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WSU Returns on 10/3/09
What: Women Superstars Uncensored
When: Saturday, October 3rd, 2009
Where: The ACE Arena, Located at 725 Sips Street, Union City, NJ (5 Minutes from NYC w/public transportation to and from NYC. Take the 22 Bus Line from NYC Port Authority to the Union City/Bergenline stop and walk two blocks)
Bell Time: First Show will start at 5:30 PM. Doors will open at 5PM

WSU, the leader of womens wrestling returns on October 3rd, 2009, as we make our debut at the ACE Arena in Union City, NJ. This venue is one of the premier venues in wrestling today and will bring out the best production in WSU yet!

If you haven’t been to a live WSU event, there is no better time to go now, as WSU leads the nation in presenting quality womens wrestling shows with the best talent today. Often imitated, but never duplicated, WSU is ready to present you one of the biggest women wrestling shows of the year! WSU is also excited about running in the brand new ACE Arena, which is one of the most comfortable and intimate settings for a wrestling show on the east coast today!

Seven Huge Matches Have Been Announced For The First Taping

WSU World Championship Match
(c) Mercedes Martinez vs Portia Perez
– Perez and Martinez lock up for the first time in nearly a year after their classic near 30 minute battle number 1 contenders match. With Nikki Roxx unavailable on 10/3, Martinez put out an open challenge, which was quickly answered by perennial WSU fan-favorite, Portia Perez. These two fought tooth and nail, and Martinez nar rowly defeated Portia on 11/29/08. Now that Martinez is champion and having been in the ring with Martinez once before, Perez wants a chance at the most prestigious womens championship today. Perez looks to become the first ever Canadian World Womens Champion in WSU.

WSU Tag Team Title Match
(c) Jessicka Havok & Hailey Hatred vs Alicia & Brooke Carter
– The rubber-match in this series takes place on 10/3. Alicia made a successful comeback, winning tag gold with Carter on 6/6, only for Havok/Hatred to take that gold away on 8/22. Now who will win the decisive battle?

(No DQs or Countouts, Anything Goes!)
Angel Orsini vs Rain
– These two have had a rocky relationship ever since January and it finally came to a head on 8/22, when Orsini had enough of Rain once and for all. Orsini already has one win over Rain, as she defeated Rain in the finals of the 2009 J-cup in a wild match. However, Rain looks more determined than ever before to dominate WSU and one can not under-estimate her cunning trickery.

Special Challenge Match
Amber O’Neal vs Sassy Stephanie
– Amber O’Neal had an impressive WSU debut, defeating Annie Social & Cindy Rogers on 8/22. Sassy Stephanie looks to get a win in her first match in WSU over Amber O’Neal. Can Stephanie jump up the WSU rankings with a big win over O’Neal, or will O’Neal continue her undefeated streak in WSU?

A WSU Original Returns!
Becky Bayless vs Rick Cataldo
– When Becky Bayless made plans to return to WSU on 10/3, after a year’s absence, many people lined up to the door, all wanting to make sure her stay was a short one. Becky, who always found herself on the rulebreaking side, will find herself a fan-favorite when she goes up against the Original Diva, Rick Cataldo. Cataldo has already eliminated Roxxie Cotton from WSU and plans on eliminating Becky Bayless next. Will Becky get a hero’s return or will her return amount to zero?

Old School Science
Cindy Rogers vs Malia Hosaka
– WSU 2009 Hall of Famer, Malia Hosaka returns to WSU. While Hosaka is well liked by everyone in WSU, Cindy Rogers asked WSU for this match as she wanted to test her wits and ability against one of the best to ever step inside the squared circle. This should be a great match up pitting two veterans who are well versed in the science, grappling, and submission styles when it comes to pure wrestling. This match will affect the WSU World Title rankings.

Tag Team Grudge Match
WSU Spirit Champion Latasha & Jennifer Cruz vs Jana & Brittney Force
– The feud between the former Soul Sister tag team, Jana & Latasha has reached a fever pitch in WSU. These two have been on each others throats for nearly a year, however with Latasha winning the WSU Spirit Championship, things have increased to an all new level! After the events of 8/22, Latasha & Jennifer Cruz have challenged Jana to a tag match. Jana has recruited rookie Brittney Force to have her back. In a match that will have Spirit Championship implications, will Jana or Latasha care more about winning or more about maiming the other? We’ll find out on 10/3!

WSU Hall of Famer, The First Lady of Wrestling, “The Walking Riot” herself, Missy Hyatt will be in the house on 10/3. Missy Hyatt will be hosting another live edition of “Missy’s Manor”, where Missy Hyatt will interview the returning Becky Bayless. With rumors swirling that Missy Hyatt is itching to get back into the managerial game in WSU, could we see Missy’s newest client?

There will also be a second DVD taping on 10/3, but as usual, matches will be announced/take place based on the events of the first taping. However, one match has been signed based on the events of WSU “On The Road: Fall 09” tour, as WSU World Champion Mercedes Martinez & Former World Champion Angel Orsini Team Up To Take on WSU Tag Team Champions Jessicka Havok & Hailey Hatred! If Havok/Hatred lose the championships on the first taping, this will be a grudge match, as Martinez & Orsini have been going at it with Rain’s henchwomen since August!

In recent weeks, both Havok & Hatred have challenged Martinez for her World Championship, only to come up shorthanded. Martinez wants to return the championship request favor, and has asked for a WSU Tag Team Title match after the events of her World Championship match with Hailey Hatred, where she narrowly defeated Hatred. Martinez has asked Angel Orsini, who she recently reconnected with, to be her partner for this monumental match. Orsini is no stranger to Havok/Hatred, having collided with these two during the WSU “On The Road: Summer 2009” DVD. This is the only place you can see the WSU Tag Team Champions in the tri-state area, so be there live when this explosive tag team match goes full throttle!

And So Much More, stay tuned to WSUwrestling.com for future updates!

Tickets are now on sale and can be reserved off the WSU and DOI sites for $12 in advance. Tickets will be $15 at the door.

What: Women Superstars Uncensored

When: Saturday, October 3rd, 2009
Where: The ACE Arena, Located at 725 Sips Street, Union City, NJ (5 Minutes from NYC w/public transportation to and from NYC)
Bell Time: First Show will start at 5:30 PM. Doors will open at 5PM

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