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RESULTS : Power Trip Wrestling – “Built To Last”, Saturday 26th Sept 2009, Luton! – In association with the Herald and Post, Luton News, & Dunstable Gazette)

What an evening. Firstly we wish to thank our friends at the Herald and Post, Luton News, & Dunstable Gazette (,, for their support of the show, and attendance of the show. We want to thank the BBC and the film crew from the programme “See Hear” for being a pleasure to have alongside us, and to work with. And finally, we want to thank our marvellous PTW fans for what was a very loud and enthusiastic response from them all night long. We hope we showed you why Power Trip Wrestling is ‘The Best Family Night Out In Town’! Here’s the results and round up ….

* Petey Staniforth came to the ring, thoroughly disgusted at being cheered by the fans. That….soon changed. Going in a rant about how the only fans that he didn’t have the urge to slap in the face, were the ones in attendance that were wearing Luton Town FC shirts, he proceeded to complain at how he assumed the BBC TV cameras were present to film something on himself (going so far as to proclaim himself as everyone’s favourite hometown success story!), and was disgusted it was all about Sean Midnight and Tracey Kilby. Chrissie’s music hit, and she told him to shut up, as she signed in BSL ‘good evening’ to the fans. Petey and Chrissie had somewhat of a disagreement to say the least, and she brought out Sean and Tracey to the ring for what could only be called a popularity contest…which Petey lost in a landslide, as the fans voiced their love of Midnight and Kilby. Petey then said how he’d had enough of women getting in his business, and took a vicious slap from an offended Tracey Kilby; which lead to Petey’s saying that he would be in Prodigy’s (who would be Sean Midnight’s opponent later on) corner for his match, and Staniforth stropped off in a tantrum backstage.

* Tommy Stevens & Dragonian w/Olivier Davenport the Third, defeated Marcus Phayer & Ricky Rave.

* ‘Scumboy’ Dani Graves defeated Mr Portugal.

* In the result every single PTW fan was praying for, Dan Edge defeated American Allstar, and has finally, after everything in his path, got his match with Petey Staniforth on Saturday November 28th 2009, at PTW’s last show of 2009. This match saw Petey’s attempts at interference backfire dramatically, as Dan Edge punched Petey off of the ring apron to the concrete floor, not once but TWICE during the match. Once Edge took the victory, a broken but running on sheer bitterness Staniforth took to the ring and begain kicking Edge when he was down, and put on an anklelock, and with a posessed look began screaming he was going to break Dan’s ankle there and then.

PTW World Champion Conor Hurley made the save…as such. Petey shouted that if Conor hit him, he’d fire him on the spot and strip him of the PTW World Title, and got out of the ring on his own choice. A microphone was procured by Petey, and he said “So you think you can do what no-one else has ever been able to do, Dan? You think you can shut me up? Many have tried, and all have failed. Nothing keeps me down, and no-one can stop me. Saturday November 28th, “First Time, Last Time, Only Time”…it’s on, Dan Edge….and I’m ready!”. Edge replied that Petey had definitely done a good job on his ankle, but he would do what the fans are desperate to see him do, and he WILL shut Petey up on that date, and that he’d do it for every single fan who’s ever wanted to see it.

* Sean Midnight w/Tracey Kilby defeated Prodigy w/Petey Staniforth. During the match, Tracey Kilby slapped Petey even harder than before, for his interference and referee distracting antics. And Staniforth even managed to cost his wrestler the match, as after hitting Sean Midnight in the head with the Clipboard of Doom, he turned his back to celebrate, not realising that Midnight had fallen onto Prodigy and pinned him.

* In a three way Cruiserweight match, ‘Firestorm’ Gino Perri w/Drew Hawthorne defeated ‘Scumboy’ Dani Graves, and ‘The Essex Boy’ Billy Wizz. PTW Cruiserweight Champion D-Mon had been attacked backstage, as was evidenced by Perri and Hawthorne’s having D-Mon’s mask in their grip. The arrogant Perri took the win, and laid claim for a PTW Cruiserweight Title shot in the future.

* And in the main event, PTW World Champion Conor Hurley (with Chrissie) defeated Mason Storm (with Petey Staniforth). Even before the match, we had an incident, as Tony the ring announcer deliberately got Mason Storm’s name wrong on announcement, and Mason Storm exacted a painful revenge with one simple mafia kick to the head. The match was a wild one, with two big heavyweight stars trading powerful punches and blows. It also saw something that had to be seen to be believed, as a no less than ten minute long chant of “Petey Sucks” began, which saw the younger PTW fans chasing Petey’s every move around the ringside area screaming it at him; which as you can imagine, sat very badly with Petey to the extent at one point he hid behind his mother who was in the crowd, and even went backstage, poking his head around the curtain to see if the fans had sat down (and being greeted with that same chant!).

The end of the match, saw Hurley and Storm desperately trying to evade or kick out of each other’s finishing moves, but the charismatic and adored PTW World Champion Conor Hurley retained the title, much to the jubilance and approval of the fans. Petey then took it on himself to slap Conor round the face, which Conor brushed off… Petey did it again, and much harder. Conor looked, grabbed Petey as if to hit him, the fans begging him to….and then hit him with something much more damaging, his Sit Down Stunner!!! Petey was knocked out in the middle of the ring, and Hurley called Dan Edge to the ring, and the two stated on the microphone that this is what would happen on Saturday November 28th, at the same venue; as Dan Edge pinned Petey Staniforth 1….2….3!

We’ll see you Saturday November 28th 2009, at Challney School For Girls, Luton; as Power Trip Wrestling present “First Time, Last Time, Only Time”, their last show of 2009. Keep in touch with all PTW news via the official website, at!


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