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Great American Wrestling Results for October.

10/11/09 Lincoln, IL
*Pierre Abernathy & Evan Gelistico d. Tyler Priegal & Bucky Collins
*Connor Riley d. Dragon Verde, JJ Bullock & Rex Gill
*Temple Rain d. Neil Diamond Cutter & Jonathan Napier (triple)
*Gavin Alexander & Jesse Clark d. Johnathan Scott & Chuck Ray
*Markus Crane d. Gary Jay
*The Hooligans d. David Saint & Brandon Lyons
*Jaxson Pride d. GAW CS Champ Kenny O’Brien (non-title)
*Bloody Harker Dirge d. Big Cody
*GAW Heavyweight Champ Matt Cage d. Krotch

Friday Night Fight’s 10/16/09 in Decatur,IL
Jaxson Pride d. Grand Ninja
Gavin & Cody d. The Payroll
Danger Doug Fraze d. Dragon Azul
Temple Rain d. Kiki Bullock
Bloody Harker Dirge d. Jesse Clark
Matt Cage d. Rex Gill
Neal Diamond Cutter d. Matt cage (Non-Title)
10/17/09 “Darkness Falls” in Decatur,IL
Jimmy Kayrt d. Connor Riley ,Cecil Cerveza, Jason V ,Temple Rain & Gavin Alexander in a 6 way 20 min
The Payroll d. Jaxson Pride and Danger Doug Fraze
Cody Jesse & Josh d. Grand Ninja Brian, Klass and Matt Jones
?Hard-Body? Blake Reed d. Rex Gill
The Abuse of Power d. The Hooligans
Camron Starr d. Kiki Bullock
Neal Diamond Cutter d. Tyler Priegel
Matt Cage d. Bill the Butcher
Markus Crane d. Ryan Phoenix

Friday Night Fight’s in Decatur, IL
*Markus Crane d. Jason Vendetta
*Gavin Alexander & Jesse Clark d. Johnathan Scott & GAW CS Champ Kenny O’Brien and HWC Champ Jimmy Kayrt & Cecil Cerveza
*Matt Cage d Temple Rain
*Neil Diamond Cutter d. Jaxson Pride
*Conner Rilley d. Chuck Ray & JJ Bullock (triple)
*Kevin Thorn & Bloody Harker Dirge d. The Hooligans

Upcoming shows *Cards Subject to Change
Next show Nov. 14th, 2009 G.A.W presents “Wrestlecade VI” live in Maroa, IL 6:30 doors open, 7P.M. Bell Time. Card Line up with current SHIMMER Champion Ms. Chif vs. GAW Women’s Champ. Carmon Starr, Project Mayhem vs. Abuse of Power for the Tag Team Gold, and more of your fav. GAW Stars

Nov. 22nd, 2009 G.A.W. Presents “Lincoln Lockdown” @
Lincoln Collage 300 Keokuk St, Lincoln, IL

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