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We are literally days away from the kickoff to the third season of PWO TV and it all goes down this Sunday afternoon at 1:00 pm at the I.X. Center, One I-X Center Drive, Cleveland, Ohio, 44135, with a live PWO TV Taping! This taping is a part of The Cleveland Men’s Show and is one of the main attractions in a weekend full of festivities.

Tickets are available online now! Simply log onto and follow the ?Purchase Tickets To Men’s Show? link to secure your spot now! Admission to the PWO live event is FREE with purchase of a $10 general admission Men’s Show ticket. Order your tickets now or pick them up live at the Men’s Show!

It’s going to be a loaded afternoon of PWO excitement. Here, for the first time, is the full final rundown for this weekend’s action –

This is your one-of-a-kind opportunity to meet and interact with not only some of the biggest names in Pro Wrestling Ohio, but some of the biggest names in pro wrestling history! Starting at 11:30 am you?ll have your chance to be up-close-and-personal with Hall of Famer and former PWO Tag Team Champion Greg ?The Hammer? Valentine, Brutus ?The Barber? Beefcake, ?Master of the 5 Count? King Kong Bundy, current reigning & defending PWO Heavyweight Champion Johnny Gargano, PWO’s Most Dominant Man Jason Bane, and more! The meet & greet, much like the live action, is free with admission to The Men’s Show so don?t miss your opportunity to show your appreciation to some of the sport’s finest!


PWO Championship – Johnny Gargano defends against ?Superstar? Mike Tolar
Johnny Gargano’s coming of age was made complete at Wrestlelution 2 as Gargano evolved before our eyes from a young punk kid with a distant dream into ?The Whole Shebang?, exorcising his demons and defeating Josh Prohibition in one of the most emotional and unforgettable battles anywhere in pro wrestling. Mike Tolar’s Wrestlelution experience was stellar in its own right, as the Kent State All-American collegiate champion score his biggest professional win to date, besting former PWO Champion ?M-Dogg 20? Matt Cross, thanks to some outside aid from his brainwashed lackeys Ben Fruith & EJ. After a very unpleasant encounter with Cleveland Browns legend Bob Golic moments earlier, Tolar rebounded into what could be a career-defining victory, as Tolar now finds himself the official #1 Contender to the PWO Championship. It’s Johnny Gargano’s first title defense, and his chance to prove he can make it on his own. Gargano has the ability, has the drive, has the athleticism, and it seems he finally has the mental prowess as well. But will it last? Mike Tolar has worked for years to receive this opportunity and will no doubt do anything in his power to feed his ego and capture the PWO Title on his very first opportunity. Who will exit the first event of our 3rd season with the PWO Title in tact?

PWO Tag Team Titles – The Clash vs. Brutus ?The Barber? Beefcake & Greg ?The Hammer? Valentine
At Wrestlelution 2, Ernie Ballz & Brian Bender used the method of ?divide & conquer? to procure the PWO Tag Team Championship from then-champions Greg Valentine & Jim Neidhart. The Clash reportedly cornered Valentine somewhere in suburban Cleveland the night before Wrestlelution, severely injuring The Hammer’s knee. With Neidhart left to defend the straps at a 2-on-1 disadvantage, The Clash pounced and, after stealing Valentine’s crutch and using it as a weapon, pinned The Anvil to officially realize their long-proclaimed destiny of becoming tag team champions. Despite still recovering from the severe leg injury sustained at the hands of The Clash, Greg Valentine has opted to use the return-match clause in his contract, though has requested a special stipulation. For this re-match, Valentine requested permission to turn to a man he has a long history of teaming with, and even a history of winning tag team championships with. PWO officials agreed, and as a result, on October 11 The Dream Team will re-unite in Pro Wrestling Ohio! Greg Valentine & Brutus Beefcake, as The Dream Team and managed by ?Luscious? John Valiant, captured the WWF World Tag Team Titles in 1985, and reigned atop a very competitive tag team scene for eight months, before losing the titles in a historic bout at WrestleMania 2. It has been 22 years since Valentine & Beefcake have teamed on television, but they will re-unite in PWO on October 11? Will this be a one-night only reunion or the beginning of Valentine’s second reign as PWO Tag Team Champion? And will The Hammer be anywhere near 100% by October 11? And what will The Clash have in store for these two timeless legends?

PWO Television Champion ?Omega? Aaron Draven defends against ?True Talent? Bobby Shields of Sex Appeal
The risk-taking, thrill-seeking Omega Aaron Draven survived three very intense and diverse athletes, and more importantly severely injured ribs, to emerge from PWO Wrestlelution 2 is the first ever PWO Television champion. However, now that the gold is firmly in Draven’s possession he has no time to rest. His first challenger is truly one of the best, and in his mind truly one of the best looking. Whether he’s ?True Talent? ?Beautififul? ?The Body? or any of the other plethora of names he’s bestowed upon himself, Bobby Shields is a major reason why the Sex Appeal faction is among the most talked about topics in PWO today. Shields, with the lovely Dawn Decadence by his side, was instrumental in himself, Bobby Beverly, and newcomer Nickie Valentino’s victory at Wrestlution 2, with Shields scoring the winning fall. As a result, Bobby ?The Body? was granted this championship opportunity, and wants to use the PWO TV Title as a means to spread his message of beautiful is better, and also to enhance his own image and ego. Can Shields stop the gutsy underdog or does Omega have another miracle left in him?

?M-Dogg 20? Matt Cross vs. Matthew Justice
It’s a battle of high-flyers as two men who had very different fates at Wrestlelution collide. Matthew Justice exorcised his past demons by literally surviving Pirate Rules, and hopes to use the victory as a springboard to success in his newfound singles career. Matt Cross suffered a crushing loss in his #1 Contender’s Match against Mike Tolar, and hopes to re-group and re-enter the championship scene with a victory here. Can M-Dogg take one step toward regaining the title he was screwed out of last spring? Or can Matthew Justice defeat PWO’s first ever champion and score his biggest career win?

Women’s Action: Hailey Hatred vs. Portia Perez in a Wrestlelution 2 rematch!
This past August, internationally-traveled athlete Portia Perez was brought into PWO by Eric Ryan in order to eliminate the lovely yet deadly Hailey Hatred. Portia came up short in her quest, but a rivalry between the two was born, and Portia was quick to ask PWO management for a return match with Hailey. Officials obliged, and we will once again be treated to two of the toughest and most athletic female athletes in professional wrestling today. Who will emerge victorious in this, their second meeting?

?Handicapped Hero? Gregory Iron vs. Bobby Beverly of Sex Appeal
At PWO Wrestlelution 2, Gregory Iron joined the fight against Sex Appeal, taking years of being ridiculed and looked down upon throughout his childhood and channeling that anger to wage war with the very same individuals perpetrating the same heinous act in PWO. In the course of the battle, Beverly charged at Iron, however Greg stepped aside at the last minute, leaving Beverly charging into the steel ring post, knocking out two of his teeth and busting his lip wide open. After a stay in the hospital, Beverly was reportedly irate that his ‘sexy face? was ?permanently deformed? by Gregory Iron. Beverly, no doubt PWO’s most superficial superstar, claimed his career and life will never be the same and demanded a match with Gregory Iron to inflict revenge. Iron has never backed down from a fight, and accepted the challenge, as this clash of differing lifestyles is now official. With a man as shallow as Beverly, with how seriously he takes his looks, how far will he go to inflict revenge on Gregory Iron? Will he succeed or will Gregory Iron put another imperfection in the profile of Sex Appeal?

Jason Bane & Hobo Joe vs. Eric Ryan & Corey Winters
PWO’s Most Dominant Man & PWO’s Dumpster Dweller formed an unlikely but very tough and successful team, defeating the ever-dangerous Gambino Family and gaining revenge on their common enemy Agent Aaron Maguire. Now, Hobo Joe seems excited about a potential long-term future of this tag team, as he’s signed on for the duo to meet Eric Ryan & Corey Winters. Ryan & Winters have had some bad luck in recent times, but are hoping to solidify themselves with a victory over two of PWO’s most popular athletes. Will they be successful or will PWO’s most unlikely tag team become 2-0? And is this truly the last we?ve seen of Aaron Maguire?

?Amazing? N8 Mattson vs. ?Megastar? Marion Fontaine w/Noj the Wild Samoan
What sort of mindset must the Michigan elitist N8 Mattson be in after suffering a major loss in his Michigan vs. Ohio turf war with Al Snow at Wrestlelution? We saw a glimpse of Mattson’s wrath when he, along with prot?g? ?Big Bear? Benjamin Boone assaulted Virus, putting him on the shelf with a broken collarbone (as seen here:, but it seems that will only be a small taste of what’s to come, if Mattson’s recent surly demeanor is any indication. Meanwhile, Marion Fontaine is rebounding from a frustrating loss to Sex Appeal. Along with trust sidekick Noj, Fontaine hopes to entertain and perform like no other, and hopes to halt Mattson’s attempted comeback to prominence. Who will reign supreme in this all important match-up concerning PWO’s TV Title rankings?

?Big Bear? Benjamin Boone vs. Michael ?The Bomber? Fa?ade
Two contrasting styles will collide as The Bear meets The Bomber. Boone has yet to be pinned since aligning himself with ?Amazing? N8 Mattson and relocating to Michigan. Will his unstoppable mauling of his opponents continue this weekend? Fa?ade, on the other hand, is a young competitor full of guts, heart, and a flashy unique ring style combining high-risk and martial arts. We?ve seen Fa?ade periodically over the years, but hopes to truly cement his PWO reputation this weekend. His nickname, and image, comes from and reflects his main interest – graffiti. Fa?ade openly admits to ?roaming the streets at night, creeping while you?re sleeping? and this weekend, he hopes to creep his way up the PWO rankings and be the first man to pin Benjamin Boone in this calendar year. Will he be successful or will Benjamin Boone prove once again he is the #1 threat to the PWO locker room?

All this plus more! Don?t miss PWO Live! Log onto and follow the ?Purchase Tickets To Men’s Show? link to secure your spot now! We?ll see you all at the Cleveland I.X Center this Sunday afternoon!

Pro Wrestling Ohio is a regional independent professional wrestling organization headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio. Since opening its doors in October 2007, PWO has been televised via the Sports Time Ohio network, official television home of the Cleveland Indians, available in over 4 million homes via basic cable and available nationwide via select sports packages on both DirecTV and Dish Network. PWO utilizes the most exciting and talented professional wrestlers in the region today, with names such as ?M-Dogg 20? Matt Cross, Josh Prohibition, Jason Bane, Johnny Gargano, and Mike Tolar. PWO also works closely with various causes, having helped raise funds & awareness for such groups as the Cops & Kids program, and the local National Guard and Family Readiness Group. Pro Wrestling Ohio holds live events on a routine basis in suburban Cleveland, Ohio. For more information on PWO, please visit or e-mail

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