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In March of 2008, an entire region came together as fans and followers of independent professional wrestling witnessed wrestlers and staff from every major organization in western-Pennsylvania pay tribute to a competitor and honor a great friend. James Fawcett, known as Vince Viper and Devil Bhudakahn in his nine-year career as a professional wrestler, touched countless lives professionally and personally. An innovative and trend-setting competitor, helpful locker room leader and mentor, and an entertaining friend with a razor-sharp wit, Fawcett was beloved across the region, regardless of promotional ties or affiliations.

?The Devil Bhudakahn Memorial Show? is an event that will never be forgotten by those who were privileged enough to experience it. It was a night where personal issues were cast aside and past, present, and future all collided for one common goal. In the end, it was one of the most emotional and unique nights in recent memory, and was a huge success, raising much-needed funds for the members of the Fawcett family.

However, this was not the final chapter in the saga of James Fawcett and the impact he will have and the lives he will touch. The names ?James Fawcett? and ?Devil Bhudakahn? live on, and just as they had during his life, they will be associated with unforgettable entertainment and the constant willingness to help others and give back.

The organizers of the ?Devil Bhudakahn Memorial Show? are proud to announce a working relationship with SPRITES (Survivors Partnership for Research, Information, Truth, and Education on Suicide) , a charitable organization that aids families who have lost loved ones due to suicide. As hard as the Devil Bhudakahn Memorial Show staff worked to provide a memorable event that not only encapsulated the career and life of James Fawcett properly, but also raised money for a very worthy cause, now the work begins to top it, and keep the Fawcett and Bhudakahn name enshrined with the class and dignity it deserves for years to come.

Long live James ?Devil Bhudakahn? Fawcett.

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