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News & Notes Following WXW-C4’s Halloween Mayhem: Barbed Wire Brutality from Saturday

Halloween Mayhem: Barbed Wire Brutality Quick Results
10/04/09 – “Panama City Playboy” Adam Cole wins a Battle Royal.

Dasher Hatfield is victorious in his WXW-C4 debut against Blake Haze.

The team of “The Puerto Rican Terror” Havoc and EJ Risk defeated “Chainsaw” Joe Gacy and Ryan Slater.

“The Gift” John Bane was defeated by Extreme Horsemen member, Alex Anthony.

In a 6 Person Elimination Match the only female competitor Niya was victorious against Chrono Chris, Rex Taylor, J-Weezy, and Johnny Ego.

In the first of two main events, Adam Cole defeated Steve Corino thanks to help from The Daniels Dynasty. After the match Cole rejected an offer to join the Dynasty.

Sean Maluta was able to beat longtime rival, “TDS” The Dynamic Sensation. Maluta also rejected an offer to join the Daniels Dynasty only to be attacked from behind from the newest Dynasty member, TDS.

And in the main event, Eric Cobian successfully defended the Ultimate World Championship against “The Extreme Enforcer” A.C. Anderson after Doc Daniels threw a fireball into his face. After the match, the entire Dynasty viciously whipped Anderson. This prompted WXW-C4 Commissioner, Maven Bentley, to announce a rematch between the two men for WXW-C4’s return to the New Mountainville Memorial Hall on November 7th … The rematch will be a STRAP MATCH! Stay tuned to for more information on WXW-C4’s return to Mountainville on November 7th!

WXW-C4 Returns To Drum s, PA THIS SATURDAY (October 10 at 7:30 PM)
WXW-C4 is NOT done putting on the greatest events in the Leigh Valley this October! WXW-C4’s Halloween Mayhem continues with Stretchered Out THIS SATURDAY from the Drums Fire Hall in Drums, PA at 7:30 PM!

The war between The Doc Daniels Dynasty and The Extreme Horsemen continues in Drums! The unlikely Ultimate Tag Team Champions, ?Extreme? Billy Dream and ?The Gift? John Bane, defend their titles in a STRETCHER MATCH against ?2nd To None? Alex Anthony and ?The Greek God? Papadon of the Extreme Horsemen!

Also scheduled for the return to Drums is a GRUDGE MATCH! ?The Puerto Rican Terror? Havoc will finally get his hands on K-Pusha of All Money Is Legal.

All this and more takes place when WXW-C4 returns to the Drums Fire hall THIS SATURDAY (October 10th) at 7:30 PM.

Update On The Condition Of A.C. Anderson
10/04/09 – For those not in attendance, at the conclusion of the Cobian/Anderson Barbed Wire Board Match Doc Daniels threw a fireball into the face of A.C. Anderson resulting in victory for Eric Cobian. After the match, A.C. Anderson was checked on by the attending doctor. Although burned, Anderson is NOT in critical condition and will not miss major time from the ring. We here at would like to wish Anderson the best has he heals from this despicable act. Anderson WILL get a chance at some revenge when WXW-C4 returns to the New Mountainville Memorial Hall on November 7th when he challenges for the Ultimate World Title again, this time in a STRAP MATCH!

New Home of WXW-C4!
In addition to all this, WXW C4 is proud to announce the location of our new home to the Wild Samoan Training Center, and the home to the NEW WXW C4 Arena, The PA Expo Center! This impressive 95,000 Sq Ft building is in prime locat ion at the crossroads of Rts 22 and 309. Portions of the building will host the school and the new WXW C4 Arena where monthly shows will be held. More information on our new home will be coming soon, along with our grand opening date.

All Women Event Coming This December!
Finally, on December 5th at the New Mountainville Memorial Hall WXW C4 will host its first Women’s Division event. Already confirmed is the Womens Champion Mercedes Martinez, Ariel, Nikki Roxx and many more to come. For more information stay tuned to Blast TV (which you can watch over the internet at and Any lady interested in making her debut with WXW C4 send an email to

Programming Reminder
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