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WXW C4 is proud to announce our debut in the East Side Youth Center in Allentown TOMORROW (Saturday, October 3rd) with Halloween Mayhem: Barbed Wire Brutality at 7:30 pm. Tickets are $12 for GA at the Door, $15 Ringside and $10 in advance at The Easty Side Youth Center can be found at 1140 E Clair St, Allentown. Scheduled so far:

For the first time in WXW C4 history, the Ultimate World Championship will be on the line in a Barbed Wire Board Match between Eric Cobian w/ Doc Daniels and AC Anderson w/ Rob Dimension. This feud has been taken to a new level after the Dynasty attacked Anderson with a Barbed Wire 2×4 at our last event. Commissioner Bentley made the match much to the dismay of the Dynasty, fearing for the looks of Cobian. Anderson not only has Rob Dimension behind him, but a man who is no stranger to Barbed Wire: Steve Corino. Corino has been mentally preparing Anderson for what he is about to walk into, and he may have the advantage in this one and could walk away with not only his first championship, but a win in one of the biggest upsets in company history.

Also, Steve Corino returns to WXW C4 to take on “Rotten” Tommy Suede. Suede and Corino were the last two standing in the Total Elimination Match last month at Unfinished Business and Suede is determined to even up the score next Saturday. Who will walk out on top, or will Corino get another win, and possible a shot at the Ultimate Title down the line?

The Ultimate Hybrid Title will be on the line when VSK defends against the “Panama City Playboy” Adam Cole. Cole has been on an impressive winning streak as of late and has earned his first Hybrid Shot next Saturday. After attacking the champ after a grueling 4 way, will VSK’s luck run out at Halloween Mayhem?

All this and more… TOMORROW at the East Side Youth Center in Allentown, PA at 7:30 PM.

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