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Today on Dannys radio show he said that people were being mislead as to his PWU appearance. To set the record straight here is exactly what happened:

Nick Berk is friendly with Danny on a personal level. Nick spoke to danny about wrestling him for PWU charity event in Philly. Nick had myself, PWU owner Johnny Kashmere, speak to danny on the telephone where danny gave me HIS WORD that this match will happen in the near future. Danny went on to say he had misplaced his cell phone which had all of his event dates in it. Danny said if he cannot do the 26th of sept that he promises he will do an immediate future date (assumingly within the next few months). Danny also went as far as to ask Berk to advertise the PWU event on 94.1wysp, which we turned down due to costs involved to advertise an event for Cancer Research.

To set the record straight…..did danny confirm Sept. 26th, NO. A week ago I found out through Tom (a mutual friend to berk and kashmere) that Berk told him that Danny finally told someone that the 26th is a no go.

PWU would never knowingly false advertise, as we draw big houses without it and have for 5 years. On the Sept 26th event listings (flyers, tickets, website etc) we were VERY careful to put (tentatively scheduled for this date) as well as (card subject to change) to cover us in case this happened.

PWU holds no ill will towards Danny whatsoever, as this was a major misunderstanding brought on by lost cel phones, verbal promises, and angry network executives.

Unfortunately the real loser in all of this bs is the Relay for Life Cancer Research Charity that was so excited to have Danny lend his fame for a great cause.

Also the great fans of Philadelphia will lose out on this also. I would like to personally extend my sincerest apology to both the fans of philly and the relay for life cancer research charity….I truly did my best to land a big fish, sometimes the line just breaks as you are reeling it in.

Any questions feel free to email me personally at

The event is still HUGE without Danny as we have The Sandman, Raven, Tatanka, plus many actors and great wrestling talent from the region……and it’s all for a great cause.

Johnny Kashmere

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