reck was announced and Tirva was in the ring when Reck came out in street clothes and said he was unable to wrestle because he’d broken his hand the night before in St Thomas. (During a FBTW Match with Sgt Dickson) Reck told Tirva he’d never be a champion in PWX but he had found an opponent for him on a recent trip to Mexico…

6) X Division Match (No Rules)
“Tricked Out” Tyler Tirva def El Salvadore w/ Reck [11 min]
Reck’s handpicked opponent for Tirva was the masked El Salvadore. While his identity might be unknown there was no question he was a talented wrestler as Salvadore gave Tirva a very competetive match. Reck interfered a couple of times but for the most part Salvadore handled the fight by himself. Tirva scored the pinfll after nailing his legdrop from the top rope. After the match Reck attacked an exhausted Tirva, smashing a running knee into his face. Reck then began yelling that Tirva would never be champ but he’d give him a title shot and demanded they ring the bell to start the match.

7) X Division Championship:
“Tricked Out” Tyler Tirva def Reck to win the title [1 min]
Reck lifted Tirva in a fireman’s carry but Tyler slipped off and slammed him face-first to the mat. Tirva mounted the ropes and hit a flying elbow drop to win the match and the title.

8) PWX Heavyweight Championship:
Cody Deaner def Shawn Spears to retain the title [33 min]
33 minutes of awesomeness. PWX Commissioner Derek Wilde watched the match from the stage and kept Spears from walking out when the action got a little heavy for him midway through the bout. An amazing contest between two very skilled competitors. Deaner surprised everyone when he won the match with a small package seconds after Spears had landed an superplex. Spears attacked Deaner after the match but Wilde ran to the ring to protect the champ and send Spears packing.

Dangerboy then got down on one knee and held the title belt out to Deaner. Suddenly he nailed Cody in the nuts and hit him with a viscious clothesline, much to the shock and dismay of all in attendance. Wilde then told ref AJ Parr to ring the bell or he’d be fired.

9) PWX Heavyweight Championship:
“Dangerboy” Derek Wilde def Cody Deaner to win the title [4 sec]
After pinning Deaner, Wilde ranted that he hated Deaner, he hated PWX and being champion meant nothing to him. Wilde then smashed the championship belt against the ringpost until it was destroyed. Wilde said he would return in the new year with his own gold.

It was announced as fans filed from the building that PWX would be returning in 2010 under the new CCW name.

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