IWF: March 14 report in Golden, CO

IWF sent this in:

March 14, 2010 IWF Premier Pro Wresting
6th Annual Beetlejuice/Alan Carnill Memorial Show Results
Buffalo Rose Golden, CO
Results by: Tamera Halbeisen

The Miracle That Is Tony def. Josua Michael, Fatal Four-Way Johnny Crash def. Adrian Grimm; Rob Ryzin; & Shredder Con, Tag Team #1 Contenders Match Paul Stetich & Arik Angel def. Blood Money (Romeo and “The Rock and Roll Vampire” Ronin) & Capital Punishment (Brandon Morris and Wayne Thomas), Tommy Bouchet def. Bud Doobie, IWF Tag Team Championship Match Primal Chaos (“Wardog” Damien Payne and “Mr. Unbelievable” Synjin Tiger Smith) IWF Premier Pro Tag Team Champions def. Jay Synn & Fallout, FCW’s T-Bolt def. Anderson 360, Chris Wrath IWF Premier Pro A3 Champion def. The Miracle That Is Tony, IWF Premier Pro Championship Match Hoodlum IWF Premier Pro Wrestling Champion def. Bronx, Hardcore Championship Beetlejuice Tribute Match Juntsu New IWF Premier Pro Hardcore Champion def. Joey Terrofyin

IWF Premier Pro Wrestling Official Rankings
Hoodlum (Champion) 6?1 230lbs Long Beach, CA
1. Adrian Grimm – 5?9? 200lbs Devils Hole, NM
2. The Miracle that is Tony – 5?6? 165lbs Huntington Beach, CA
3. Jay Synn – 6?3? 255lbs Boston, MA
4. Prodigee – 5?10? 205lbs Mile High City
5. Anderson 360 – 6? 189lbs Windsor Ontario Canada
6. Joshua Michael – 5?11? 187lbs Monster City, CO
7. Chris Wrath – 5?10? 180 lbs Dallas, TX
8. Arik Angel – 5?9? 175lbs Toronto Ontario Canada
9. Damion Payne (1/2 Tag Team Champion) – 5’6″ 159lbs Washington DC
10. Rob Ryzin – 6’1″ 176lbs – Denver, CO

Next IWF Premier Pro Wrestling Show:
Sunday April 11, 2010
Buffalo Rose 1119 Washington Ave Golden, CO
5p Doors 6p Start time $7 Pre-Sale $10 at the door
Visit www.IWFPromotions.com for more information or tickets

Detailed Results by: Dustin Nichols

*Before the show started, a video tribute to Alan “Beetlejuice” Carnill was played as the IWF locker room stood ringside and in the ring, followed by the traditional 10-bell salute.

*Before the show’s matches officially got underway, IWF Heavyweight Champion Hoodlum came to the ring with “The Unreal” Joshua Michael, and accused Bronx of being the masked man who attacked him last month. Bronx came out and said that it wasn’t him. Hoodlum then challenged him to a match for the IWF title, which was accepted. The Miracle That Is Tony then came to the ring and complained that he should be champion, since he technically pinned Hoodlum last month (the decision was later reversed). IWF co-commissioner Bigg Mike came into the ring and immediately made a match between Tony and Josh.

Singles Match: “The Unreal” Joshua Michael vs. The Miracle That Is Tony
Tony defeated Michael via Count-Out after Michael was attacked by the masked man outside the ring and was unable to get back into the ring.

*After the match, A3 Champion Chris Wrath, who was attacked by Tony last month, charged the ring and chased Tony off. IWF co-commissioner Bigg Mike then ordered a match between the two for later in the show.

Fatal Four-Way Match: Shredder Con vs. “The Insatiable” Johnny Crash (w/Miss Vanity) vs. “The Reaper” Adrian Grimm vs. “The Denver Daredevil” Rob Ryzin
Crash pinned Grimm following a Standing Powerslam to win the match.

Triple Threat Tag Team Match-Winners become the #1 contenders to the IWF Tag Team Championship: Blood Money (Romeo and “The Rock and Roll Vampire” Ronin) vs. Capital Punishment (Brandon Morris and Wayne Thomas) vs. “The Classic” Arik Angel (w/the Perfect 10) and “The Gamer” Paul Stetich
Stetich pinned Romeo with a Schoolboy after Ronin spit red fluid in Romeo’s face. “The Classic” Arik Angel and “The Gamer” Paul Stetich are the new #1 contenders.

*After the match, Romeo congratulated Stetich on getting the pinfall. Arik Angel also congratulated Stetich and shook his hand, but then immediately turned on Stetich once again, hitting him with the “Showstopper” twice. Angel then told the audience that he and he alone was the new #1 contender to the tag team titles.

Singles Match: Tommy Bouchet vs. Bud Doobie
Bouchet pinned Doobie following a Sunset Flip Powerbomb, using the ropes for leverage.

IWF Tag Team Championship: Fallout and Jay Synn vs. IWF Tag Team Champions Primal Chaos (“Wardog” Damien Payne and “Mr. Unbelievable” Synjin Tiger Smith)
Payne pinned Synn after a Combination Gorilla Press/Splash. Primal Chaos retain the titles.

Singles Match: Anderson 360 vs. T-Bolt
T-Bolt pinned 360 following a Sit-Out Tombstone.

*After the match, Anderson 360 got back up and challenged T-Bolt to get back into the ring. T-Bolt ran back into the ring and hit Anderson with a Fisherman’s Buster. As T-Bolt attempted to leave, Anderson once again challenged him to get back into the ring. T-Bolt got back into the ring yet again and hit Anderson with a Sit-Out Powerbomb. Anderson was still not finished, and challenged T-Bolt one more time. T-Bolt got back into the ring, but instead of attacking Anderson, he just smiled and then left the ring once again.

Singles Match: The Miracle That Is Tony vs. Chris Wrath
Wrath defeated Tony via Disqualification after Tony intentionally attacked referee Rob Buster.

IWF Heavyweight Championship (Semi-Main Event): Bronx vs. IWF Heavyweight Champion Hoodlum
Hoodlum pinned Bronx following the “Westside Ride”. Hoodlum retains the title.

*After the match, the masked man attacked Hoodlum with a chair, busting him open. As he attempted to sandwich Hoodlum’s neck in the chair, Joshua Michael ran to the ring and chased him off before further damage could be done.

*The next match was supposed to be IWF Hardcore Champion Joey Terrofyin vs. Joey A. for the title. Before the match could get started, however, Terrofyin said he would not wrestle Joey A., and then attacked Joey A.’s arm with the title belt and the chair. Terrofyin noticed several local wrestlers in the crowd, and challenged any of them to take Joey A.’s place in the match. Former IWF wrestler Juntsu, who had recently retired, was also in the crowd as a fan, and he accepted Terrofyin’s challenge. Joey Terrofyin, seemingly scared, tried to talk his way out of the match, saying Juntsu couldn’t wrestle because he didn’t have gear with him. Juntsu responded by saying that Joey forgot Beetlejuice’s cardinal rule when attending shows-always bring your gear. He then revealed that he had his wrestling gear on underneath his street clothes, which prompted IWF co-commissioner to make the match official.

IWF Hardcore Championship (Main Event): Juntsu vs. IWF Hardcore Champion Joey Terrofyin
Juntsu defeated Terrofyin by Knockout with a Rear Naked Choke. Juntsu is the new IWF Hardcore Champion.

*After the match, Joey Terrofyin shook Juntsu’s hand, and they embraced with a hug in the ring as a tribute to Alan.