Mike Petkovich sent this in:

In a little over one week AAW returns to the Berwyn Eagles Club for what is perhaps the biggest card in the company’s history. On Saturday 9/5 AAW kicks off a double shot weekend with Dragon Gate USA when we present Defining Moment ’09- “Us vs Them”. In the coming days I will be breaking down each match on this stacked card and what better place to start than with this one.

For years AAW fans have wanted it. You would hear the people talking outside the building before showtime. You would read it on messageboards. What if The American Dragon came to AAW? What if Bryan Danielson wrestled under the lights at the Berwyn Eagles Club? Who would he face? Who could hang with the man many consider to be the best wrestler in the world? Now that time has come as AAW has partnered with Dragon Gate USA to make this match a reality and Bryan Danielson makes his debut and likely only appearance in AAW on September 5th.

Bryan Danielson is without a doubt the most decorated star on the indies today. The ROH World Championship, the FIP World Championship, the PWG World Championship, the GHC Junior Heavyweight Championship, the list goes on and on. Considered by many to be the best pure wrestler of our generation Danielson has made a name for himself across the globe and earlier this week finally signed a deal with World Wrestling Entertainment leaving just a few more opportunities to see this tremendous athlete compete in an intimate setting such as the Eagles Club. When it was announced that Dragon was coming to AAW many names were talked about as an opponent but in the end it was agreed that the man that deserved this opportunity most was Silas Young.

Silas Young for years has been considered one of the top workers in the midwest. Technically skilled and tough as nails Silas captured the AAW Heritage title in 2007. Classic matches against Eric Priest, Jimmy Jacobs and “Mdogg 20” Matt Cross cemented Young’s spot amongst the elite of the AAW roster. In January 2008 Silas was offered a contract with World Wrestling Entertainment only to have it snatched away weeks later. Silas came back even more determined and climbed the ladder to an AAW Heavyweight Title shot against Tyler Black in November 2008. After coming up short he engaged in a bitter feud with Josh Raymond and the House of Truth. On September 5th Silas Young looks across the ring at Bryan Danielson. Without a doubt the biggest match of his career and the match that could define his legacy in the business.

Going into this match Silas is admittedly the underdog. A role he has been cast in much of his career. One thing we have learned about Silas over the years is that he will not be intimidated by Dragon’s reputation and will look to work his gameplan. Wrestling Bryan Danielson doesn’t leave much room for error as he will capitalize on the smallest of mistakes and have you tied up on the mat in the blink of an eye. Both men have well rounded games with Danielson having the advantage in submissions and striking while Silas may have a slight advantage going to the air and taking chances and that is what Silas will have to do. To defeat Danielson, Silas will have to take chances.

Expect an electric atmosphere next Saturday night at the Eagles Club as one of the best in AAW takes on one of the best on the planet in what may be Silas Young’s… defining moment.


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