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Platinum Championship Wrestling show #3 09/16/09

Announcer: Sam Stone

Commentator at ringside: Stephen Platinum

A legitimately packed house. Every seat filled. The show started, and Sam Stone announced the first match. As referee Bull Leahy waited in the ring. Timmy McClendon came to the ring, declaring himself ?gangsta.? The Reverend Waylan Grimm came to the ring, declaring his respect for everyone.

Timmy McClendon versus The Reverend Waylan Grimm

The Reverend made short work of McClendon, battering him around the ring before locking him in a sleeper. McClendon was clearly out, but Grimm held his arm up so the referee could not end the match on a submission. Grimm picked McClendon up and dropped him hard with a standing belly to back suplex, then pinned him to the boos of the crowd.
After the match, as Grimm wanted to speak yet again, The Phantom came to the ring and stared Grimm down. Though he didn?t say anything, his intent was clear and a match was made between Grimm and The Phantom for next week.
Mason came to the ring and declared that graffiti was ugly and contained hidden messages to pacify the masses, and he would start ending the blight by destroying Vandal. Vandal came to the ring and took umbrage to what Mason said. Miss Quinn watched from ringside.

Mason versus The Vandal

The Vandal made a great accounting for himself, surviving Mason’s early onslaught to knock the paranoid prince down with a series of forearm shots. He tagged Mason with a high legdrop, but soon found himself unable to hold off Mason’s maniacal barrage, getting caught in Mason’s ?Scales of Justice? and pinned. Miss Quinn came to Vandal and talked to him, and the two waited at ringside to watch the next match.

Before that match, however, Pandora came to the ring and challenged ?The White Trash Princess? Miss Dixie to a match for next week, assuring her that Grotesque, the man monster who attacked Dixie the first week, would not be there for the match. Dixie reluctantly accepted.

Referee Duke Korey came to the ring to referee the next two matches. Following him was De La Vega, a debuting wrestler in PCW, who declared that wrestling was ?an art? and he was going to be PCW’s finest artist. Geter came to the ring, unbeaten and, really, unchallenged thus far in PCW. His manager Max said that Geter would destroy, and Geter agreed.
De La Vega versus Geter (with Max)

De La Vega took advantage of Geter jawing with The Vandal at ringside, attacking him from behind. Geter turned angrily, catching Vega in midair and slamming him down. As Geter lifted Vega up in a chokeslam position, De La Vega got behind Geter and pinballed himself off of the ropes, slamming into the much larger Geter again and again, actually staggering the big man for the first time in his wrestling career. Vega threw a right hand, but Geter immediately counterpunched, dropping Vega hard to the mat. Geter dropped down with a splash and pinned Vega. He then splashed Vega again, leading to referee Korey suspending Geter and ejecting him front the building. De La Vega improbably refused medical attention and got to his feet, albeit with difficulty. Miss Quinn and Vandal approach Vega and the three left together.

Warhorse #18 came to the ring with Johnathan Davis Wynn to one of the biggest ovations of the night! The Warhorse Corral fan section cheered wildly and loudly. ?The Attraction? Hayden Young, fresh of his victory last week over Consequences Creed came to the ring next.

Warhorse #18 (w/Johnathan Davis Wynn) versus Hayden Young

This match featured a lot of chain and mat wrestling for a long while as Warhorse #18 established himself as the best of the Warhorses thus far, matching the talented Young in the ring. As the match started getting heated and the two started knocking each other around with power moves, Young found himself on the mat. He stopped Warhorse #18 at the top rope and dropped him with a superplex. The Flying Squirrel from Young followed, and Hayden scored another tough win.

The Konkrete Gorillaz debuted, talking at the crowd and riling them up. They declared that they would reign supreme in PCW. They called Timmy McClendon, still hurting over his earlier match, to the ring. After teasing that they would make McClendon a fellow Konkrete Gorilla, they beat him within an inch of his life. One of Dr. MeLei’s orderlies, Alex, stood in front of McClendon as they rushed him to safety.
After the intermission, the Outlaws came to the ring, ready to be the first team to knock off The Washington Bullets. Jon and Trey then came to the ring, and the match was on.

The Outlaws versus The Washington Bullets, Jon and Trey Williams

The Bullets both started off strongly, bouncing the Outlaws around the ring. The Outlaws got it together, however, dominating the Bullets for the first time in their young career and isolating Jon Williams from his brother. Eventually, however, Jon made the tag and Trey rocked both of the Outlaws, debuting his Captain Morgan kick to the delight of the packed house. The match broke down as all four men fought in the ring, trading punches and kicks to the increasingly rabid noise of the crowd. In the end, Jon and Trey delivered their backcracker/diamond cutter one-two punch and scored the win.

Tony Majestic, a sports agent that had been following Jon and Trey since PCW began, made his pitch to represent The Washington Bullets, declaring that he would take them away from PCW and make them stars. Jon delivered his backcracker to Majestic in response to the cheers of the crowd. The Outlaws attacked and everyone brawled. Majestic told the Outlaws that together they could beat Jon and Trey and they formed an alliance.
Referee Bull Leahy came to the ring to officiate the main event. Shane Marx came to the ring to a thunderous ovation, the hometown PCW fans eager to see one of their own knock off the visiting champion. Georgia Wrestling Federation ?Sensational? Slick Rick Hayes came to the ring, looking confident.
?The Natural? Shane Marx versus Georgia Wrestling Federation Champion ?Sensational? Slick Rick Hayes

Both big men tossed each other around with impunity in the early stages of the match. Rick went to work on Marx’s neck repeatedly, and Marx attempted to stop the momentum of Hayes. As the match wore on, Marx’s superior conditioning was evident, but he was having trouble fighting off the power display by Hayes, who seemed on his way to retaining his title. In the end, however, Marx hoisted the huge Hayes on his shoulders and dropped him with a powerful Death Valley Driver and scored the pin!
After the match, Marx declared that every wrestler wanted to be a champion, and he had done it?but then he returned the belt to Hayes, not accepting the GWF title! He said that he didn?t want that belt?he wanted the Platinum Championship Wrestling title, and would do what it took to be one of the two men that would wrestle for that title on December 2nd!
The dual main events for next show (09/23/09) are ?The White Trash Princess? Miss Dixie versus Pandora, and The Reverend Waylan Grimm versus The Phantom

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