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Welcome to the AWF News Update for Autumn 2010. Summer saw great AWF action, with a new Australasian Champion being crowned, and new rivalries being built. Please note our old address that this newsletter came from is no longer in use. Please send all future replies to or our regular . Thanks to all.


AWF Australasian Champion: Massive Q
1. TNT
2. Iron Jay Coles
3. Blakestone
4. Mark Hilton
5. Krackerjack

AWF Commonwealth Champion: Powerhouse Theo
1. Bill Flyswat
2. Il Cognito
3. El Generico
4. Sir Loin
5. Grant Linstrom
AWF Young Lion’s Champion: ?Mint Condition? Mick Moretti
1. Spaceboy Dacey
2. Tama Williams
3. Rob The Scientist
4. The Illusionist
5. Shane Saw

AWF Tag Team Champions: The Corner Shop Connection: Traffic & Frankie Fettucini
1. The Freakshow: Toxin & Rigga Mortis
2. Team Astronomy: Rob “The Scientist” & “Spaceboy” Dacey
3. Detonation Crew: TNT & Iron Jay Coles
4. Bill Flyswat & ?Greatness? Grant Linstrom
5. Tama Williams & The Samoan Warrior



Live in your face up close and personal AWF Wrestling action! Be on hand to witness the first AWF Dojo event of 2010.
See how things escalate from the happenings of December’s Final Battle event as new competitors try to make a name for themselves, and established grapplers try to move up the ranks.
See how Max Comic is doing after the epic finale of December’s main event versus team mate Powerhouse Theo, where he broke his humorous after ?The Powerbomb?? See the return of The Samoan Warrior after his triumphant Dojo debut in December, and find out what Sir Loin has in store with his mystery partner tag team challenge? See new rookie AWF wrestlers make their debuts? Be on hand for the return from the USA of former AWF Tag Team Champion Rob The Scientist, and see a wrestling clinic as he combats the newly found bad attitude of Bill Flyswat? and be there for the high stakes main event that will pit the current Tag Team Champions against the Current Australasian Champion in a huge 6 Man Tag Team Main event with lots of animosity!
Questions will be answered from last year, new rivalries and alliances will be formed, all under the backdrop of fantastic Aussie wrestling style.
So for a whole lot of fun, come down to the dojo and see the rising wrestlers of AWF do battle at our home base this Saturday night for ?Intense Rivalries?.

Date: This Sat 20 March, 2010 – 7.00pm
Location: AWF Dojo
7/32 Swettenham Rd, Minto, NSW
Tickets: Paypal at AWF Website or $15 at the door
Scheduled Card:
– YLC: DJ Fusion Vs ?Mint Condition? Mick Moretti
– Mixed Tag Team Action: Selene & Omega Vs ?
– Mystery Partners Rematch:
Sir Loin & ? Vs Samoan Warrior & ?
– Bill Flyswat Vs Rob The Scientist
– Commonwealth Title: Grant Linstrom Vs Powerhouse Theo
– 6 Man Challenge: Q, Mortis & Toxin Vs Iron Jay, Frankie & Traffic
– Plus surprises Galore and TNT will be in the house!


FRI 26 MARCH, 2010

The Australasian Wrestling Federation (AWF) comes to Cessnock on Friday 26 March, to present its high adrenalin professional wrestling live event extravaganza aptly titled ?This is AWF Wrestling?.

The show itself will showcase the talents of the men and women of the AWF in a variety of special feature bouts, making the night a massive 6 bout super card that will see over 2 hours of action suitable for the family.

The main event of the evening will be a ?Factions Collide? match, as ?The Detonation Crew? led by TNT, will battle ?The Freakshow? headed by current AWF Australasian Champion, the 165 kg Massive Q.
Elsewhere on the card, in AWF Title bout action Powerhouse Theo will defend the Commonwealth Championship against the underhanded Bill Flyswat, ?Mint Condition? Mick Moretti will defend his Young Lion’s Championship, and the Cornershop Connection will battle Grant Linstrom & Falco in Tag Team Championship action.
Along with all this action other top ranked AWF wrestlers scheduled to appear include Iron Jay Coles, Mighty Mel, Spaceboy Dacey, and just returned from the USA, Rob ?The Scientist? Best, and a host of other skilled and colourful grapplers.

?This Is AWF Wrestling? is sure to be fantastic event, so if you are looking for a fun night out be sure to make it along and support the Australasian Wrestling Federation at the Cessnock Supporters Club.
We advise to book early to avoid disappointment as AWF events are often turn away sell outs.

EVENT ENQUIRIES: 0410 691 377
SHOW INFO: AWF will deliver 2 hours plus of action packed sports entertainment suitable for all ages in a huge card that will showcase a variety of different matches, fighting styles and characters.



Australasian Wrestling Federation (AWF) is excited to unleash live pro-wrestling once again as part of the upcoming Supanova Pop Culture Conventions to be held in Brisbane Sat 10 & Sun 11 April and Melbourne Sat 17 & Sun 18 April.
The 2 day showcases will have AWF present live matches during the events, and will also feature meet and greet appearances by AWF’s top stars during the day. AWF Merchandise and Photo opportunities will also be available.
Supanova is the number one Pop Culture Expo in Australia, so please come along and support these events, as they are huge and you are sure to see and find plenty of cool things to interest and excite!
Details on Supanova can be found at

AWF Wrestling @ Supanova Pop Culture Expo Brisbane, QLD
Shows: 10 & 11 April : 11am, 1pm, 3pm daily
Exhibition Building, RNA Showgrounds, Gregory Terrace, Bowen Hills, Brisbane, QLD
Tickets on Sale Now @ Ticketek

AWF Wrestling @ Supanova Pop Culture Expo Mellbourne, VIC
Shows: 5 & 6 April : 11am, 1pm, 3pm daily
The Boulevard Hocker, Melbourne Showgrounds, Epsom Rd, Ascot Vale, VIC
Tickets on Sale Now @ Ticketek


FRI 16 APRIL, 2010

The Australasian Wrestling Federation (AWF) enthusiastically returns to the state of the art Campbelltown Convention & Entertainment Complex venue ?The Cube? on Friday 16 April, 2010 with a massive evening of live sports entertainment entitled ?This Is AWF Wrestling?.

The Autumn Tour event will showcase excitement featuring over 2 hours of live pro-wrestling action suitable for the whole family. A special fan appreciation price of only $10 per ticket will apply to the event, making it affordable for any family to attend.

The last Cube event in January saw an enthusiastic near capacity crowd enjoy a fantastic evening of quality wrestling, and the 16 April event will no doubt be aiming to top the electricity of that evening. The AWF talents will be looking to avenge results from their last encounters in Campbelltown, and all wrestlers will be looking to impress fans and management as the level of competition will be at its highest.

As part of the massive line up all AWF Championships will be on the line, there will be women’s action, as well as special feature bouts. In attendance will be AWF standouts Australasian Champion: Massive Q, TNT, Iron Jay Coles, Powerhouse Theo, Victoria’s Krackerjack, plus local area representatives Blakestone, Traffic and Mighty Mel.

?This Is AWF Wrestling? is sure to be great evening packed with surprises galore, so if you are looking for a fun night out be sure to make it along and support the Australasian Wrestling Federation when it comes to the Cube on 16 April, 2010.

We advise to book early to avoid disappointment as this event will be highly anticipated and will be the hottest school holiday entertainment ticket in town.

FRI 16 APRIL 2010 ? 7:00 PM BELLTIME
TICKETS: Fan friendly special price! All tickets $10
PH: 02 46250000 OR AT THE VENUE
SHOW INFO: AWF will deliver 2 hours plus of action packed sports entertainment suitable for all ages in a huge card that will showcase a variety of different matches, fighting styles and characters.
Show Enquiries Call: 0410 691 377

AWF Best Of The Best
Fri 15 January, 2010
Panthers, Penrith, NSW
Attendance: 250

RD 1: Krackerjack b TNT, R1: Blakestone b Mark Hilton, Young Lion’s Championship: Mick Moretti b Jarred Slate, AWF Australasian Championship: Massive Q b Iron Jay Coles (Massive Q becomes new champion in tournament final), Commonwealth Championship: Powerhouse Theo b Spaceboy Dacey, Tag Team Championships: Cornershop Connection b Tama Williams & Samoan Warrior, Best of the Best Final: Krackerjack b Blakestone

Show Notes:
– Opening tournament bouts were highly competetive with Krackerjack scoring the opening pin with the Brittney Spear on the returning TNT, and Blakestone getting the victory over Mark Hilton with his fireman’s toss to set up the Krackerjack Vs Blakestone final for later in the night.
– “Mint Condition” Moretti impressed downing WA’s Jarred Slate with the Mintsault.
– The much anticipated Australasian Championship Tournament final came down to the wire. Iron Jay was finally getting the upper hand scoring with a big shoulder tackle to set up for a top rope splash, but after distraction to the referee by Toxin & Rigga Mortis, Il Cognito reappeared after a 6 month layoff and cracked Jay with the title, leading to the “Massive Splash” and Q becoming the new champion.
– Powerhouse Theo defeated Spaceboy with Mighty Mel with “The Powerbomb” to retain the Commonwealth Title. AFter some competitive disenction in the match the two embraced afterwoods.
– The Cornershop Connection successfully defended against the islander duo of Tama Williams and The Samoan Warrior, after miscomunication saw Tama pinned.
– In the Best of The Best final, after a titanic back and forth bout, Krackerjack finally scored with the” Brittney Spear” and pinned Blakestone to win the Best of the Best Tournament. After the bout he proclaimed that since winning he could challenge for whatever title he wanted, and since he wanted no part of Massive Q, he would take a shot at Powerhouse Theo’s Commonwealth Championship at the Cube the next day.
– Fans took photos with TNT, Mint Condition and others after the event.
– The DVD of this special event is available now for $20 plus $5 postage from AWF Wrestling: PO Box 473, Plumpton, NSW, 2761, or by PayPalling $25 to .

AWF Wrestling ? Hot Wrestling Action
The Cube, Campbelltown, NSW
Sat 16 January, 2010
Attendance: 350

Young Lions Championship: Mick Moretti b Tama Williams, Commonwealth Championship: Powerhouse Theo b Jarred Slate, Selene b Mighty Mel, Blakestone b Steve Ravenous, TNT & Iron Jay Massive Q & Il Cognito, Yong Lions Championship: Mick Moretti b Adam Hoffman, Lumberjack match: Iron Jay b Il Cognito, Tag Championships: Traffic & Frankie b Flyswat & Linstrom, Harley Wonderland b Bombshell Bo, Commonwealth Title: Powerhouse Theo b Krackerjack

* To purchase the DVD of this event send $25 to AWF Wrestling: PO Box 473, Plumpton, NSW, 2761 or order at by Paypal at
– AWF returns to The Cube on Fri 16 April, 2010 with This Is AWF Wrestling DVD taping.

WrestleRage (Night 1)
Sat 20 February, 2010
Hungarian Club, Norwood, SA

Results: Mighty Mel b Savannah Summers, Krackerjack b Mana The Polynesian Warrior, Tama Williams b Iron Jay Coles, Joel Bateman b Del Taurino, Spaceboy & Percy T b Slate & Mortis, Marvel b Mimic, El Generico b TNT

WrestleRage (Night 2)
Sun 21 February, 2010
Hungarian Club, Norwood, SA

Results: Blake Mitchell b David Hark, David Hawk and Spaceboy Dacey b Blake Mitchell & Matthew Hall, TNT b Tama Williams, Anything Goes: Jarred Slate b Rigga Mortis, El Generico b Krackerjack


– 2010 is well underway and there has been plenty of AWF news since the beginning of the year. Autumn future events look to be intense, with the main focus still being the struggle between ?The Freakshow? and ?The Detonation Crew?.

– Massive Q is the new Australasian Champion by defeating Iron Jay under questionable circumstances at Panthers on 15 January. Q’s first title match challenger is being scheduled for the 16 April Cube event, so stay tuned to see who will get the shot. In the lead up to the bout, Q will captain ?The Freakshow? in some big 6 man bouts, and also head to the Queensland Supanova extravaganza.

– AWF Tag Team Champions ?The Cornershop Connection? continue their successful reign, with victories over Williams & The Samoan Warrior plus Flyswat & Linstrom at January events. New teams aplenty are lining up to take on the champs as Autumn begins, with Toxin & Rigga Mortis looking to take a shot, as well as the new team of Shane Saw and Sir Loin. The upcoming 26 March Cessnock event will see locals Linstrom and Falco try to use their home turf advantage to capture the gold, and then if Traffic and Frankie still hold onto the gold, they still have the former champions ?Team Astronomy? to contend with. The tag team scene is really picking up steam in 2010 as the level of competition takes yet another step up.

– Powerhouse Theo remains Commonwealth Champion, with January seeing him successful against Spaceboy Dacey and Krackerjak. Theo’s reign has continued to go from strength to strength as it approaches the 1 year mark in April. Newcomer ?The High Flying Sensation? Sky will challenge Theo on 20 March at the AWF Dojo and the disgruntled Bill Flyswat will face his former Detonation Crew team mate the following week on 26 March at Cessnock. Be on hand to see if Theo can come into the Cube show on 16 April as Commonwealth Champion of 1 Year.

– Young Lion’s competition is always heated, and with many new young grapplers trying to edge their way onto AWF cards, the Young Lion’s Championship will no doubt be a title to keep an eye on. ?Mint Condition? Mick Morretti has been finding his groove as YLC downing Jarred Slate, Tama Williams and Adam Hoffman at recent events. Upcoming events will see him battle at the AWF Dojo on 20 March, and new up and comer Sky at Cessnock on 26 March.

– January 15ths Best of The Best at Panthers was a successful event, with Victoria’s Krackerjack taking the final victory against NSW’s Blakestone. The DVD of the night will be available from the AWF Website in the coming weeks. Krackerjack chose to use his victory as a platform to challenge for a title shot against Powerhouse Theo at The Cube the following night, and even after an earlier set up attack, still was unable to come away with the title. Krackerjack however bounced back in Adelaide with a big win over the much larger Mana The Polynesian Warrior, and then a near loss to El Generico. Krackers says he will go back to the boot of his car to strategize more, and hopes that upcoming events will see him gain another Title shot, where he says he will take advantage and finally get an AWF Title around his waist to keep his pants up. Krackerjack will be a main participant at the upcoming Melbourne Supanova events on 17 and 18 April.

– AWF is excited to announce that we will host Live AWF Pro-Wrestling action every quarter at The Cube in Campbelltown, NSW during 2010. Upcoming dates are 16 April, 9 July and 8 October. Our January 16 event was taped in a fast paced TV format style, and the crowd and crew had a ball! We will endeavor to run future Cube events in a similar format. The DVD from the action packed 16 January event will be available from April. See the AWF Website.

– AWF WrestleRage as part of The Fringe Festival 19-21 Feb turned out to be a disappointing weekend crowd wise. Small attendances however could not stop a high level of action, as the crew still went and gave it their all. Thanks to those who attended, and those who traveled from far such as Jarred Slate, Mana, Tama, TNT, Iron Jay, Spaceboy Dacey, Mighty Mel, Krackerjack, and international guest El Generico. Special thanks from AWF & WSW go to the band, Joel Bateman, Blake Mitchell, Kellie Manera and the RCW Crew, in particular Chris Basso. Appreciate your help in putting the weekend together.

– AWF is excited to be appearing as part of Supanova Pop Culture Expo events in April, 2010. 10 & 11 April will see Brisbane & 17 & 18 April will host Melbourne events, plus June will see Sydney and Perth spectaculars. Past years Supanova’s have been fun filled weekends, with great AWF action being some of the highlights, so be sure to mark the events on your 2010 calendar! Visit for up to date info on pop culture stars that will be on hand.

– ?Detonation Crew’s? TNT made his surprise return to the ring on Jan 15, choosing to work through his shoulder injury. January 16 saw TNT announce ?Iron Jay? Coles as the newest member of the Detonation Crew, and the tandem teamed to defeat rivals Il Cognito and Massive Q. TNT competed on the AWS Supershow defeating Ahmed Iblis of Lebanon the following weekend, and in February faced El Generico and Tama Williams, with the shoulder holding up well. TNT 15th year as an active pro-wrestler will be in April. There are plans for a show celebrating this accomplishment.

– Other returns to action of former AWF Champions over Summer saw the surprise interjection of Il Cognito at Panthers. His impact was such that his smashing of Iron Jay with the AWF Championship belt was the deciding factor in the title victory of Massive Q. With Il Cognito visibly back in the fold, the Freakshow is the most dominant force in AWF once again. Il Cognito will appear in ring at the upcoming 16 April Cube event.

– Another AWF super talent returning to action recently was Mark ?The Hammer? Hilton, who says he has worked off any ring rust now, and is ready to make an impact at the upcoming Cube event. Hilton had competitive bouts with Adam Hoffman, an impressive showing in the AWF Rumble and an evenly fought battle with Blakestone at Best of the Best over Summer. It is apparent Hilton is still one of the best in Australia, and AWF look forward to him being on cards again in 2010.

– The superfit Blakestone has been very impressive in recent outings, defeating two former AWF Champions in Mark Hilton and Steve Ravenous at January AWF events. While losing to Krackerjak in the Best of the Best final, Blakestone said that the loss has made him even more focused to win the big matches, and he says 2010 will be his year, and his focus is now winning the AWF Australasian Championship.

– Rob ?The Scientist? will return to AWF action after a successful trip to Texas, USA, training with Booker T’s Wrestling Academy and defeating many Texan’s, on 20 March at the AWF Dojo Minto taking on Bill Flyswat. Rob says he has big plans instore for 2010, including getting his hands back on the AWF Tag Titles, and even going after the Young Lion’s Championship. AWF welcomes Rob back and look forward to seeing if his time away has served him well.

– ?Platinum Player? Steve Ravenous made an appearance on the 16 Jan Cube event, but was on the short end of the stick in his AWF return against Blakestone.

– Bombshell Bo made her last in ring appearance for some time at the 16 Jan Cube event. She will appear at AWF events as a show hostess and manager still from time to time.

– Rigga Mortis returned to in ring action in Norwood, SA on Feb 20 after being out several months with his leg in a cast. He was injured in one of his initial bouts against Team Astronomy, and has been seething since. He will rejoin his Freakshow partners against Iron Jay and the Cornershop Connection on 20 March at Minto.

– Max Comic’s injury has been botched by a bad doctor’s diagnosis, and his rehabilitation will now take even longer. Comic will go into surgery in late March for a hopeful return to the ring in May. He will be at the Dojo on 20 March to address the AWF fans as he returns to the scene of the injury.

– Bill Flyswat has been making grumblings to the AWF office about having some surprises in store in the coming months, and has been pulling trainees and wrestlers aside for secret meetings since his recent losses with partner ?Greatness? Grant Linstrom to ?The Cornershop Connection?. It will be interesting to see what Flyswat has up his sleeve, since his change of heart after turning on the Detonation Crew has seen him very bitter.

– AWF would like to thank BICO for their recent generosity towards AWF Wrestlers Raven, TNT and Krackerjak, who received a tour and gifts from their factory outlet in Chatswood, NSW. For those who aren?t in the know, BICO is the coolest jewellery on the market today, and they are renowned for their hand polished silver plated pewter pendants which blend original design with a unique finish. The jewellery itself bridges fashion barriers and comes in styles such as street, surf, tribal, futuristic and more. So be sure to check out the BICO website at and either purchase cool stuff from their online shop, or look for it at specialty stores. BICO will be opening a number of specialty kiosk stores in shopping centres in 2010, including Liverpool and Burwood in NSW, so keep your eyes open for them. Look cool in 2010, wear BICO.

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– New AWF T-shirts, hats and other accessories are now available at our online stores at and . Check ?em out and look super cool at upcoming events or on the street.

– There are many new AWF DVD releases available now. Please support these titles as there is some fantastic wrestling on them and they are highly enjoyable. You will be pleased!

Latest Releases are:
Best of The Best: Penrith, NSW, 15 Jan, 10 – $20
This Is AWF @ The Cube: Campbelltown, NSW, 16 Jan, 10 – $20

Other recent titles include:
A Decade of AWF – The best moments of AWF over the last 10 years – 2 DVD set ? Featuring Mad Dog Vs Krackerjak (Hardcore), TNT Vs Il Cognito 30 Mins, Thug Thomas Vs Lobo, Hilton Vs Danielson, 4 Way for AWF Title, AWF Documentaries and Extras – $30
AWF PsychoticSlam Sydney, 18 April, 09 – $25
AWF Break Out @ Mt Druitt, 25 Sept, 09 – $20
AWF Break Out @ The Cube, 9 Oct, 09 – $20
AWF Break Out @ Wallsend, 10 Oct, 09 – $20
AWF Break Out @ Fairy Meadow, 11 Oct, 09 – $20

To order send a cheque or money order to AWF Wrestling: PO Box 473, Plumpton, NSW, 2761. (Add $5 postage per order in Aust, $15 International) or by Paypal at

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See you at the matches!



Sat 20 Mar 2010
Intense Rivalries
AWF Dojo
Minto, NSW

Fri 26 Mar 2010
This Is AWF Wrestling
Cessnock Supporters Club
Cessnock, NSW

Sat 10 Sun 11 April 2010
Supanova Brisbane
RNA Showgrounds
Brisbane, QLD

Fri 16 April 2010
This Is AWF Wrestling
The Cube
Campbelltown, NSW

Sat 17 Sun 18 April 2010
Supanova Melbourne
Royal Showgrounds
Melbourne, VIC

Sat 19 Sun 20 June 2010
Supanova Sydney
The Dome
Homebush, NSW

Sat 26 Sun 27 June 2010
Supanova Perth
Claremont Showgrounds
Perth, WA

Fri 9 July 2010
This Is AWF Wrestling
The Cube
Campbelltown, NSW

More dates to be announced! To keep up to date visit the AWF Website!

Thank you for your support of AWF Wrestling!