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WSU, the leader in womens wrestling in the United States today, continues to be the innovator of the womens wrestling scene, as WSU has two huge match announcements, as a follow up from our 10/3 double DVD taping.

WHAT: WSU Returns To American Championship Entertainment Wrestling (ACE)
WHEN: This Saturday, 10/10
WHERE: The ACE Arena, 725 Sip Street, Union City, NJ
Belltime: 8PM
WSU Matches: WSU Spirit Championship Match-Jana vs Latasha EMPTY ARENA MATCH (Taped For DVD Only) & Becky Bayless vs Winner of Jana/Latasha For the WSU Spirit Championship
ACE Main Events: Jerry Lynn vs Mo Sextyn & Dan Maff Defends ACE Championship vs Bruno Marciano
Ticket Information: Tix available at the door
More Information: ACEProWrestling.com & WSUWrestling.com

The former Soul Sisters Tag Team, Jana & Latasha, have been at each other’s throats since January of this year.
One of WSU’s hottest acts went on a losing streak towards the end of 2008. Instead of trying to get over the rough patch, Jana decided to make a move that would never ever be forgotten and turned her back on Latasha & all the WSU fans.

On 1/10/09, with rumors of Latasha taking time off due to a pregnancy, Jana came out to congratulate her partner. However, in one of the sickest and most despicable acts ever in pro wrestling, Jana laid out her former partner, leaving her in a bloody mess. While it was revealed later on that Latasha was never pregnant, just the fact that Jana would attack someone she thought was pregnant was just vile and inhumane.

Jana & Latasha would do battle for the first time on 3/7/09. In this match, Jana was able to win the match, upstaging her former partner. But the war wasn’t over.

On June 6th, 2009, Jana and Latasha captained two squads in match to determine the entrants order in the 2nd Annual Uncensored Rumble. On that night, Jana would become the sole survivor, lastly eliminating Latasha. Jana would then throw more s alt on the wound, as she eliminated Latasha in the Uncensored Rumble, taking away Latasha’s chance at becoming #1 contender to the WSU World Title.

In June of 2009, WSU announced that they would be creating a new championship division, to showcase the fiery passion of WSU’s up-and-comers. Called the “Spirit” division, a tournament was announced to crown the first ever WSU Spirit Champion.

On 8/14/2009, Jana and Latasha’s paths would inevitably collide again. Jana would submit three WSU wrestlers that night with her patented Jana-Vice (Front Face Lock). However, Jana could not apply the hold to Latasha in the finals of the tournament and perhaps in an upset, Latasha defeated her former partner for the first time. However this was the biggest win in this personal rivalry, as Latasha became the first ever WSU Spirit Champion!

Latasha’s celebration would be short, as Jana immediately attacked Latasha after being defeated. However, Latasha fought off Jana and said she would be a fighting champion. A match was signed for 8/22 between the two.

Jana vs Latasha took place again on 8/22, this time for the WSU Spirit Championship, in Latasha’s first title defense. Latasha would outsmart Jana once again and walked out champion. Jana went bezerk and threw a tantrum after the match. It seemed that Latasha, who once was mentally ruined by Jana, was now in Latasha’s head!

Latasha kept the foot on the gas, as during “As The World Turns” WSU DVD Taping, Latasha distracted Jana in her match with Jennifer Cruz, leading to J-Cruz picking up an upset victory over Jana. Jana again snapped and went nuts after the match.

In DVD footage from “As The World Turns”, Jana attacked Latasha in the WSU locker room. It seemed that the war between these two would never come to a halt.

On 10/3, at WSU’s most recent double DVD taping, Jana and Latasha were at it again. After attacking Latasha during her title defense against Lea Morrison, a triple threat match was announced betwen Lea/Latasha/Jana fo r Latasha’s WSU Spirit Championship. We would later find out this was Jana’s plan to get the WSU Spirit Championship away from Latasha.

During WSU’s second DVD taping on 10/3, Jana viciously attacked Lea Morrison in the triple threat WSU Spirit Championship match. Lea Morrison was injured and would later need EMT assistance. Jana would take advantage of this situation and pinned Lea, winning the WSU Spirit Championship. Latasha lost her championship to her arch-nemesis without ever being pinned.

Jana & Latasha, one of WSU’s hottest teams just one year ago are now battling in one of the hottest feuds in WSU today. After interference, sneak attacks, and mind games, WSU has decided there has to be one way to settle this once and for all with no distractions.

On 10/10, at the ACE Arena, WSU will be filming an EMPTY ARENA MATCH, the first time ever this stipulation has ever been used in womens wrestling. Jana & Latasha will make history, being the first ever female participants to compete in an Empty Arena Match! This match will also be for Jana’s WSU Spirit Championship.

WSU hopes by putting these two in an Empty Arena Match there will be no distractions, no interference and will ensure a one on one personal war to settle the score. This match will be released on a future DVD release.


HOWEVER, that is not all! After going 2-0 this past weekend, WSU Original, Becky Bayless has asked for a bigger role in WSU. Becky has challenged the winner of the Empty Arena Match to a WSU Spirit Championship Title Defense on the 10/10 ACE Live Event!

As of right now for the ACE event, Becky Bayless vs Jana has been signed for the WSU Spirit Championship. However, if Latasha ups her rival, Latasha will be defending the championship in this match! BECKY BAYLESS RETURNS TO UNION CITY in what could be her last appearance in Union City this year.

WSU will have our 10/3 DVDs up for sale this Monday. Make sure to check out WSUWrestling.com for more.


If you check out the latest issue of Pro Wrestling Illustrated, WSU is featured in PWI’s “Official Rankings” section. Here is a quick scan of the article: http://img.villagephotos.com/p/2005-1/9 … GS0909.jpg

Furthermore, congratulations to the former Brooke Carter, now Brittney Savage, for receiving votes in PWI’s Rookie of The Year Category in their Year End Awards.

Keep checking out WSUWrestling.com for more!

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