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NCW – “Final Night in Boots” Tito Santana, The Iron Sheik, Dirty Deeds, …

Updates for 9/8/09- Former NCW Heavyweight Champ & WWE star, Sal Sincere signs for Nov. 21, as do former NCW tag team champs, Marshal Law & Lovebug

NCW Presents?.

Final Night in Boots!

HUGE announcement rocks Pro Wrestling world…

The Indy Icon, “Dirty Deeds” Darren Wyse, along with tag team partner, The Hungarian Barbarian, and their long time pal, “Fat Paulie” of the famed Bad Crew tag team, have announced that the three will retire as active wrestlers.

“They will retire together in a six-man tag, in York Pa – Nov. 21, under the NCW banner” said a spokesman for the NCW office

The initial statement from the NCW office stated the following…
The Nov. 21 retirement date for Paul Olesak { Fat Paulie of Bad Crew }, Zolton Big {The Hungarian Barbarian} & Darren Wise {“Dirty Deeds” Darren Wyse } has been set & will take place for NCW @ The York County School of Technology, York Pa.

The above original statements were released in early June. Since then NCW has worked diligently on the entire line-up, pre-event festivities and the post show bash for this enormous event. As of this printing, NCW has signed legendary performers, TITO SANTANA & The IRON SHEIK, as well as former WWE superstar & former NCW Heavyweight Champ, SALVATORE SINCERE, & former USWA & Global Wrestling Fed. Star SWEET DADDY FALCONE. Also announced, the Re-Match between ECW superstar AXL ROTTEN & NCW Heavyweight Champ, KING KALUHA, as they battle over the gold in a ruthless ?Lumberjack Match?. If that wasn?t enough, all three retirees have decided to go out in a whirlwind and have agreed to make their final match a T-L-C {Tables Ladders Chairs} Match. This fans, is still really just scratching the surface.

See below for match info, ticket & ticket outlet info etc.

To sum up the incredible careers of, Dirty Deeds, The Hungarian Barbarian & Fat Paulie in a brief press release would be virtually impossible and certainly unjust to these 3 stars that have brought and given so much to the Pro Wrestling industry over the past years. All three are skilled wrestlers, entertainers, showmen, businessmen and fearless warriors. Between the three they have dumped gallons upon gallons of blood and sweat onto ring canvases worldwide, painting a portrait of chaos, toil and triumph for fans to enjoy, whenever and wherever their travels took them. ?I hope fans appreciate that these guys never left anything in the locker room, they gave it all they had, night in, night out.? Said referee ?Pistol? Pete McGraw. ?This industry will never be the same without them?

For detailed biography’s on all three veteran performers, go to and search for Darren Wyse, The Hungarian Barbarian and Bad Crew.


The NCW Heavyweight title is up for grabs as Axl Rotten gets the re-match he asked for!

The ECW superstar thought he had King Kaluha exactly where he wanted him during their last encounter, but Kaluha with the assistance of his manager, The Agent to the Superstars, ?Playboy? Jonathon Luvstruk, was continuously able to wriggle free of the impending three count. Dashing in and out of the ring, just barely staying out of harms way, Kaluha managed to hold on to the coveted NCW heavyweight strap. Axl Rotten hopes that with the assistance of 12-15 fellow wrestlers working as Lumberjacks, building a human wall around ringside, that this time Kaluha will not be able to run nor hide.
Rotten is in the best shape, both physically and mentally, of his long and illustrious career. ?He wants this title like there is no tomorrow. He wakes up everyday with the NCW Heavyweight title on his mind and he goes to bed at night with the same thoughts permeating throughout his brain. He knows this is probably his last shot to hold the title that has eluded him for so long?. Stated a source close to the Rotten camp.
On the other hand, King Kaluha is the champion for a reason. He didn?t win it on a fluke and to give credit where it is due, he’s been a fighting champ, taking on all comers including Rotten. He withstood a series of bloody encounters with Hall of Famer, Ricky Morton of the Rock-N-Roll Express which eventually culminated inside of a 16ft high Steel Cage. He has dodged no opponent & he obviously has no desire give up the title that has given his career the legitimacy he has so yearned for. This is a ?Can?t Miss? match that could main event Madison Square Garden or any other arena in the world!


Here comes the man who humbled, humiliated & ended the near 6-year title reign of Bob Backlund, to become WWE/F Heavyweight Champ, the former bodyguard to the Shah of Iran, the man who had his title stolen by the incomparable Hulk Hogan, you have seen and heard him on The Howard Stern Show and he has become the darling of the Internet, bringing the infamous loaded boot and all – THE IRON SHEIK will make his long awaited NCW debut Sat. November 21.
Do NOT miss this very rare opportunity to witness the mayhem that is The IRON SHEIK!

Two-Time WWE/F Intercontinental Heavyweight Champ, Two-Time WWE/F Tag Title holder, former AWF Heavyweight Champ & NCW favorite, TITO SANTANA will once again lace up the boots, as he strolls into York , Pa for his much anticipated return. Over the years, few grapplers have captured the hearts of NCW fans the way the legendary Mr. Santana has. Always in tip-top physical condition, Tito will be ready for action, fightin? hard, and keeping his eye on the winner’s end of the prize purse. Don?t miss your chance to see this fabulous Mexican mat man as he continues his unequivocal legacy here in NCW, Sat. November 21

He charged through USWA battling the likes of Jerry ?The King? Lawler & ?Superstar? Bill Dundee. He moved on to World Class & the Global Wrestling Federation battling members of the famous Von Erich clan as well as stars such as Eddie Gilbert & ?Stone Cold? Steve Austin. He captured Tag Team gold in both the USWA & GWF. Many wrestling fans know him as ?Sweet Daddy? Guido Falcone. On Sat. Night, Nov. 21, the 6?5 – 335lb, Dallas , Texas transplant will return to his original stomping grounds of York , Pa. , where many people remember him not only as ?Sweet Daddy?, but also as Red Lion Area Senior High Grad & local high school football star, Tim Roberts.

Falcone has hinted that this may also be his swan song, as he nears the end of a 22 year career that began just months after{and under the tutelage of} that of one ?Dirty Deeds? Darren Wyse.

Fans, friends, relatives & acquaintances, be sure to catch Sweet Daddy/Tim Roberts on Nov. 21 !


An extremely interesting tag team match has been signed for Nov. 21 as, the Pennsylvania Heavyweight Champ, ?The Price of Admission? Ray Alexander teams with the returning Ring of Honor & CZW superstar, The Amazing RUCKUS. The former NCW Tag Title co-holder teams with Alexander for the very 1st time, but interesting enough, the two have been opponents numerous times in the past. For the few who may be unfamiliar with this duo, Ruckus without a doubt is one of the most acrobatic high flyers in the industry, while Ray Alexander has become a perilous & fearless dare devil of no compare. They will be managed by the wily {and as the name states ? Lovable} Lu Luv.
The Special Attraction Match will be a No-Count Out, No DQ, tag team affair and will involve hatred & revenge to the highest degree. Two NCW favorites, Kid Kattrell & Smasher LeBlanc will team up with hopes of finally putting an end to the reign of terror set forth by The Masked Medic. Who is the Medic’s partner you ask? None other than his despicable manager & former champion grappler, ?Playboy? Jonathon Luvstruk! All kinds of stipulations for this match are being thrown around and NCW officials are on the verge of a meltdown as they try to sift through all the gamesmanship and craziness that these four have attempted to employ. As this release goes to print, we know that Smasher LeBlanc has agreed to put his hair on the line, and when we say ?hair on the line? we mean that should he lose in this match, his head will be shaved to the bone. He agreed to this stipulation with the return stipulation that the Masked Medic, should he lose in this match, be forced to UN-Mask!!!! This is far from the end of the stipulations {more have just been added} that will be imposed for this huge match. Keep checking in at for updates on this match and all the others.


Other superstars all ready signed for this colossal event include?

Indy sensation NICK BERK
Former NCW Heavyweight Champ DINO DIVINE
& the debut of ?Indian Brave? Lil? WILLIE SPOTTED-HORSE
ALSO, NCW has agreed to save a few MAJOR SURPRISES for show night!
PLUS much, much more, to be announced in the days, weeks & months to come!


The York County School of Technology {Formerly York Vo-Tech}
2179 S. Queen St. , York Pa
Bell time 7:00pm Doors open @ 5:30pm


Tickets are on sale NOW !
The Lion Bowling Center, corners of Martin & Pine, Red Lion
The Orioles Store in the York Galleria Mall 717-840-8822
The Collectables Store in the West Manchester Mall 717-764-7021
The UPS Store in the St. Charles Way Plaza, immediately across from YCST
Bakers Pizza on the Red Lion/Dallastown border 717-244-9194
This event WILL sell-out. Get your tickets fast.
Info coming on the NCW Post-Show Bash ? You can?t wait to hear what we have planned for this – IT?S GOING TO BE AMAZING!


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