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Power Trip Wrestling present “Nobody Does It Better” – Saturday 27th March 2010, Corby, Northamptonshire

Coming off of what has been called one of PTW’s best shows to date, on Sat 6th March in Luton; we are now officially three years old.

Power Trip Wrestling are not your average professional wrestling promotion. We manage to channel being rebellious, and totally against the ‘establishment’ of British Wrestling; and yet still manage to be family friendly and somewhat loveable. And in that respect, the title of our next show sums us up totally…..because, quite simply, “Nobody Does It Better”.

Of course, one day, PTW are bound to call a show ‘Card Subject To Change’, because those four words have probably never suited any other promotion quite so well either. What we give you right now, is the current set of matches booked for the show – but you can expect some enforced changes to the card by the time the show rolls around, because if it’s unexpected, random, different, or if it’s never happened before – then it’s probably happened, or is going to happen to us. And that, is what makes us the loudest wrestling promotion in the UK, it’s what makes us ‘The Promotion The Competition Doesn’t Want You To See’, and it’s what makes Power Trip Wrestling what we are – the ability to take on any kind of adversity, and never back down.

Read down, and we’ll give you the details for the show, and then the matches themselves.

The Details :

What : Power Trip Wrestling present ‘Nobody Does It Better’

Where : The Grampian Club, Patrick Road, Corby, Northants, NN8 9NT.

When : Saturday 27th March 2010

Show Starts : 2pm

Ticket Prices : ?5 adult, ?3 kids. Tickets can be bought either at the venue, or by e-mailing – or text 07795-985419.

The Matches :


PTW’s Cruiserweight Champion D-Mon has been somewhat conspicuous by his absence recently, but the hot rumour before PTW’s 3rd Birthday Show in Luton, was that he’d been banned from appearing by the PTW boss, Petey Staniforth. We’re not sure what this was about, and we’ve had no clarification, but what we do know is that D-Mon will be in Corby to defend the PTW Cruiserweight Title. He will be facing off against PTW’s rookie sensation, a young man so talented that our alleged ‘competition’ locally decided to name an entire style of wrestling and division after him. But don’t be fooled by their lack of creativity, there’s only one Adrenaline; and Power Trip Wrestling are very proud to have him. He made his debut last year in Northamptonshire, against ‘MTX’ Jem Brown, and came up short against the wily veteran; but this was to be expected. There’s a lot of noise being made about Adrenaline and his incredible high flying talents and ability, and it seems the PTW Office has listened, and given the young man his opportunity to step up to the plate. D-Mon’s experience factor should give him the edge in this one, but there’s a risk factor….and knowing Adrenaline’s style of offense in the ring, it’s a HIGH risk factor.

G & Del Rico vs The Dunne Brothers (Pete & Damien)

G & Del Rico are on a career high, as the arrogant duo are coming off of a big, big win against El Ligero & Martin Kirby. They told the PTW Office that they’d take on anyone, from anywhere. When we say anyone, we literally DO mean anyone, but the people that G & Del Rico wanted to fight most, aren’t worthy of getting into a Power Trip Wrestling ring. With that in mind, we had a phonecall from a team who made their debut last summer in PTW, and are looking once more to make their mark on the company. This team is The Dunne Brothers, who are an exciting young team from the Midlands area, who wrestle for many promotions around there. This one could be a very interesting match, as you have one team desperate to make an impression on the fans and management at PTW; and you have the other team who are cocky and overconfident and believe they’re unbeatable. This is definitely a match to watch out for.

NO DISQUALIFICATION MATCH : Sean Midnight w/Tracey Kilby vs Dragonian w/Tiffany Wantsmore

The battle continues. The tension between these two men, has become impossible to contain. The fight, is bordering on impossible to stop. It started in early February, in Derby, when these two clashed after the main event. It continued at PTW’s 3rd Birthday Show in Luton, when the action spilled outside of the ring, and Dragonian took the victory. The girls clashed physically too, to the shock of many, and their issues are becoming more known as well. We know of rumours of PTW’s show in Birmingham in April, that will see these two in teams against each other – but first – it’s no holds barred – it’s no disqualification – and it’s Sean Midnight, with Tracey Kilby in his corner; vs Dragonian, with Tiffany Wantsmore. The PTW Office is taking a risk letting these two go at it in this way, with a stipulation like this, but it’s a match both men (and women) have demanded happens…..and so, it happens. Hard hitting, with personal issues, and an element of simply not knowing just what might happen – it’s typical Power Trip Wrestling.

PTW “OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS” MATCH : ‘Mr Galaxy’ Joey Starr vs ??????

Power Trip Wrestling’s beliefs on giving opportunity to wrestlers from around the UK continues. Where other wrestling promotions literally ignore emails, and calls, from wrestlers outside their promotion, on many occasions; we listen. Recently, the PTW Office was contacted by a young man called ‘Mr Galaxy’ Joey Starr, asking for the chance to prove himself and his talents, in a PTW ring; and we have granted him his opportunity. We can’t tell you anymore than that at the moment, but we will be looking to announce his opponent soon.

International Saviours of Professional Wrestling (Chris Brookes & Evan Sarven) vs Blond Jovi (Ben Rage & JD Sassoon)

This is a match that proves PTW’s ‘Opportunity Knocks’ matches pay off, if you’ve got the talent and the heart. A rematch from PTW’s 3rd Birthday Show in Luton, we see the newly named ‘International Saviours of Professional Wrestling’ Chris Brookes & Evan Sarven, attempt to see if they can make it two straight wins over ‘Blond Jovi’ Ben Rage & JD Sassoon. Blond Jovi, despite their cheating and lack of respect for the fans, made quite an impression on Power Trip Wrestling as a whole, in their debut match; and PTW’s boss Petey Staniforth was quick to snap their talents up for another PTW match. Mind you, seeing as it’s no secret that Petey himself is a huge Bon Jovi fan of many years, this wasn’t much of a surprise. The very popular Brookes & Sarven aren’t quite so amused that the boss has taken a liking to this new team, and want to prove their point by making it two wins in a row – and doing it for the PTW fans.

PTW BRITISH TITLE MATCH : Mason Storm (c) vs ‘MTX’ Jem Brown

PTW British Champion Mason Storm, despite being banned from the building by Petey Staniforth at PTW’s 3rd Birthday Show, still appeared, and still defended the PTW British Title against Andy ‘Boy’ Simmonz; and did it successfully in a very hard fought, hard hitting match. We have discovered that the last minute announced match with Storm and Simmonz, was Staniforth’s punishment to Storm for whatever he had apparently done, but it backfired as Mason Storm still managed to win the match and regain the title. An angry Petey is now forcing Mason Storm to face off against another well known wrestler in the UK, ‘MTX’ Jem Brown, in a location that means a lot to the arrogant MTX on a personal level – Corby. The bitterness of his past, mixed with a steel will and determination to prove he is still one of the best competitors out there, mixed with a sheer disrespect for anyone that isn’t himself…could that be what drives MTX Jem Brown to the PTW British Title? Or will Mason Storm prove himself once more?

PTW WORLD TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH : Nemesis (c) vs The Stevens Brothers

These two teams clashed at PTW’s 3rd Birthday Show in Luton, and The Stevens Brothers demanded a rematch – and they’ve been granted one. The team of ‘Scumboy’ Dani Graves & Prodigy, known as Nemesis, are one of the hottest teams in the UK wrestling scene right now, and are very worthy PTW World Tag Team Champions, taking on anyone, anywhere, and under any circumstances. The Stevens Brothers don’t care for all of that though, they want what they want, and they just simply plan to take it. There’s no interest in the fans, or anything else, from Tommy & Danny, they just want the gold. What depths will they sink to, to try to take the gold? This feud is starting to catch fire, and it’s only going to get more heated in Corby.

MAIN EVENT : ‘100 Percent’ Dan Edge w/Petey Staniforth vs …………

We’ve been given a direct statement from Petey Staniforth about this match, and told that we are to say nothing else. “Dan Edge, and myself, are literally offering out anyone in the entire world. We don’t care who you are, what you’ve done, and what you claim you’ll do. We don’t care if you’re a big name, worldwide known, or some rookie looking for a break. We don’t care. We’ll take on anybody at all. So the fans don’t like us? We don’t care. So you wish we’d shut up? We dont care. Try and make us shut up. Nobody out there is capable of doing that. I may be quite banged up and injured right now from the last two shows, but you’re dealing with a man with an ego that justifies it’s own postcode. Why? It’s because, quite simply, I am the one guy who can shout his mouth off and back it up. My best friend, Dan Edge is capable of beating anyone in professional wrestling. And together, we’re unstoppable”.

But here’s the catch : Rumours are flying intensely now, about issues between these two ‘best friends’. Staniforth is said to be incredibly bitter about how he was knocked from the ring apron to the concrete floor, not one, not two, not three, but FOUR times during the main event at PTW’s 3rd Birthday Show, and that his ‘best friend’ Dan Edge didn’t stop this from happening and protect him more. Edge is said to be thoroughly unimpressed with Staniforth’s ego having gone to unprecedented new heights – even by Petey’s loud standards – and is said to feel that Petey’s constant interference in Dan’s match with Tommy Lust distracted him from his gameplan and cost him the victory. Dan Edge, despite his past, is known to have a good side and a decent heart in there somewhere. Petey Staniforth…quite simply, isn’t going to be accused of either any time soon. Is Dan regretting turning to the dark side? Can Petey get any more irrational? Many have speculated this year, between his behaviour, his new look, his now constant physical involvement on the shows (bearing in mind he always used to shy away from it), that PTW’s boss Petey Staniforth is bordering, if not already there, on a very public nervous breakdown….

Is it just rumour? Or is there trouble brewing at the top of Power Trip Wrestling, despite Petey and Dan’s challenge? To find out first, to find out the latest chapter in the story….you’ll have to be there, Saturday 27th March 2010, in Corby, Northamptonshire.

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