Alex Marvez has an interview up with Jim Cornette. Here are some of the highlights from the interview.

On joining Ring of Honor to become an executive producer:
“I’m not just trumpeting my latest job, but Ring of Honor is always one of the companies I’ve loved and pulled for. They do a better job with what they have than anybody else. They’re a wrestling company run by wrestling people. They’re not trying to beat (World Wrestling Entertainment). They just want to carve their own niche. At TNA, I was basically tired of working for a big company and watch it get smaller. I wanted to go to a smaller company and help it get bigger.”

On his time with TNA and Vince Russo:
“(I enjoyed) pulling in a lot of money working with a lot of people I’ve known for 20 or 30 years. It was sad, disappointing and depressing to watch. We didn’t have as many pay-per-view buys as we should and nobody was getting over (i.e., becoming popular with the fans). He’s the only booker I’ve ever seen who gets people under. The matches are made meaningless so Russo can see his comedic lines and dramatic scripting spring to life. There’s a bunch of great athletes, but they’re not very good actors. They’re even worse comedians.”

On his goals with Ring of Honor:
“I don’t want to reinvent the wheel in Ring of Honor or change the style (of wrestling). The only thing I’m going to try and do is see what else we can do in addition to what the Ring of Honor fan base likes to see. That will maybe bring in some other fans who want to see a little something different.”

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