L. Anne Carrington passed this along:

From Daniel John concerning the no-shows of Davey Richards and Brian Kendrick at last night’s PW101: Unstoppable:

“During the afternoon meet & greet it was announced that they were having trouble with 2 of the international wrestlers (Kendrick and Davey Richards). At the start of the evening show they explained the situation to us in full. Davey Richards had emailed them 2pm on the day to say he hurt his knee a little bit the night before (he should have been on his flight at 7pm the night before) and so he wouldn’t be able to make the show.

They then went on to Kendrick. They had an email from him at 7am on the day of the show saying that due to a mishap with his Blackberry, he didn’t receive his flight details in time to catch the flight, and that he would try and get a flight over and make it for the show. That was the last they’d heard from him by 8.30pm on the day.

Fans were quite annoyed at Davey Richards, but weren’t too annoyed by Kendrick, because they saw that as a technical error and not the fault of any person. There were chants of “We want Kendrick” throughout the show, and when one of the heel wrestlers stared impersonating him with dances and poses, he got a chant of “you’re no Kendrick”.

Overall, it was a good show, and an absolute shame that Brian couldn’t make it.”