Indy News #7: October 29 (USWX)

Anthony Gundacker sent this in:

LIVINGSTON, TEXAS — The United States Wrestling Xplosion has quickly
been becoming the hottest wrestling ticket in the Southern Region and
Friday, October 30th, 2009 will be no different. Except this time, If
you can’t be AT the show live.. For the first time ever, You will
still be able to WATCH the show LIVE.

In conjunction with, USWX presents, UPRISING.. The Pay
Per Live Stream..

“UPRISING,” a title befitting of this up and coming wrestling company
and it’s wrestlers will feature Pro Wrestling Superstars such as: Buff
Bagwell, Heidenreich, Shawn Stasiak, Rodney Mack, Jazz, Doink the
Clown, Powers of Pain: Warlord and Barbarian, WCCW Legend General
Skandar Akbar, ECW’s Rod Price and more as they intertwine with the
hottest indy wrestlers in the south such as Austin Rhodes, Alex
Reigns, Irish Mike, Chaz Taylor, Booker T’s PWA World Champion Matt
Chambers, AJ Williams and MANY MORE in a downright STACKED card live
from the Alabama Coushatta Indian Reservation Multi-Purpose Center in
Livingston, Texas.

And for only $5.00, Anyone in the world can watch it too!

By far the biggest event in Texas (And The South, period) this year is
UPRISING.. Be a part of it.

The show kicks off LIVE to the World at 8:00pm Eastern/7:00pm
Central.. Friday, October 30th, 2009.

Purchase your Stream Ticket right now at:

And tune in 30 minutes prior to the Pay Per Live stream for an
ABSOLUTELY FREE pre-show featuring interviews, breaking news and more
live from Livingston. And through the power of the chatroom conjoined
to the stream, USWX Associates may even ask YOUR QUESTIONS directly
from the chatroom to the Superstars.

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