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Showtime All-Star Wrestling
Airing on September 26, 2009 on CW58 in Nashville
Taped September 18, 2009 at the SAW Mill in Millersville, Tn

LAST WEEK?Rick Santel interfered in the match between Andy Douglas and Cassidy Riley. The A-Team destroyed Riley’s knee.

Michael Graham and Reno Riggins opened from ringside with a wall of smoke to obscure the less-than-capacity crowd. Tonight: shocking footage of the latest confrontation between Chase Stevens and Andy Douglas, an appearance by the legendary Rick Morton that had Reno jacked AND the push for the big Fairgrounds show was on. Reno said he had scoured the globe to find an opponent to dethrone SAW International Champion Kid Kash, namely Bob ?Hardcore? Holly.

SAW: The Next Level, Saturday, October 10 at the Tennessee State Fairgrounds Sports Arena. SAW International Title Match: Champion Kid Kash vs. ?Hardcore? Bob Holly; Tables Match: Chase Stevens vs. Andy Douglas (with Paul Adams); Cassidy Riley (since changed to Flash Flanagan) vs. Rick Santel; Jon Michael Worthington vs. Jesse Emerson; Plus Derrick King Enterprises, Vordell Walker, David Young, Micah Taylor and the debut of Michael Shane.

1 ? SAW Tag Team Title Match: Champions DERRICK KING ENTERPRISES (Derrick King & JT Stahr with Sista O?Feelyah) vs. LANI KIALOHA & CHRISJEN HAYME

The graphic listed Aiden Scott in place of Hayme. Oops. Hayme and Stahr with a nice exchange to start. Hayme opened up a bit on offense. Kialoha got in a pair of flying shoulder blocks. Stahr used a cool backpack snapmare to start heat on Kialoha. King dumped Lani to the floor, where he was humiliated by O?Feelyah and got his chest kicked in by Stahr. They came back from a commercial break with the ref (and the viewers) having missed a legit tag by Lani. Hayme’s protests fell on the deaf ears of Senior Official Mark Herron. Stahr got the pin on Kialoha after DKE’s new finisher ? Blood Money.

WINNERS DKE in 3:25. Not much to it. Kialoha’s shoulder tackles looked so weak compared to the blast we were about to see from Walker.

DKE was at ringside with Dan Masters, who noted the absence of Drew Haskins. King claimed Haskins was on tour. LT Falk interrupted in a loud indignant manner. The office had informed LT that King turned down his challenge to Haskins, and he demanded to know what was going on. ?Pipe down,? King said. ?You out here rantin? and ravin?. Look, Drew Haskins has more things to do than come out and wrestle you. I mean he’s a star. He’s ?Teen Excitement? dad gum it.? King punched Falk in the face and posted his shoulder. DKE beat Falk down, until Walker ran them off.

During the break?Walker challenged King to a match.

2 ? DERRICK KING (with JT Stahr & Sista O?Feelyah) vs. VORDELL WALKER

King marched out and brazenly attacked Walker head on. Walker popped the crowd with a flying shoulder block. Graham solo on commentary, as Reno was called to the back to check on Falk’s injury. King cautiously grabbed a side headlock. Walker shot King off and leveled him with a lariat for a two count, then launched King with the overhead suplex. But Stahr pulled King out of harm’s way, and Walker posted his own shoulder. Ref Joe Williams ejected Stahr. King followed up with a divorce court and stayed on the shoulder. Walker fired up a comeback. Big powerslam for a near fall. Out came Stahr to distract. O?Feelyah slid her purse to King, and it was lights out for Walker.

WINNER: King in 3:18 with an assist from O?Feelyah’s loaded purse. Shouldn?t Stahr’s return have been an automatic DQ? Slick work between King and O?Feelyah on the finish.

Riggins joined Masters to present a Lifetime Achievement Award to Ricky Morton. Reno said Morton inspired him to become a pro wrestler, in part because he succeeded despite lack of size. Reno said SAW’s goal was to present the best young wrestling talent, but it would be unfair for them to not remember their past. Reno told Morton his face should be on the Mount Rushmore of pro wrestling. Morton said the wrestling business had changed.

It was a long hard road, but you see every road we took led us straight to the top. One thing I never forget is you fans?I always put you number one. That’s why I never minded being number two.

Kid Kash was at ringside with Dan Masters. They got off on the wrong foot with Kash threatening to bust Masters? face for touching him. Kash said he had been defending the SAW title against the best Europe had to offer for the past two months. He respected Holly, but respect was out the window if he was coming after the SAW title, and Holly would walk away a loser just like the rest. Kash said Morton was part of ?The Hall of Lame? and had failed to mention the biggest achievement of his career – ?training me?. Kash called Morton out. Kash said Morton had been like a father to him for the last 20 years, and the first thing Morton taught him was about respect. ?Have I not shown respect for the past twenty years?just like you taught me?? said Kash. ?How do you want me to answer that, David?? said Morton. Kash said he was a bigger star than Morton ever thought of being.

Eight times World Tag Team Champions, whoop-de-freakin-do. We?re talking about the most decorated light heavyweight champion in the world, and guess what Ricky? I was two time NWA World Tag Team Champion without you

I understand why they still call you Kid Kash, because you damn sure ain?t growed up yet.

Kash said since he hadn?t grown up, he guessed he didn?t have any respect. Kash smacked Morton’s face. They tussled. The refs pulled them apart and Reno got the middle to keep the peace.

In the locker room, Jon Michael Worthington was in disbelief about his actions towards Jesse Emerson, complete with a soap opera display of remorse and tears.

Graham and Riggins introduced footage of Stevens? recent confrontations with A-Team. The first clip showed Stevens attacking Santel at the Dog of Nashville Sausage Festival. Stevens beat his ass through the crowd and out onto the sidewalk. A car pulled up. Santel jumped in the front seat and it sped off. The second clip was from September 17 at the Limelight. Stevens attacked Douglas. The fought inside and outside the bar, then cut to a shot of Stevens, who was about to get his hands on Paul Adams when Douglas broke a bottle over his head. They cut to a still of Stevens out cold on the floor. Graham said Stevens had 12 stitches in his skull from the bottle shot. They hyped the Tables Match at Next Level.

SAW Top Ten: Kid Kash ? SAW International Champion 1) Hammerjack 2) Walker 3) Sean Casey 4) Douglas 5) Riley 6) Arrick Andrews 7) Santel 8) Worthington 9) Haskins 10) Emerson.

3 ? ANDY DOUGLAS (with Paul Adams) vs. ARRICK ANDREWS

Reno pointed out Douglas? heavily taped hand from the cut he sustained during the bottle shot incident. Andrews feeding off the crowd support at the opening bell. Douglas with a dose of pompous shenanigans in the early going. Andrews took control with a punishing armbar. Graham announced Kash vs. Morton in a title match next week. Reno claimed Ric Flair had never beaten Morton in 17 matches because they all went the 60 minute time limit. Reno’s nose instantly grew several inches. Douglas clipped Andrews? knee at the three minute mark. Douglas softened up the knee and locked in the figure four midring. Andrews in major agony here. Riggins noted that Andrews wasn?t even going for the ropes. Andrews reversed the hold and Douglas grabbed the ropes. Returning from commercial break, Andrews hit a Russian legsweep. Andrews on the comeback with a flying shoulder block for two, but still having trouble with the knee and Douglas caught him with a neckbreaker. Andrews rolled a shoulder at 2 and ?. Andrews hit the floatover bulldog, and Adams jumped up to distract the ref. Santel hit the ring with an exploder suplex on Andrews. He put Douglas on top and was promptly attacked by Stevens at ringside, while in the ring, Andrews kicked out. In the ensuing chaos, Santel accidentally tripped the wrong man, and Andrews pinned Douglas with the Wham Bam Thank You Ma?am.

WINNER: Andrews at 8:53. Good dual purpose match ? icing on the cake for Douglas/Stevens at the Fairgrounds and a nice boost for Andrews. This made two good matches in a row for him. He sold well but also got a decent amount of offense, and I really liked that he kicked out of Santel’s suplex (called the Santel Slam but it wasn?t his finisher). Another nice touch was the nod to Santel’s habit of grabbing the wrong guy’s leg.

CLOSING THOUGHTS: This was the big push for the Fairgrounds event. The effort is there, but something is missing. There’s no buzz of excitement. People watching on TV have got to be questioning why if SAW is such a big deal, are there are so few fans at the TV taping? I actually think Holly vs. Kash has the potential of being a very interesting match, but I don?t see it selling any tickets. Holly has been off TV for a while now, and he’s not someone that was ever a draw, or has any Nashville connection that I?m aware of. Plus, fans have been given no reason to care about him, particularly as the babyface. If the angle is Holly showing that punk Kash who the real badass is, then they badly need a promo from Holly spelling it out. As good as the Douglas/Stevens stuff has been, the Naturals have been around Nashville a long time, and I don?t see any feud involving local talent filling many seats in a graveyard like the Fairgrounds. Then, there’s the matter of Mike Porter running a free show against them just three miles away from the Fairgrounds. I really want to be wrong, because I love the product, but at this point, despite all the talent that will be present, I don?t have good feeling about 10/10 drawing?The most interesting thing about this episode was the segment featuring Kash and Morton. For starters, Kash intimidated Masters something fierce. The interaction between Kash and Morton was gold. When somebody call Abyss ?Chris? on TNA, it feels so phony, yet when Morton calling Kash by his real name was spot on?I should also mention that King’s facial expressions in the segment with Falk were pure awesomeness. That storyline in general is working just fine?Some sloppy production this week with at least three errors in the graphics ? a wrong name, a wrong date and a misspelled word. I thought this was OK for an episode that was light on wrestling, and heavy on hype.

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