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IN DEPTH PREVIEW : Power Trip Wrestling present “Built To Last”, Saturday 26th Sept 2009, Luton! – In association with the Herald and Post, Luton News, & Dunstable Gazette)

The night before a show is always a nervous time, for both management, wrestlers, and perhaps even the fans. Now is your chance to have an in depth preview of the show, and step in the world of PTW, and it’s current issues and ongoing feuds; as this was written a mere twenty four hours before the show. Power Trip Wrestling are back home for the first time since April 2009,…they’re back in Luton! You may have other shows in the area in October, but there’s only one company who cares about the fans to the extent that we do, there’s only one “Best Family Night Out In Town”, there’s only one company that has the nickname of “Luton’s Loudest Show”, and that is Power Trip Wrestling! Hold on tight…..

* PTW WORLD TITLE MATCH : Conor Hurley (c) VS Mason Storm w/PTW Promoter Petey Staniforth

PTW World Champion Conor Hurley, the international star who has wrestled many ex-WWE wrestlers and talent, is about to make his first defence of the PTW World Title in true PTW country and the company’s hometown of Luton. And he couldn’t have picked, in many ways, a tougher opponent, in Mason Storm. It’s crazy, upon viewing Mason Storm, to consider the fact he is often overlooked, but this has been the case in the past. Storm is around 6ft 5 inches tall, and a muscular 240lbs, and is legitimately one of the most dangerous men in Power Trip Wrestling’s history. Of course, adding to that, is the ever arrogant and twisted puppet master himself, the man who’s ego knows no bounds, Petey Staniforth. With Petey calling the shots and pulling the strings, who knows what depths they will sink to, to get the PTW World Title back around the waist of someone that Staniforth approves of? Oh, and don’t forget that a Petey scorned….is a bitter Petey. You can be sure that our boss hasn’t forgotten the PTW Summer Tour and the fact that Conor Hurley hit him with the sit down stunner in the middle of the ring….Petey will want revenge for sure. Can Conor Hurley survive with his PTW World Title intact, or will evil prevail?

* PTW Cruiserweight Champion D-Mon VS ????????

On September 6th, in Corby, Northamptonshire; the masked and mysterious D-Mon became the new PTW Cruiserweight Champion, by defeating the man who had held it for ten months straight; Ireland’s Scott Annette. A furious Petey Staniforth has made it clear that as far as he’s concerned, his way of returning the favour is forcing D-Mon to wrestle against an opponent that won’t be named until the night……What could be in store for D-Mon?

* ‘100 Percent’ Dan Edge VS American All-Star – With the condition that if Dan Edge wins, he gets his match against PTW Promoter Petey Staniforth, on Saturday November 28th in Luton!

Everyone knows the issues, and everyone knows their past. When Petey Staniforth was a nice guy, the UK’s only disabled wrestler, Dan Edge; was an arrogant bad guy. Then when Petey turned to the dark side, on the PTW Summer Tour 2008, the two managed to co-exist as the managerial dream team known as ‘The Evil Geniuses’. But the cracks in the wall started to appear in late 2008, and early 2009, especially in April 2009 at Icknield Junior School in Luton; when Dan Edge inadvertently (or so he said at the time….) headbutted Petey below the belt during a match and Petey’s failed interference on Dan’s behalf. From there, it was the night before Petey’s birthday at the end of July 2009, where Dan lost and was pinned in the tag team main event, which saw Petey blame Dan for “ruining his birthday”, and shockingly referred to Dan by his real name. That situation kicked off, to say the least, on the PTW Summer Tour 2009, and saw Petey force Dan through four weeks of hand chosen opponents to ‘earn’ the right to wrestle him. But the match proposed for the final night of the tour was cancelled at the last moment, due to Petey suffering a shoulder injury earlier on the show. Since then, Petey has been avoiding the issue somewhat, but the match they’re billing as “First Time, Last Time, Only Time” could be set in stone for PTW’s last show of 2009 on Saturday 28th November – IF, and only if, Dan Edge can defeat the returning to PTW, American All-Star. Everyone who remembers American All-Star, will know that he goes nowhere without his ever present baseball bat; and Dan Edge once more has the odds stacked against him. Can the inspirational disabled star Edge pull off another victory in his mission to prove that nothing can truly hold him down? Or will the final obstacle in his way prove simply too much for him?

* Sean Midnight w/Tracey Kilby VS Prodigy

PTW’s profoundly deaf star, Sean Midnight, has seen something of a breakthrough year in his career; 2009 has seen him featured on Sky Digital, and in various other media outlets. He became the first ever PTW British Champion, and he has also acquired the managerial services of Tracey Kilby (who is the daughter of UK Wrestling legend Alan Kilby). On Saturday 26th September, a film crew from the BBC television programme “See Hear” will be in attendance to record a feature on Sean and Tracey, and you’d think things were all sunshine and happy. Two things stand in their way, though…. One, is Prodigy, who is one half of the tag team known as Nemesis, who is more than capable of defeating any wrestler in PTW on his day. The other thing? PTW Promoter Petey Staniforth is seemingly very offended and angry that television cameras are in attendance, and not to focus on what he believes is a far more newsworthy story, in his being a hometown Luton success story. What will Petey do to damage Sean and Tracey’s dreams?

* Mr Portugal VS ‘Scumboy’ Dani Graves

The always fun, silly, entertaining and downright unpredictable Mr Portugal, is going to face off against a cocky young star of PTW who believes his time is right now; and that is ‘Scumboy’ Dani Graves, who is the other half of the tag team known as Nemesis, alongside Prodigy. This is quite a clash of personalities, to say the least, as Mr Portugal loves nothing more than to dance and entertain the fans with his offbeam antics; and Dani Graves feels that as long as he wins, it doesn’t matter how he achieves it.

* We will also have one more bonus match on the night for the fans, which currently involves the sure to be popular team of Marcus Phayer & Ricky Rave facing off against ‘The Hardcore Alcoholic’ Tommy Stevens & Aaron ‘The Lion’ Sharp (formerly known as Lionheart, in PTW shows circa 2007). The card is subject to change, and the details for the show are below…..

What :

Power Trip Wrestling present “Built To Last” (in association with the Herald and Post, Luton News, & Dunstable Gazette)

When :

Saturday 26th September 2009.

Where :

Challney School For Girls,
Stoneygate Road,
LU4 9TJ.

Times :

Doors Open 7.00pm, Show Starts 7.30pm

Ticket Prices :

Adult ?7, Child ?5, Family of Four ?20. Reserve tickets by calling the PTW Box Office on 07856 164285!


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