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From the desk of PWU GM Johnny Kashmere for immediate release:

Thank you to all of the great fans that made our return event a lot of fun for all involved. The major news coming out of this event is twofold….First, ZBARR recruited some old friends in SUNNY, NATE HATRED and ultimately JUSTICE PAIN himself into his new anti-establishment faction he calls “HEP-Z”. Second, Johnny Kashmere revealed HIMSELF as the new GM of PWU and signed “Free Agent” MATT WALSH to a BackSeat Boyz contract making Walsh the new 3rd member of the Philly Original tag team. Kashmere & Acid then announced they are starting a talent search for the FOURTH and FINAL member of The BackSeat Boyz. Details coming very soon.
The new Publicist/Producer of PWU, Matt J., hosted the event in grand fashion and announced PWU upcoming dates at The Trocadero in Philly as well as two dates at the Wildwood Convention Center in June 2010! Matt also declared a new TV deal spanning 8 states and millions of households beginning in early 2010. PWU has also been signed to be OPIE and ANTHONY’s special guests on national Sirius satellite radio coming up very soon.
Matt Walsh greatly impressed the PWU fans as well as the new PWU management staff, expect great thing from this world-class athlete and ground-breaking THIRD BackSeat Boy. “Lucky” Kevin Papics and “Indestructible” Joe Ettell also left great impressions on everyone in attendance and will both be a huge part of PWU’s future. The massive KWAME won the ANNIHILATION Super Heavyweight Championship after a hard fought big man battle royal. Bill “the Brick” Link made his pro wrestling debut under the guidance of his much despised manager TONY AC. Also The Blackwell Brothers impressed and have been invited back October 31st.
The entire staff and lockerroom agreed that TATANKA and AL SNOW were pleasures to be around and helped the younger guys in the lockerroom a lot. These two are shining examples of what the younger generation should strive to be like.
Many announcements about Oct 31’s return to Boyle’s World Gym coming this week at WrestleReality.com.

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PWU 9/26 Results
Quick Results From WrestleReality.com:

– 10 Bell for Big Joe aka 7 Foot Annihilation
– Missy Sampson was inducted into the PWU Hall of Fame
– New owners were introduced along with the new General Manager, Johnny Kashmere
– New ownership announced that a deal is in the works with Comcast Sportsnet for Sunday nights at 11pm (stay tuned for more info)
– Kashmere signs Matt Walsh to PWU and to be the 3rd Backseat Boy, then announces a talent search for the 4th BackSeat Boy.
– Lucky successfully defends his title over Joe Ettell
– Kwame wins the Annihilation Battle Royal becoming the Annihilation Super Heavyweight Champion
– CKNY beat Oscar and Good Will Greatness
– Nick Berk defeats Dewey Bonaduce
– Danny Bonaduce will make an announcement on his show this week concerning his PWU appearance in the future
– Al Snow (with head) defeats Nick Berk
– Tatanka defeats Matt Walsh
– Twisted Sand gets DDTed by Raven
– Justice Pain, special enforcer in the BSB vs. Nate Hatred and ZBARR match, turns on the BSB. HUGE MATCH ANNOUNCED FOR OCTOBER 31! All THREE BackSeat Boyz vs Hep-Z in a 6man barbed wire ladder match!
– Teddy Fine successfully defends his title against Aramis

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