Westside Xtreme Wrestling debuted at the ECW Arena for “wXw: The Vision” before a good afternoon crowd of about 400, despite torrential rain in the Philadelphia area Saturday afternoon. A number of German fans flew in for the day’s events.

B-Boy, while making it to the Arena, didn’t work either of the day’s shows due to a 103 degree fever, and was told to go home.

  • In one of the top matches of the day, period, Zack Sabre Jr. successfully defended his wXw World Lightweight Championship Champion against TJP (TJ Perkins). Sabre submitted TJP with a cross-arm breaker. These two showed the often impatient ECW Arena crowd what good, fast, crisp mat work can be, coupled with stiff kicks and great submissions.
  • Big Van Walter defeated Eddie Kingston via Powerbomb. Kingston got a big pop from the crowd that almost looked like it embarrassed him. Match seemed designed to largely put over Big Van Walter, who won wXw’s 16 Carat Gold Tournament in Germany last week.
  • CZW’s Hardcore Nick Gage defeated Karsten Beck in a short match with a chokebreaker.
  • Switchblade Conspiracy (Champions) successfully defended their wXw World Tag Team Championship over the Armerican Wolves of Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards via an Inside Cradle by Moxley pinning Edwards. This match was everything you’d expect it to be with these four
  • In the post-intermission match, Claudio Castagnoli defeated Tommy End via an uppercut
  • Steve Douglas successfully defended his wXw World Heavyweight Championship, defeating Bad Bones via a rope-assisted Half Nelson Suplex. To put it charitably, the match sucked. It didn’t help when the crowd wasn’t sure who the heel and face were (I THINK Bad Bones was supposed to be the babyface here, as Steve Douglas came out with a German flag, then brought out an American flag.and made a motion as if he were going to set the flag on fire). Bad Bones and Steve Douglas blew a couple spots mid-match, started trying too hard to get the match back on track, and no one had the good sense to take the match home early. The crowd dissatisfaction really blew up after a badly messed up out of ring table spot. Post-match, both Bad Bones and Steve Douglas got loud “Don’t come back” and “You both suck” chants. Bad Bones got extremely pissed by the crowd reaction, got in one fan’s face, and started a shoot promo that got cut off when his microphone was turned off with Maven Bentley and others taking him to the back.
  • Alex Shelley submitted Chris Hero via arm-captured Inside Cradle
  • In the main event Pain in the Glass Deathmatch (featuring three panes of glass, thumb tack strips and various other toys, Drake Younger defeated Thumbtack Jack via a Death Valley Driver

    DJ Hyde announced that in November CZW will travel to Germany for Gorefest 3 with a CZW vs. wXw theme of: TOD vs. Gorefest.