Shannon Rose sent this in:

Former WWE Star Captures Gold

(Boston, MA) – Saturday, February 27th was an exciting night for professional wrestling fans who once again watched veteran Antonio “The Promise” Thomas in action.

The stage was set for an inaugural title match when two wrestling promotions, Front Row Wrestling and No-Limit Pro Wrestling merged into a new company.

The end result is a new promotion called NWA-Liberty States which is based in New England.

It was a thrilling night for the National Wrestling Alliance as well because its newest affiliate, NWA-Liberty States, was off and running.

With the first NWA-Liberty States’ title belt on the line, “Brutal” Bob Evans entered the “squared circle” against his opponent Antonio “The Promise” Thomas.

As everyone expected, it was a wild, extremely physical match between two seasoned pros with Thomas coming out on top.

“I’ve appeared on Raw and TNA Destination-X and yes, I am still after crowns,” claimed Thomas. I promised more gold and here it is… around my waist.”

Now, Antonio “the Promise” Thomas is the first ever NWA-Liberty States champion. His fans know that “The Promise” is a certified trainer who shows up for matches in top condition and gives them their money’s worth.

As far as the future is concerned, Thomas had this to say, “All worthy opponents are welcome to a shot at my new title, but I must warn them; I have every intention of keeping this one and they better be prepared to go home empty handed.”