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Bis Time Wrestling TV
Taped June 21, 2009 at the Castle of Knights(Knights of Columbus Hall) in Chicopee, MA
Aired August 21/22, 2009 on WZMY-TV(MyTV New England)
Hosts:Steve Sparta and A.J. Mitrano
Ring announcer:Mel Simons
Announcers:Major Devereaux and A.J. Mitrano
Referee:Joe B.

-Sparta and Mitrano promote tonight’s edition of Piper’s Pit coming later in the show and send us to tonight’s only match.
-MATCH:BTW Tag Team Championship-Total Eclipse(Slyck Wagner Brown and Tre’ The Smooth Operatin’ Gangsta)(c) vs The French Connection(Antoine Roy and Roberto Rush with Lord Wendell Weatherbee and Taylor). The stipulation is that if Total Eclipse wins, they get the services of Weatherbee(as limo driver) and Taylor(as maid) for 24 hours. The action starts with TE in full control until some heel tactics give Roy and Rush the edge in the match. After double-teaming, the Frenchmen accidentally double-clothesline weatherbee off the apron. TE rolls up both Roy and Rush and get the duke by pinfall. WINNERS and still BTW Tag Team Champions:Total Eclipse.
-Ads(Ticket Dugout, Pro Fitness Plus, Superstar Pro Wrestling School, BTW advertising)
-TE are still in the ring and force Taylor and Weatherbee to go through with the stipulation. Tre’ has some 80’s funk music play and starts dancing[even dancing while sitting on Taylor’s lap as SWB holds her down in a chair. SWB tells Weatherbee to put the belts around TE’s waists, but he flees the ring.. The segment ends with Tre’ dancing some more.
-Ads(Sky Lounge & Bistro, Pro Fitness Plus, Ticket Dugout)
-Piper’s Pit:Mel Simons introduces Roddy Piper, who is led to the ring by an 8-year-old bagpipe player, who he then praises. Piper goes on to praise the fans and the Boston area, to the crowd’s delight. Piper then does some comedy, which the crowd enjoys, until Mr. TA comes out and throws in a chair and a chain. As TA confronts Piper, a graphic tells us to tune in next week for the conclusion of Piper’s Pit and the show ends for this week.

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