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Showtime All-Star Wrestling results from their Friday night television taping at the SAW Mill in Millersville, Tn with 60 in attendance.

They taped 2 hours of TV. For the wrestling, this was a fine event. No bad matches. It may not make for good TV because of the crowd being so small. That SAW doesn?t draw a better crowd for this quality of talent and inring performance is simply mind boggling.

Michael Graham and Reno Riggins opened with a stand up segment at ringside. They announced two key matches for the October 10 HD taping at the Tennessee State Fairgrounds (aka TNA Asylum): Kid Kash will defend the SAW International Title against Bob Holly and Chase Stevens vs. Andy Douglas in a tables match. They had some technical problems early in the show where the ringside interviews could not be heard over the PA.

(1) Derrick King Enterprises (Derrick King & JT Stahr with Sister O?Feelyah) beat Lani Kialoha & Chrisjen Hayme. Lani took the heat. Chicanery by DKE prevented the ref from seeing a legal tag to Hayme, and they pinned Kialoha with the Exit 1-A.

DKE’s interview time was interrupted by LT Falk. Falk confronted DKE. He carried himself well here, but one has to question his intelligence. King posted Falk. Vordell Walker made the save.

Walker called King out.

(2) Derrick King (with JT Stahr & Sista O?Feelyah) beat Vordell Walker in a short match. King took one of his killer bumps for Walker’s shoulder block. Ref Joe Williams tossed Stahr for interference. However, Stahr came back out to distract the ref while King used O?Feelyah’s purse on Walker. Why King wasn?t DQed when Stahr came back out goes down as one of pro wrestling’s dark mysteries.

Ricky Morton was presented with a Lifetime Achievement award from SAW. Straight up. Nobody busted the plaque over Morton’s head.

Kid Kash cut a promo. He threatened to break ring announcer Dan Masters? face for touching him. Kash made some derogatory remarks about Morton, who was his original trainer. Morton came out. He was calling Kash ?David?. Said he understood why he was still called Kid. Kash smacked Morton first and they did a grand pull apart to set up a match for the next episode.

(3) Arrick Andrews beat Andy Douglas (with Paul Adams). Adams was hilarious working the crowd all night long, especially the fat women. After Andrews hit his spinaround bulldog, Adams and Senior Official Mark Herron did one of their trademark distraction spots, the type that take forever and a day, and Santel hit the ring with an exploder suplex on Andrews. Andrews kicked out of Douglas? pin attempt. Chase Stevens attacked Santel. In the heat of the moment, Santel accidentally tripped up his fellow A-Team member, allowing Andrews to hit the Wham Bam Thank You Ma?am on Andy.

(4) Chase Stevens beat Big Bully Douglas. Thoroughly solid match. Bully is a pro. When he was making the trip to Deep South, he never failed to make the WWE developmental talent shine. Bully worked over Stevens? bandaged back, using a camel clutch. Stevens also had a big bandage on his forehead from where Andy Douglas bashed him with a battle at the Limelight the night before. Bully went for the TKO and Stevens countered with the fisherman suplex for the pin. Bully’s mouth was busted open, which they took advantage of with a crazed postmatch promo in tight close up.

Stevens cut a promo on Andy for the tables match at the Fairgrounds to air October 3.

(5) Kid Kash beat Ricky Morton via submission in 7 minutes. Best Ricky Morton match I?ve seen in a while. Good story built around a few key spots. Any time Kash tried to get into his shenanigans with the crowd, a wall of SAW security personnel was there to keep them separated. This will work well on TV, as it made Kash appear more dangerous than ever ? like a fenced in pit bull with a bad temperament. Kash used a variation of the Fujiwara armbar early. Morton delivered a classic wrestling slap. It was awesome. Kash decked Morton with a great right hand on the break. Kash caught Morton with a cross armbreaker. Rather than tapping, Morton passed out from the pain.

(6) John Michael Worthington beat Jesse Emerson in 14 seconds. Emerson attacked JMW outside the ring. Worthington sprayed something in Emerson’s eyes and threw him in the ring. The bell rang and Worthington hit the Brentwood Breaker for the pin.

(7) Rick Santel (with Paul Adams) vs. Hammerjack was ruled a no contest. Andy came out and was ready to hit the Natural Disaster on Hammer, but Stevens hit the ring in the nick of time.

(8) Sean Casey (with The Freak Squad including Lexi Pillman & Tiana) beat Lani Kialoha in 6:50. The Freak Squad has grown to five members. Kialoha hit his diving headbutt and had Casey in trouble when Pillman grabbed his leg to set up Casey’s superkick. finisher.

(9) Micah Taylor beat David Young (with Paul Adams) in 8:30. Good debut match for Taylor. He adds a level of technical expertise to the SAW roster. Young dropkicked the ropes just as Taylor was going for a springboard. Very cool move. Taylor got the pin with a leg lariat off the top. Young did a postmatch crybaby routine and had to wipe the tears away with Adams? towel.

(10) Scarboni Brothers (Vinnie & Southpaw Sonny) beat Boy & Dell Tucker. Scarbonis recorded their first win in SAW in a pretty evenly fought match. It should be noted that Southpaw Sonny throws his right handed punches. Scarbonis pinned Tucker with a flapjack/X factor combo.

The show closed with two non-TV matches.
The returning Kliff Hanger defeated Kevin James. Boy interfered. HNIC made the save and it morphed into a tag match ? HNIC (with James) beat Hanger and Boy.

NOTES: Jerry Jarrett was not at the taping but the legendary Corsica Joe, age 89, was in attendance?The next SAW TV tping at the SAW Mill will be October 2?SAW ran four matches at the Limelight in Nashville the night before (Sept 18). Attendance was disappointing to say the least. Results were Aiden Scott beat Mr. Jacko; Hammerjack over Drew Haskins; Arrick Andrews over Andy Douglas; Vordell Walker beat JT Stahr (with Haskins). In a segment that was shot for the TV, Chase Stevens and Douglas did a barroom brawl that concluded with Douglas busting a bottle over Stevens head.

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