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Here’s results from last night’s Platinum Championship Wrestling show — featuring Consequences Creed.

Professor Paul Pope

Platinum Championship Wrestling show #1 09/09/09

Announcer: Sam Stone

Commentators at ringside: ?Above Average? Mike Sanders and Stephen Platinum

A legitimately packed house. Every seat filled (we had more chairs this time so people didn?t have to stand). The show started, and Sam Stone announced the first match. Warhorse #88 came to the ring, his manager Johnathan Davis Wynn was at ringside for his charge. Geter was introduced along with his manager Mad Max.
Warhorse #88 (with Johnathan Davis Wynn) versus Geter
Geter made short work of Warhorse #88, allowing the masked man to pound on him ineffectually for a time before using his massive frame to crush the Warhorse into the corner, dropping him to the mat and splashing him for a three count by referee Duke Korey.

As Dr. MeLei and her orderlies cleared the prone Warhorse #88 (who was eventually able to move under his own power) Pandora and her bodyguard(?) who she called Grotesque made their way to the ring. Pandora confirmed that the two were together as allies, and warned anyone in Platinum Championship Wrestling including fans, ringside commentators and anyone else to let her have her way or face the wrath of Grotesque.

Sam Stone called Warhorse #7 and his manager to the ring for the next match. Mr. Wynn assured the fans that the streak would begin and the Warhorses would get on track. A mysterious masked man known as Phantom then came to the ring.
Warhorse #7 (with Johnathan Davis Wynn) versus Phantom
Phantom was agile, easily avoiding most of the offense of the Warhorse and used brual matrial arts-style kicks to level the bigger man again and again. Warhorse appeared to finally have things going his way, when Phantom hit the ropes with a handspring, and delivered a stunner on his return! With the Warhorse stunned, The Phantom delivered a flash kick ala Guile from Street Fighter to score the win! An impressive debut from the silent masked man.

Consequences Creed came to the ring and immediately and seemingly without provocation started running down PCW’s fans, and more notably his ex tag team partner Hayden Young, his opponent in the main event.

Next to the ring was Feral, who again delivered a chilling speech to the crowd, blaming them for his lot in life. The Vandal made his debut next, saying that he was an artist and here in PCW to show what he could do.
Feral versus The Vandal
Feral started off quickly, charging Vandal again and again. Vandal avoided the initial charges, but soon found himself at the wrong end of knee after knee. Feral attempted to hit a running knee in the corner, but Vandal showed good speed and toughness by avoiding the charge. Vandal tried to get things going, at one point hitting a scintillating clothesline and a high legdrop, but in the end Feral was simply too much, driving both of his knees into the chest of Vandal for the pin.

Hayden Young made his way to the ring next to answer Consequences Creed’s earlier statements. Young said he was happy for Creed and all his success, and that this match was a test for himself. Was he at Creed’s level?

The Warhorses made their way to the ring next. Both #33 and #18 came to the ring with their manager Mr. Wynn at their side. Wynn inspired the crowd with his catchphrase ?I?m Johnathan Davis Wynn, and winning is what I do.? That inspiring speech and its effects would be short lived as the dazzling Washington Bullets, Jon and Trey Williams, made their way to the ring.

Warhorse #18 and #33 (with Johnathan Davis Wynn) versus The Washington Bullets, Jon and Trey Williams

Jon and Trey started off hot, using nifty double-team moves to batter the Warhorses early. Warhorse #33’s obvious enthusiasm merely led to his taking a beating for most of the match, until the larger Warhorse #18 came in and battered Jon and Trey from pillar to post to the shock of the crowd, who was used to the Warhorses not mounting much of an offense. In the end, however, Jon and Trey took control, getting Warhorse #18 out of the ring long enough to deliver their combination backstab/diamond cutter one-two punch and score the win.

After the match, Mr. Wynn called the other Warhorses to the ring and the four Warhorses proceeded to stomp Jon and Trey down. The crowd was at a fevered pitch, and Jon and Trey were in danger of being seriously injured when a woman with white eyes and exotic look came to the ring, black chair in tow. As the crowd went wild, she dropped Warhorse #88 with a chair shot to the head, threw the chair into the face of Warhorse #33. She kicked Warhorse #18 in the stomach, then leveled him with a kick to the chest. Warhorse #7 attacked, but she easily evaded one punch, then blocked the other before dropping him with a round kick to the face. As #7 attempted to stand, he found himself hit with another chair shot courtesy of the beautiful mystery woman.

The show went to intermission as bodies were cleared from the ring and the confused and startled looks were on everyone’s face as Jon and Trey’s savior left the building.

When the show resumed, PCW got right to business with a rematch from the first show. ?The Natural? Shane Marx came to the ring, his left arm taped up from the beating he had taken the week before. Dr. MeLei was in front of him, trying to prevent his involvement in the match. But Marx moved her aside and got into the ring. Referee Bull Leahy quickly searched both men. Mason came to the ring next. The two came to center ring and started jawing back and forth, and the match was on.
?The Natural? Shane Marx versus Mason
The two traded punches in the center of the ring. Mason took control by battering Marx’s left arm, quickly removing the bandages. Repeating what worked in the first week, Mason draped Marx’s arm over the ropes and jumped off of the apron, snapping Marx’s arm. Mason focused on Marx’s arm throughout the match. Marx, however, kept coming back, leveling Mason with punches and battering the paranoid Mason with clotheslines. In the end, Shane Marx’s rage led to his driving knee after knee into the head of Mason until the referee called for a stoppage of the match.

Consequences Creed versus Hayden Young

Referee Duke Korey was given the assignment to referee the main event. Consequences Creed came to the ring and fired up the crowd with his taunts and obviously arrogant nature. Hayden Young came to the ring next, looking nervous about the biggest match in his young career.

Creed showed his experience advantage by tossing Young around early. Young got his head into the match soon, however, returning the favor. Creed left the ring, and Young wisely didn?t follow him. The action soon heated up, however, with Creed now battering Young around the ring. Young’s attempt to get into the match kept getting stifled by Creed’s vicious assault. Young tried to confuse Creed with a headscissors, but Consequences tossed him into the air, crotching Young on the top rope and hitting him with a thunderous clothesline that bounced Hayden off of the apron and onto the floor. Hayden barely beat a ten-count from referee Korey into the ring. Consequences set up Hayden on the top rope and delivered a top-rope release German suplex that silenced the pro-Hayden crowd. Creed covered, but at the last instant Young kicked out! The crowd cheered rabidly. Creed became unglued, going out of the ring and throwing a fan out of his chair. He came back in the ring, determined to strike Young with the chair and end the match with a disqualification. Referee Korey, to his credit, wrestled the chair from Creed.

This proved to be a mistake by Creed, as Hayden hooked him in a snapmare position, but dropped him down with a modified DDT. As the crowd rocked and rolled, Hayden climbed to the top, delivering the best top rope splash in wrestling, the vaunted Flying Squirrel splash for the improbable three count! The crowd went wild as Young pulled off the upset!

An announcement was made that the Georgia Wrestling Federation heavyweight champion, ?Sensational? Slick Rick Hayes wanted to defend his title on PCW’s home turf against anyone who dared challenge him. ?The Natural? Shane Marx came to the ring and made the challenge to the delight of the crowd as we ended the show!

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